#922 Need more days like this one!
Walnut sadly has to go!
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#855 Building a Combustor Pit
#849 Much FASTER than She Thought!
#839 Lots to Talk About!
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John lombard
John lombard 10 саат мурун
Looks amazing Mike.
Matthew Hobson
Matthew Hobson 10 саат мурун
Good and cold in South east Michigan and I think it’s great to watch someone go through the same process with there barn as I am
John lombard
John lombard 11 саат мурун
Glad that company is growing and doing well. Hello to Mike Melissa Hunter and the girls. Not sure why but your videos haven't been in my feed lately. Broke ground in my shop last week Mike. Super excited. I'll email you a picture when it's done.
JesseBCO18 11 саат мурун
Too much fluff in the video. I just wanted to see the chain comparison not tree dragging or deer hunting. Keep on point and you'll make a better video.
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier 12 саат мурун
I think this would be incredibly handy as kind of a project staging thing you can collect all the tools you need like if you were going to go out and put a new roof on the tiny honey cabin or expand the deck or build another room on there you could load up everything you need for that project and have it ready to go. That way you could bring the tractor out there and use it to lift stuff instead of just taking the Polaris out there for the bed capacity
daveknowshow 13 саат мурун
so the question I fear to ask is the price tag? I also wonder how it will do with storage long term between uses with ethanol fuels? not sure about gloves I need a good pair myself. I have Raynaud's disease so warm hands is a must for me. my fingers turn grey and lose all blood flow in cold conditions. dont have to be that cold either. I like that new saw and the new tool rack is cool as well.
Bxnter Lol
Bxnter Lol 13 саат мурун
If you cut the tank part of the totes diagonally they can double as a roof for the firewood.
john huya
john huya 14 саат мурун
Mike, weather getting colder way up here in Albion PA. Haha only about hour and a half north west of you. So i guess we got the same weather. Lol. Have a good week.
teveler 16 саат мурун
I love the design. I just can find a compact tractor I can afford :-)
Robert Price
Robert Price 16 саат мурун
Hello Mike, I am from Michigan, Battle Creek. Our weather is a lot like your's, I think we are close to being on the same parallel. We have a smaller Kubota BX1860 but for our three and a half acre's it works well for us. My son and I did have a firewood business for about twelve years and did well with it. My wife Cinda and son Nick are planning on moving to Kentucky to start up a Bison farm, and we plan on purchasing several Kubota tractors and equipment. We love watching youtube channel, great work, great family. God Bless you all.
p71collector 16 саат мурун
Assembly of the tool rack is a lot faster when the owner of the company is there, he does not need to read the instructions!
TheFabled1 16 саат мурун
comment for algorithm!
Sean F
Sean F 16 саат мурун
Funny. I was recently thinking to myself. "Mike needs a bigtoolrack" and then this episode airs. 😂
Wayne Schnare
Wayne Schnare 16 саат мурун
Nice rig !!! Hope you start selling them in Canada !!! Quality built !!!!!
Southern83fire 17 саат мурун
Checking in from Manassas, Virginia. Been busy the last 2 days playing with my new Kubota B2650.
Robert Logan
Robert Logan 17 саат мурун
Awesome looking saw, I have a 461 w/ a 25 and a 18 inch bar. Love the Still, Thanks for the review, now my mouth is watering for a 500i
RevoPwns 17 саат мурун
Memphis Ninja Ice gloves are both warm and nonrestrictive for work. They have been good to us electricians working outside in the winter.
Steve First
Steve First 18 саат мурун
I also use ibc containers, but why waste the inner bottle? I cut 5" holes in the sides and bolt them to a pallet and cut off the top. Not quite as easy to load, but keeps them out of the landfill.
Laughing Hawg
Laughing Hawg 18 саат мурун
Melissa, if you want to have warmer hands, move to the south; Mike for $2100ish bucks it better cut like butter, which it looked like it did
mikey0011 18 саат мурун
MSRP would have been nice.
doug stead
doug stead 18 саат мурун
like a dance team!!!
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson 18 саат мурун
Your Ford F-150 with the V-6 appears to have more pulling power only because it has a 10 speed transmission. I do not like the V-6 engines.
Scott K
Scott K 18 саат мурун
That Rack is super cool I want a tractor just so I can use one of those racks!
Scott K
Scott K 18 саат мурун
Can you make one that will work in a 2inch pickup truck receiver hitch??
James Thompson
James Thompson 19 саат мурун
Mike hope you take a trip to see his manufacturing plant. Would love to see how he’s set up. Loved seeing the log splitter manufacturing plant you visited on your vacation.
Bigtoolrack 18 саат мурун
We can make that happen, would love to have him!
The Kelley's Country Life
The Kelley's Country Life 19 саат мурун
Ohhhhh yeah! Still want my ms462, but that 500 is awesome.
Carl Hutchinson
Carl Hutchinson 19 саат мурун
Great Job With Big Tool Rack Tim. I have the yard rack and it is awesome . Mike nice for you to feature Tim and Big Tool rack .
CUinthemeantime 19 саат мурун
Beast mode!
Brian Koch
Brian Koch 19 саат мурун
I'll from Shoemakersville Pennsylvania everything's good here
ralph jelomono
ralph jelomono 20 саат мурун
Thanks for showing this Mike. What a fantastic attachment. Will definitely look into this item for use around the tree farm here in SC
Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns 20 саат мурун
Hey Mike, Love the vids you produce! What is the acoustic guitar music at the beginning of this vid?
M H 20 саат мурун
Probably just on loan, but she will really open up if you do a muffler mod. Germany is releasing the 881 in November of this yr. I wonder if they will ever release the 400C in the USA.
Peter Ferguson
Peter Ferguson 20 саат мурун
Bucken Billy
Joseph Forgione
Joseph Forgione 20 саат мурун
Another innovative and productive piece of equipment. I’m impressed with your support of small businesses.
FIREHAWK CT 20 саат мурун
Greetings From Connecticut Also!!
Tom Fillmore
Tom Fillmore 20 саат мурун
That is a great tool would be very handy and he seems like a super nice guy he picked the right guy to show his product thanks for sharing
Simon Capener
Simon Capener 20 саат мурун
Small world I met this guy a few times ..Really nice guy nothing to do with the racks either.
John L von Cannon
John L von Cannon 20 саат мурун
Did I miss the hook up? Is it attached on the three point hitch??
Bigtoolrack 20 саат мурун
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 20 саат мурун
Gloves for Melissa Harbor Friegjt has the insulted work gloves they are Called HARDY color navy blue sizes x small to xxlarge I just love them plus three fingers are cell phone friendly, haven't tried it yet thats why I have call waiting leave a message
Tom Ashbaugh
Tom Ashbaugh 20 саат мурун
Hey I wish I had the help......took me a little longer to put mine together! Bahaha
Jeremiah S
Jeremiah S 20 саат мурун
Melissa. I bought some north star deerskin Sherpa lined mittens off Amazon. They definitely are warm
Laurie Harding
Laurie Harding 21 саат мурун
Any dealers in Canada for the big tool rack?
Bigtoolrack 18 саат мурун
Yes take a look at our dealer page on the bigtoolrack.com
C Crockett
C Crockett 21 саат мурун
I have an Ariat rebar hoodie and all I wear is Ariat boots! Love them!
Mallard 5 Farmhouse
Mallard 5 Farmhouse 21 саат мурун
Tim is a good guy and the Big Tool Rack is a great product! Loved this video! 👍🍁🚜
Alan Jenkins
Alan Jenkins 21 саат мурун
Beautiful helper. She could help me stack wood all day. Nice machine too Prayers to you guys and hunter
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith 21 саат мурун
That is great
Doug Gill
Doug Gill 21 саат мурун
Hi there where do you get all of your money to do all of your projects.? You most have money tress growing in your back yard.
C Crockett
C Crockett 21 саат мурун
I think the best thing you can do is get a pair of heated motorcycle gloves
Len Clark
Len Clark 21 саат мурун
I saw where Nathan Elliott (OUT OF THE WOODS)Got one of these Couple of weeks ago, Tim has a good product and His business is growing by leaps and bounds!! Glad to see someone making a product that will make life a little easier for the working man!!!
jamie akines
jamie akines 21 саат мурун
I always enjoy your videos
walter mattson
walter mattson 22 саат мурун
People should like those tool racks. Ty needs a seat mounted on it and he could ride with supervision of coarse.
Ed Wilson
Ed Wilson 22 саат мурун
Great well built product. Any dealers in eastern Canada I wonder
Bigtoolrack 21 саат мурун
Yes, check our dealer page out on our website.
Greg Hickox
Greg Hickox 22 саат мурун
I picked up a ms462 earlier this week but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I inquired about the 500i and my dealer said it would be a while before they could get one in. They have a bunch of saws backordered, I guess due to the large fires out west and all the storm damage down south and up here in New England they're having trouble getting some models in and keeping them in stock..
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 22 саат мурун
Great review & it is particularly good to have the “inventor” of the equipment there to explain the where’s , what's & whys. Looks like another well reasoned tool in your inventory. This is a great attachment that can keep your tools on the rack and ready to go. No need for unloading.
Ohh Paul
Ohh Paul 22 саат мурун
919, that is how many videos of yours I have watched now, most all of them I watched the day you posted them. Do you know what that first video was of? A man needing a good carry all for the back of his tractor so he made one himself (mostly). I would say that this tool carrier is a bit fancier than the one you posted that April day 3 years ago. Now, if you keep on the same track with these carry all tool holders, I can only imagine what the one you will be getting in 3 years time will look like ;) It probably will have laser beams on it or something, I don't see how you can possibly beat this one- that is a very nice looking piece of equipment. Thanks for the videos. Ohhh, Mike- I might have a solution for you about your clogged pipe in the pond. Have you a pressure washer? There is this channel on youtube called Drain Addict, the man hydrojets sewer and water drains for a living, a decent attachment for your pressure washer to use it for hydro jetting can be had for around $75-$100. Perhaps you can watch a few videos and possibly jet the clog out of your pipe?
Shopdog CA
Shopdog CA 22 саат мурун
Cool timing. I just ordered the Ultimate Rack. Should be delivered next week. Seems like a great product.
Karl Fark
Karl Fark 22 саат мурун
Don’t you have a big tool rack already?
Brian L
Brian L 22 саат мурун
As an alternative to the Stihl GTA 26, the Milwaukee M12 FUEL HATCHET 6 in. Pruning Saw looks like a decent similar product to consider
Tom vonKamecke
Tom vonKamecke 22 саат мурун
Purchased one of the original big tool racks from Tim and it’s still going strong although I have beat it up pretty badly with my inattentive backing up in the woods skills. It is like having a ranger with you. Can’t imagine not having my saws, chains and other necessary tools with me when I’m far away from the barn.
Tom vonKamecke
Tom vonKamecke 21 саат мурун
At my age it’s good to be heard.
Bigtoolrack 21 саат мурун
Thanks Tom! Great hearing from you!
Lumber Jack
Lumber Jack 23 саат мурун
I can tell from the video you need to put an ES Light bar on the saw, it will make a huge difference in weight and balance. A 28" ES Light bar weighs the same as a standard 20" ES bar.
Sondra Hurst
Sondra Hurst 23 саат мурун
by cj. thanks. procrastinated last time... ordered today.. my fault - problem with order process... called big tool.. tim answered... rev'd order. on my next try it worked! early Christmas! ... thanks mike and tim.
Bigtoolrack 21 саат мурун
Thank you!
Lonnie Chartrand
Lonnie Chartrand 23 саат мурун
Love the powder coating on the new BTR! And the other updated items such as the saw holders and new tailgate latches. As an owner of one of the earlier BigToolRacks I can honestly say that this is a REAL EQUIPMENT accessory for your tractor! It is NOT one of your cheap, stamped steel, poorly painted, products that you see at the big box stores. I recently bought a used riding lawn mower and the owner GAVE me a dump cart that was brand new, in an unopened box. Now I know why he gave it to me! It took over two hours to assemble and the steel parts were a JOKE! I truly believe that people compare the BTR to these pieces of "garden junk" sold at the big box stores, and this cannot be farther from the truth!!! If you see a BigToolRack up front and personal, or watch the videos closely, you will see that this product is QUALITY through and through. And those of you that know Mike Morgan, know that he does not pull any punches at giving his true opinion of a product, both good and bad, and I have yet to hear anything bad about the BTR from Mike. I use my BTR mostly for cutting firewood and tree removal, but I have also used it for moving things around the farm, and building tree stands. The best part about the BTR is that when I am done for the day I can just drop the legs on the BTR, lower the 3 point hitch, unhook, and roll the BTR to a corner of my shed, saving me so much time in loading and unloading my tools. And it is all there, in one place, ready to be used on a moments notice, and taking up very little room. In fact it takes up about one fourth of the space that having my tools spread out all over the shed would take. Can you tell that I LOVE the BigToolRack?
Bigtoolrack 21 саат мурун
Thanks Lonnie! Great to hear from you!
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 23 саат мурун
You must have helium trees in your area Melissa picks up those rounds like they are lighter than air.
Four Winds
Four Winds 23 саат мурун
BTW, Biden would be a lousy President. Trump 2020!
JP Lawns&More
JP Lawns&More 23 саат мурун
The best thing I heard in this video.... “We listened to our customers” I wish that happened more often!
gsettlemyre 23 саат мурун
If the product is half as good as the packaging, watch out world!
Black Bear Apiary
Black Bear Apiary Күн мурун
Checking out some older videos! My two favorite manufacturers!
Travis Cover
Travis Cover Күн мурун
I like your new video did you did a really good jop i like this this was cool
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Күн мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! If you would put a hydraulic top link on you would have a dump box for firewood! Your auxiliary hydraulic valves are right there Mike...I could see them! Nice box and the ability to take it off and roll it around is awesome. He needs to offer them in the different tractor colors...Kubota orange doesn't scratch😊
TMoD7007 Күн мурун
at 7:30 I expected the tree to start singing "Mimi" ;) A wedge on the side and a rope would've helped to get the tree moving into the direction you planned. Without any wedging/ropes it must be very hard to guide a tree with such a lean. The amount for force due to its imbalance is much higher than what the hinge can exert on the trunk. Just couch wisdom and engineering guts here, though. The biggest trees that I've ever laid were smaller and easy. I leave such leaners for the professionals.
Ardell Nagle
Ardell Nagle Күн мурун
I thought you had one already. Regardless this looks good. Like the new design
John Smith
John Smith Күн мурун
MIKE, ya may need a bigger building! LOL (don't forget to leave room for Melissa's Shelby GT !!!)
Philip Morehouse
Philip Morehouse Күн мурун
I wish back in the day we had something like "The Big Tool Rack" for our tractor, particularly when we were fixing or putting up new barbwire fences, to say nothing of how handi it would have been back in the wood lot. Thanks for sharing this with us, Mike. God bless you all. p.r.morehouse - author
Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson Күн мурун
Man Mike your going to need a bigger barn. You don’t even have the new barn finished and it is steady filled up. 🤪
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson Күн мурун
I would like to have one and I don't have a tractor
George Logan
George Logan Күн мурун
Good afternoon, Morgans. Balmy 90 degrees today in St. Mary's, GA. Enjoy your videos and your very nice family.
Carl Van Eck
Carl Van Eck Күн мурун
What happened to the other rack?
Dennis Maley
Dennis Maley Күн мурун
It's nice you let your wife do all the heavy work.
Robert Black1911
Robert Black1911 Күн мурун
Mike you can visually show us the differences from the older model to the new one. Folks may want to upgrade.
Hill Top Machine Works
Hill Top Machine Works Күн мурун
On my 40x60 building I had local business come out and do seamless gutters also. They had the same set up and were done in no time.
Andrew Күн мурун
Up here in Anchorage, Alaska it’s officially winter although we’re off to a slushy start with a few hours each day above freezing. I spent yesterday up the hill at our building site sledding with the kids and had a great sunny snow day above the fog. Felt good to be alive! Unfortunately our COVID numbers are through the roof and we’re probably headed into a rough patch of deaths and the turmoil of the post election fight. Hopefully we can pull through this together as Americans and fight this virus instead of each other.
Andrew Күн мурун
Oh and thanks Mike for all the great Kubota videos! I’m getting an L3650 for dirt work soon and it’s been very helpful to see what they can do.