#834 The BIG BUILD! It's Finally Happening! Going to be HUGE! Not what you Think!

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Outdoors With The Morgans

3 ай мурун

This evening Melissa and I split some wood and layout our big build, We are building a 40 x 72 Hobby Garage, It will have a shop and a game room and also include a 16' x 24' roof over a patio
Link to Right Angle Prism amzn.to/324HFte

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Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

hawnjoe925 Ай мурун
Congratulations Morgans on the new project I know I'm a little behind on videos no worries got it bookmark to video #893 looking forward to seeing alot of great content stay safe and keep living Aloha 🤙
Ronald Nelson
Ronald Nelson Ай мурун
I'm in NY and it hotter than a 2 Peckerd Billy goat in heat
Ronald Albrycht
Ronald Albrycht Ай мурун
how does that right angle work Mike i am put a lean -to and i want to set the post to the shed
Steve Waybright
Steve Waybright Ай мурун
Hey guys..wanted to say hello from West Virginia!! Just wanted to say that Mike seems to be a easy going guy and enjoys what he does..very talented!! And for you Mrs Morgan..you are absolutely beautiful and and a very hard worker as well..you 2 are awesome together..I wish more people/couples were like you all..love your videos..Plz keep them coming!! If your ever up this way..my door is always open to you and your family!! Take care and be safe!!
Tregg Liebler
Tregg Liebler 2 ай мурун
Crowley Texas, all last week was an average real feel 105°. High was 110° real feel. Miserable. Which is one reason I'm moving to northern Michigan and living more like Y'all! Can't wait to see the new building! Keep up the great work. Loved the Buckin' stock video. He's awesome!
Jacob Wise
Jacob Wise 2 ай мурун
We get use to it but it does get hard and we just work and get on with our day
Jacob Wise
Jacob Wise 2 ай мурун
I live in nashville and I live where its 95 degrees 100% humidity and the heat index its like 105 and muggy
Dan Nersesian
Dan Nersesian 2 ай мурун
Really enjoy your videos - been home sick for a few days and I’ve watched a ton of them - great job!!
nTOMnia 2 ай мурун
The only time my wife goes outside is to get in her car.
traindudeacw 2 ай мурун
It’s has been warm in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area over the past week, not terribly hot and humid, but sticky enough to be uncomfortable while working outside. Plus, it hadn’t cooled off much at night so it was not great sleeping weather either.
D11RDozer 3 ай мурун
Sounds like a sweet new building. It will be fun to watch it come to life.
Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge 3 ай мурун
100 degrees in Texas and dry
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota 3 ай мурун
I thought you hade RK tractor last time i saw your channel hmmm must be mistaking must of ben onother small ranch channel i watch time to time mistly around wood and fall stuff
Ronald Wiglesworth
Ronald Wiglesworth 3 ай мурун
Hey mike, I want to say one thing, I ain’t never seen a women do the things that Melissa does , I give a big thumb up to her,
Outdoors at Enoch
Outdoors at Enoch 3 ай мурун
We are in East Texas. We try to do our work that requires little movement as early in the morning as possible. Then we get on the tractor in the afternoon whereas the tractor movement gives some breeze. And we plan our trips for supplies in the heat of the day.
Gary Hunter
Gary Hunter 3 ай мурун
Its hot. welcome to global warming.
Peter Will
Peter Will 3 ай мурун
Hi, that choke cherry is beautiful wood when slabed.You guys don't need no stinking gym the way you work.Very smart to have the doors and insides not seen by passer byes.
PropDMG 3 ай мурун
Very hot and very humidity in Florida, as always
Laj DIY 3 ай мурун
On the humidity, i find being out on open land it is less intense. Get me around a forest and yeah, i can imagine what you guys are feeling. Ahhh ... summer!!
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier 3 ай мурун
I think you should build your own pool, you’ve already got most of the equipment to do it. You could just pick an area and rock it and compact it dig out the pool first and if you do it more of a square shape you can use standard rebar and not have to have a custom frame put in there to blow the concrete on and you could just have them come blow the concrete then the rest is just painting a sealer on it and plumbing it and that’s fairly easy. Then just have them pour some concrete for the patio area and you can stamp or do stone or whatever you guys want but you could probably save 60 or 70% of the cost by doing it yourself or most of it anyway you can prep that ground pour cement, You can dig the hole and you can lay the rebar and do the plumbing. It’s a lot less difficult than it seems. Those companies that come out and do it for you charge ridiculous amounts for labor and they just contract most of it out to someone else anyway, if you stay with a simple design you could probably do the whole thing yourself really, you’re just making a concrete box in the ground and sealing it from the inside.
Jeffrey Yeip
Jeffrey Yeip 3 ай мурун
Another great video. Melissa, could you PLEASE get out of the habit of putting your hand on the end of the block of wood when you load the splitter. I know that there is almost no chance of mechanical failure but I would hate to see you lose your hand on the slightest chance of an accident.
bubba gump
bubba gump 3 ай мурун
Just'a quesh'n.......... why don't we dump the wood into a mobile trailer ????? Don't forget the pool house ........ with slide ........ WEEEEEEEEEEEE ! ........Real rustic gym.... wasn't that what an ax , hand saw and wheelbarrow is ???
david rogers
david rogers 3 ай мурун
stay in the house or work shop
Charley Pearson
Charley Pearson 3 ай мурун
Hey Mike: Remember - you need more than water (electrolytes) to fight off dehydration in that weather. Bet Melissa can help with that.
Daniel E. Woodhead
Daniel E. Woodhead 3 ай мурун
It's been in the 90s realfeel is around 100 to 104 degrees cooler in the morning and evening but not much rain yet. South Carolina weather blink and it changes LoL but I was born in Lewiston Maine and big difference no snow here or not much LoL 😂
Ricky Roten
Ricky Roten 3 ай мурун
Hot hot hot in Tennessee
Gary Rottier
Gary Rottier 3 ай мурун
First time commenter, you commented that you are going to heat the new garage, are you going to put in-floor heat or just use heaters.
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy 3 ай мурун
Here in Ontario we went three weeks of high heat and humidity we are getting the odd shower now but like there it just saturates in lawn still crunchy
Russell Deem
Russell Deem 3 ай мурун
So excited for you guys. We did a 60x48 and it is full. Never big enough. You will love it
ken gossett
ken gossett 3 ай мурун
North Central Texas just South of Fort Worth 102 degrees today
Todd Mayclin
Todd Mayclin 3 ай мурун
This will be fun to watch. I just submitted a permit for a 52 X 72 pole building. 12' of that by 40 is a shop, and the other 12' X 32 is porch. Just starting to take trees down now.
Kip Cudd
Kip Cudd 3 ай мурун
10' tall door clear the mx 5400 cab?
Kip Cudd
Kip Cudd 3 ай мурун
40x60x16 walls?
Michael Schlei
Michael Schlei 3 ай мурун
South of Houston TX here it's in the upper 70's for the low (90% humidity) highs are near 100 (heat index of 110 F) You don't really get used to it. You learn to work around it. It's best to start at 6:30 am work til noon, start back up at 5:00 pm work til you can't see. Rinse and repeat until September. Can't wait for you to get started.
John Rupke
John Rupke 3 ай мурун
How are you going to heat? I suggest floor heat!I have it in my garage and love it!
Larry Kulesha
Larry Kulesha 3 ай мурун
Its hot here mesa az.116 degrees. But its a dry heat.
Ed Black
Ed Black 3 ай мурун
Dry in southern Ohio
Wolfe Ridge MFG
Wolfe Ridge MFG 3 ай мурун
Pile keeps growing a little at a time. One ranger Jag at a time Looking good Mike and Melissa! Good luck with the build, it can be stressful at times!
Matt Pastore
Matt Pastore 3 ай мурун
Melissa with the gun show!!! Operating the wood splitter , pool on the way, I’m sure Building first, the patio, the pool , I can see the master plan
All Heart Homesteading
All Heart Homesteading 3 ай мурун
I need that chipper. And the tractor. And ... yea
Jordan R. Hill
Jordan R. Hill 3 ай мурун
I support your rain barrel idea. I have rain barrels that combined collect 1400 litres of water. Algae does grow in the above ground tanks but as we use rain water for the garden it is not a problem. Try to research ultra violet purification. You need to plan in for head pressure by having indoor storage tank. Suitable enough for showers, a hose outlet and toilet tank filling.
Scott Morris
Scott Morris 3 ай мурун
Looking forward to this building project as I’m in the planning stage of one for myself. I’m sure we’re all interested in seeing drawings and a floor plan soon.
Tuck Smith
Tuck Smith 3 ай мурун
That’s going to be a nice garage
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 ай мурун
Phoenix AZ temp 119 F but they say its a dry heat. its flippin HOT! July 12 11;00PM and it's 102 F
Christopher Klein
Christopher Klein 3 ай мурун
You guys know how to get the viewship. Content is awesome. Scenery is even better 😉
Log House Farm
Log House Farm 3 ай мурун
Our summer has been cooler, and wetter than usual. The grass still grows and we still mow! I bet it will dry up here soon and the grass will all turn brown for a while.
Michael Maker
Michael Maker 3 ай мурун
Maybe get one of those inflatable pools get used to the maintenance.
Paul Fornengo
Paul Fornengo 3 ай мурун
Nice !!!!
Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes 3 ай мурун
Awesome news can’t wait. I’m building a 60x40 this fall.
David Johnson
David Johnson 3 ай мурун
That mid engine vette that just went by is made in my hometown of Bowling Green Kentucky 👍🇺🇸
Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes 3 ай мурун
It’s hot and humid but no rain in weeks.
William Stanert
William Stanert 3 ай мурун
This was DEFINITELY what I was expecting. Have been waiting to see a Morgan shop build for a year and a half. I'm sure it will be epic.
Jacob Maynor
Jacob Maynor 3 ай мурун
It was 107 here yesterday....! Central Texas area..
Wendell Crabtree
Wendell Crabtree 3 ай мурун
Outdoor furnace and now you have a use for your slabs
Ricky Richardson
Ricky Richardson 3 ай мурун
Hot and muggy in Alabama (ROLL TIDE), but we are having plenty of rain. I have stopped getting notifications. I am subscribed and have rung the bell. This just started 3 or 4 weeks ago,. any suggestions? I not only don't get your notifications but also 4 or 5 more channels I am subscribed to.
Pike Lander77
Pike Lander77 3 ай мурун
Excited for "Club Morgan" to open up. Congrats!
david j mcmahon
david j mcmahon 3 ай мурун
hi from Tasmania Australia
david j mcmahon
david j mcmahon 3 ай мурун
hi thanks for replying @Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 3 ай мурун
Hi David
WAVETUBE84 3 ай мурун
Elections are coming up. Better get that auditorium built as soon as possible. You could fit 15,000 (possibly) on that lawn! The mayor, city council, and county board of supervisors would love that to be their launch pad. AND, where else would be a better place to vote! ...that ought to expedite the permit process!!!!!!!!!! BAM!
Chase Willsey
Chase Willsey 3 ай мурун
I was cutting firewood today (pecan and red oak) in North Texas. Heat index was 112 at one point. I sweat through my shirt, pants, and boots.
Aaron Noyes
Aaron Noyes 3 ай мурун
Mix you in some G2 Gatorade in with your water intake,helps to keep electrolites up.
Tommy Weeks
Tommy Weeks 3 ай мурун
Really enjoy your videos, it's very HOT & Humid here in North Mississippi. Can't wait to see the new building.
Joseph Antosh
Joseph Antosh 3 ай мурун
So excited to see this unfold. Planning a 40x80 of our own but about a year away in NE Pa. Mike has great ideas and it'll be nice learning from what the Morgan's do on this project.
MadScience Gary
MadScience Gary 3 ай мурун
Need at least 10' all around the building at the same level for construction, so not just inside the stakes.
Paul E Dulin
Paul E Dulin 3 ай мурун
I live in north central Texas and today, July 11th, we had heat index of 111 and actual temp at 99. Forecast for the next four days is actual temp of 100 and heat index at over 110. I am not complaining, I love Texas and wouldn't trade it for anyplace else. The mid summer heat is just part of it and I actually adjust to it and do what I need to do even in the heat. Humidity was not too high day and nice breeze, not too bad. Paul from Texas
John Fleming
John Fleming 3 ай мурун
Rabbits! Rabbits, you say. I’ve never seen so many darn rabbits. Been in our home for 15 years and have barely seen any, some years none, and this year they’re everywhere. Driving my cocker spaniels crazy! Near Butler airport.
John Fleming
John Fleming 3 ай мурун
Outdoors With The Morgans I’m also noticing more squirrels and chipmunks so my guess is that the whelping conditions were near perfect when all these critters were being born and raised this year. Lots more survivors than usual. Rabbits are somewhat cyclical anyway. Wish I still had all my beagles!
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 3 ай мурун
Wonder why but you are right, they are everywhere,
Timothy Kirkpatrick
Timothy Kirkpatrick 3 ай мурун
Ya' think 90 deg is hot, you ought to be out here in the SF East Bay Area. Right now, on 7/11 @ 1616 hrs, it's 106 and 10%. My kinda' weather. I can't deal with humidity. If it was up to me, it'd be Death Valley weather all yr, LOL. Can't wait to see the building going up. Love that MX5400, but too pricey for me, so I had to go for an L2501. Woulda' gone with the L3901, but I don't want to deal with all the tier 4 smog crap. Any ways, say HI to Hunter for me and I hope he got the latest BK gift card I sent him. Stay cool. Cheers!
flyover news
flyover news 3 ай мурун
This time of year in SE Oklahoma we work outside from about 7 to noon......then do something inside and go back out about 6pm
Robert A. Brokaw
Robert A. Brokaw 3 ай мурун
You learn to deal with the heat. I have lived in the south, northeast and Midwest and have been through temperatures from -25 below (our wedding day) to a month of 100+ temps. I enjoy it all. By the way if you had a pool you could cool off real quick. Just sayin - stay safe.
notter 3 ай мурун
In slab radiant is a very nice type of heat. Insulate the slab well. Even if you don't initially want it, insulate the slab and install the tubing if the budget allows. A friend of mine didn't in his barn and he now regrets it. Make sure to run antifreeze in it. The only drawback I have found is it isn't instaheat as my brother used to call it. It takes awhile to change temp due to the mass of the slab. It isn't like flipping on a hot air furnace or ceiling heater.
Robert Fakler
Robert Fakler 3 ай мурун
My wife says the same thing, that I don't listen to her, or something like that.
Cynical Texas Dad
Cynical Texas Dad 3 ай мурун
Go with 12x12 doors you’ll thank me later. 😏
Tudor Wyn Phillips
Tudor Wyn Phillips 3 ай мурун
Sounds great.👍
Think Trucking / Mike Jones
Think Trucking / Mike Jones 3 ай мурун
Pools are overrated. A good shop is better.
Bob Gutman
Bob Gutman 3 ай мурун
Mike, you seem like a guy thinking 2-3 steps ahead. You are likely already thinking a pool IS going to happen so plumb and power it in the first place. Changing rooms, showers, kind of goes with the work out area regardless. It will just be phase 2 of the plan. Looking forward to following the progress. I’m sure your whole family will enjoy.
Ardell Nagle
Ardell Nagle 3 ай мурун
Looks like you have a lot projects in store a garage and then your shop down by the wood shed. Glad you have help with Melissa.
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hartmann 3 ай мурун
SOUTHERN INDIANA HERE: Really hot here…91 with factor of 101. I walked 18 holes in that the other day and my shorts were completely soaked….Congratulations on your new building!! It all sounds terrific. HI ARCHIE….getting sooo big.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 3 ай мурун
You could have set it to music. I wonder if We Be Jam'n is available?
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 3 ай мурун
Mid-90s every day here in Harrisburg NC.
Matt Austin
Matt Austin 3 ай мурун
Been 90 degrees with little to no rain in Northern Michigan for the last couple weeks. 90 degrees is too hot for us!
Doug Webster
Doug Webster 3 ай мурун
Hello Melissa and Mike , love the channel . I know you think that the size you picked is big enough but you know it never is lol . I have a 40' x 60' x16' with a door at each end and love it. I hope you will have enough room to store all your attachments . I seen a video that a guy made a rack for all his attachments on the back of his shed/garage , it looked like it worked very nice. Just a idea for you to think about. Stay safe from Blairsville, Pa.
Mike J
Mike J 3 ай мурун
You should put in a outdoor wood boiler to heat the building.
imgone52 3 ай мурун
Congrats and good luck. Looking forward to following along.
Jason Carpenter
Jason Carpenter 3 ай мурун
Any plans on making an upstairs apartment for Hunter in the new garage
Tim Gifford
Tim Gifford 3 ай мурун
We all know by now that Mike always has to have a project to work on to be happy. This year it’s the garage/workshop/home gym/office. Next year it’s inevitable the pool will go in. Don’t forget the splash pad for the grandchildren and dogs!
boedacres 3 ай мурун
Trying to understand why you want it in the front yard?? Having a 10ft door facing the street?? to me thats an invite to strangers having a get away road so close. If thats how you want it put the door on the side where the fence is and have a nice turnaround in the back. You have over 100 acres put it behind the house that way no one can see whats inside when your garage door when is standing open. I would put it up next to the house and a breeze way between them so you dont get wet during bad weather.Or you could build a pole barn with a heated loft that is attached to the house. My neighbors has floor heat down on the main floor and Heat/AC in the loft. Thats his fun room he says Plays a lot of poker and pool and has a full gym set up. Just an idea For me i would not mess with the front yard i take pride on how my house looks from the street. Just dont want to see a garage
walter edmondson
walter edmondson 3 ай мурун
It’s going to 101 with a heat index of 110 today in DFW Texas. But it’s always this hot this time of the year. You get use to it. One of the reasons most of us wear big plum leaf cowboy hats. Lol.
Jim Shoe
Jim Shoe 3 ай мурун
Mike, Melissa is right, build it bigger 😉 Trust me, it is cheaper to do it bigger now than trying to add on in a couple of years. I have watched long enough to know that no matter how big you make it, it is going to fill up. BTW, the in floor heat is a great idea. Put in a liquid system, electric has a bad habit of breaking wires if you get any frost movement of your concrete. Have a day.
Greg Hughes
Greg Hughes 3 ай мурун
Super hot and humid here her in Northeast Texas. Moved the son to San Antonio yesterday in 101 degree heat. Hydration was definitely an issue.
chris edwards
chris edwards 3 ай мурун
When you decide on the size you think you will need , make it bigger always run out of room FAST 42 x 90 better . I always run out of room to fast
Thomas Landry
Thomas Landry 3 ай мурун
Good planning
Dawn Lee
Dawn Lee 3 ай мурун
We're having a heatwave here in Arizona. The 5 day forecast is Sat 116, Sun 117, Mon 115, Tues 112 & Wed 110. Just as long as the Humidity stay away, it will be bearable.
ShockSgt 3 ай мурун
There's a saying - Go Big or Stay Home. Kinda like the advice the brother in law gave me some 8 years ago when I decided to replace a 20 x 22 foot garage. He's a PE and built more than a few garages. When I told him I was going with a 30 x 30 foot one, the advice he gave me was to build it as big as you can afford. He said that there was never anyone who after building a garage said - I wish I made it smaller. So I reevaluated my original 30 x 30 and went with 50 x 40 feet. Here it is almost 8 years later and wishing I made it 50 x 60. So - if you have the room and can afford to make it larger - do so. Another thing, the contractor asked me if I wanted a room upstairs. Never thought of it, just wanted a garage. He gave prices for both variations. So for roughly $3,000 added to cost of project, I ended up with a 16 x 50 foot 2nd floor.
Chris Huff
Chris Huff 3 ай мурун
You might reconsider the 10x10 overhead. 12’ wide is ideal for full-size vehicles and tractors.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 3 ай мурун
Freezing cold in Australia - we are hoping for some rain this week, had a little snow last week. Keep the vids coming.
Blackand white
Blackand white 3 ай мурун
nice :) its been sometime
Neil Snow
Neil Snow 3 ай мурун
You mentioned that the garage is full with the bx and the ranger etc and there isn't any room that is why your going to build a bigger garage. From personal experience garages are like mechanics tool boxes no matter how big they are you'll find a way too fill it up.
Doug Bower
Doug Bower 3 ай мурун
Mike, you are a crafty one, make a hay bail pool for Melissa and the kids.
purple carrot
purple carrot 3 ай мурун
I like doing it in the heat. Get lots of sun and you get to sweat it out :D
FrmrGman 3 ай мурун
Colorado... 102 w/ 49% humidity...
Big Bigby
Big Bigby 3 ай мурун
Dang it... I fooled myself!😊
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