#846 Serious Lumber SHORTAGE in America! How is it affecting you?

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Outdoors With The Morgans

3 ай мурун

This evening we saw some red pine and talk about the Lumber Shortage in America right now. Softwoods and Pressure Treated are getting very scarce.
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Dewayne Reece
Dewayne Reece 23 күн мурун
Typically how many logs can you mill before you have to change your blade ? I’m considering buying an entry level mill and have heard that the blades don’t last very long even when the logs are clean. What if I just mill a bunch of pine logs I’ve got drying , it should have a much longer life with softwood. Thanks.
Fernando Johnson
Fernando Johnson Ай мурун
Just recommended OUTDOORS WITH THE MORGANS to another family with a KGpost channel. Their show is called GOOD SIMPLE LIVING kgpost.info/will/video/2K24t4evy4F_it0. Beautiful Family of 7 counting the dog. They were talking about the rising cost of lumber and it's shortage and I couldn't help but think of you guys. They're surrounded by woods in Idaho, just no Saw Mill. Hope they check you guys out. Blessings.
Spartaeus Ай мурун
Check the news. Systematic arson fires and sabotage destroying commercial mills across the country.
Tom Clifton
Tom Clifton 2 ай мурун
Watching the debarker I. This video, and it looks like the bandsaw blade is cutting a tiny bit high in the debarker kerf. Not a lot, but noticable
Shane Humphrey
Shane Humphrey 2 ай мурун
I wirked at a sawmill in Castlegar BC Canada!! We cut 6’ plus spruce, fir, cedar on the two head rigs. The bandsaws were 20’ high!! C-C on the pulleys!! Blades were 12” wide x1/8” thick !!300,000 board ft a shift. Now that mill cuts 1.5 million board ft a day There is very little old growth cut anymore. They buy production logs now. 18” or so
Ralph Pick
Ralph Pick 2 ай мурун
Not really a shortage here in central Wisconsin, at Menards it is hit and miss...people come in and clean out a certain size of one bys, a few days later another shipment comes in. It was bound to happen,60 million people out of work, $1200 payments, lots of honey do lists...if each person buys 2 or 3 pieces of lumber...shortage! Great video!
307 J.O.A.T
307 J.O.A.T 2 ай мурун
Just watched this video and im not sure whats happening with lumber here. I bought some in the beginning of July and there didnt seem to be an issue then. Anyway point of my comment is i just bought a Wood Mizer LT15 so it wont be affecting me if theres a lumber shortage now. After watching all of Mikes videos i cant wait to start milling. I have an endless supply of soft wood mill logs too. STAY SAFE everyone!!
T Mackie
T Mackie 2 ай мурун
Aloha from Hawaii. Don’t even get me started... We’re on the a** end of the supply chain at the best of times. (The price of living in paradise.) But yes, empty lumber bays are a thing here, too, especially pressure treated. Our chicken coop expansion project is going to have to wait, unfortunately.
E OnTheHike
E OnTheHike 2 ай мурун
No short on lumber in the pnw
J McCracken
J McCracken 2 ай мурун
2021 will be a population explosion like you have never seen. To much time to fool around.
Terry Brown
Terry Brown 2 ай мурун
two to a three week waiting if not longer n R area of ohio treated lumber is the hardest to get
Robert Verlinden
Robert Verlinden 3 ай мурун
Maybe we should stop burning green wood and call it sustainable energy (biomass), and start using trees like they are supposed to be used. For lumber and firewood!
Scen Taley
Scen Taley 3 ай мурун
Yo Morgans! No shortage in Central FLA. Just completed a wraparound pergola on our deck; plus, replaced a huge amount of deck planks. We used real wood, not the hybrid stuff.
ChelbySe 3 ай мурун
Lumber shortage in upstate NY. LOWES employee said chemicals for PT comes from China. Imports from China are limited, creating the shortage. Don't know if it's true, but that's what we were told.
Larry Manka
Larry Manka 3 ай мурун
Don't know about lumber, but try finding ammo to go out plinking. Can't even find it on-line.
John White
John White 3 ай мурун
Yes Mike the mills are shut down and where most of the lumber comes from Canada and there mills to are all shut down and yeah people are calling me for lumber because of my mill can't keep up with orders
Kerry Ware
Kerry Ware 3 ай мурун
I'm more interested in the wood supply in the United States. Not the whole American continent. 😀
alan levine
alan levine 3 ай мурун
Mike, i've never seen anything like that before. Just an amazing piece of equipment. The puppies are beautiful. All the best to you and the family. Thanks for the awesome videos.
Fabio Forni
Fabio Forni 3 ай мурун
We have a place call TLO witch is the treated lumber outlet. They have a better price them Homedepot or lowes also they have more grade choices for structural lumber.
Paul Jewitt
Paul Jewitt 3 ай мурун
Up in Ontario is same thing I needed 10’ 2X6. Had to get 16’ 2X6
Steven Gourley
Steven Gourley 3 ай мурун
Hey Mike, I live in Utah and I'm a general contractor.i specialize in building log homes and cabins mainly off grid.i can honestly tell you out here there is not a Lumber shortage.believe it or not where i live is called the Wasatch front,and we have the most building permits pulled monthly per capita than anywhere in the country.and it's been like this for almost10 years now. Enjoy all your videos.tell Hunter hello from the great state of Utah
Scott Brum
Scott Brum 3 ай мурун
Major shortage here about 10 hours northeast of you guys. We are in a small township north of Ottawa Ont. I was at our local lumber yard on the weekend and it was empty with no confirmed delivery date yet. My buddy owns a lumber yard and he was full going into the pandemic and he’s been contacted to ship truckloads south and with the border closed he can’t easily ship, it’s far to much paperwork and he makes more selling in small lots but he’s offered to ship a full tractor trailer down if they want to pay the duties / boarder taxes and such but nobody has taken him up on the deal as of yet. He normally fills sea containers and ships over seas pays well but he’s unable to ship do to the pandemic it’s hurting people globally.
knobcreekoutdoors 3 ай мурун
Can't get a tractor til Nov
Ralph Monticello
Ralph Monticello 3 ай мурун
Ya I just went to Home Depot in Allen parkMI today to buy lumber to build new front porch steps on my and there was no pressure treated so I stoped into Lowe’s 1/2 mile away and there shelves where full 15 bucks each for 2x12x8 to cut stringers I don’t think that’s bad price for pressure treated
Jamie 3 ай мурун
Southern NH PT wood has been sparse to none for 6 to 7 weeks... thats at the big box stores.. lowes, Jome Depot..
Matt Austin
Matt Austin 3 ай мурун
I noticed a shortage of pressure treated the other day. This is in Northern MI.
OC Outdoors
OC Outdoors 3 ай мурун
Working In the RV industry, our orders have gone through the roof but the suppliers are struggling to get us parts. So far I haven't heard anything about issues getting lumber in. We'd be I a really bad position if that happens.
Wayne Schnare
Wayne Schnare 3 ай мурун
Same here in Nova Scotia , Canada , No lumber !! And we are an area with lots of lumber standing in our woods ! I figure we will be sorted out here in Canada in about 18 months , hopefully !! Please stay safe !! Hello to Hunter !! Good to see he went with the spicy Chicken !!
Wayne Schnare
Wayne Schnare 3 ай мурун
@Outdoors With The Morgans fine thank you . Mostly in lock down. We are getting out a bit . Wishing our world was in better shape . Stay safe and Hello to Hunter !!! Thankfully I can watch your videos !!! Have last booster shot on Thursday , then we forget about cancer !!! 2 years clear , and hopefully with the booster shots , it will be many many years before it comes back !!
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 3 ай мурун
How you been Wayne?
West Texas Oil
West Texas Oil 3 ай мурун
Cedar is extremely short here in West Texas . Been waiting for 2 weeks empty lonely racks
Professor Dogwood
Professor Dogwood 3 ай мурун
Plenty of lumber here in Canada, lumber that your president wants to put yuuuuge tariffs on.
MetaView7 3 ай мурун
Things will get worse, and don't expect a recovery. Import stuff; made in China stuff, or things with Chinese parts in them, their supply will be curtailed forever. I mean FOREVER. USA is de-coupling with China. The cheap made-in-China days are gone. GONE forever. If you need anything from Harbor Freight, get it now. Prices will jump in multiples from here on.
Chris Marsh
Chris Marsh 3 ай мурун
Believe it or not side by sides like your polaris sold out New and Used Jeeps on the lot only Gladiators 4 doors like Malisas and Regular 2 doors none existent on the lots Campers be it travel trailers to class A motor homes depleted inventory e everywhere !!!
David Ingram
David Ingram 3 ай мурун
Lumber shortages here in Ontario as well. Pressure treated material hard to find, some stores are only allowing locals to purchase it.
D Day
D Day 3 ай мурун
Mike, we live in eastern Canada and we are extending our deck and had to go to two local suppliers to get enough PT lumber to build a 14'x14' deck!
desolate surfer
desolate surfer 3 ай мурун
You are in the backwoods buddy. I priced lumber here a week ago I and prices were way lower than a few years ago.
Merle Warnsholz
Merle Warnsholz 3 ай мурун
Mike - I haven't noticed a lumber shortage here in Davenport, Iowa. There's lots of construction going right now, and I went to Lowes to pick up a couple of sheets of Oak plywood and didn't really see a shortage. I wasn't looking a pressure treated stuff so can't really comment on that. Blessings to you and the family.
Jim Purl
Jim Purl 3 ай мурун
Her fanny pack is so heavy duty it looks great!!
Jim Purl
Jim Purl 3 ай мурун
My wife works for Lowes in Texas and they are basically out of everything. Many people come in every day who are unaware of the shortage and get bad at the store.
M H 3 ай мурун
Not sure of box stores, but the Amish have tons. Mike I highly recommend getting a Diamond Back cover for your truck. Made in our home state. Love mine
Ken Lavender
Ken Lavender 3 ай мурун
Hi mike. A wee suggestion, build a trough to collect sawdust and extend shute from saw into it. Keeps walkway clear and easier to collect dust
Charles McKinley
Charles McKinley 3 ай мурун
Melissa you pack is missing a lead propulsion device.
Robert Jauregui
Robert Jauregui 3 ай мурун
I live by the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad. There is a lot of lumber headed east in southern Idaho.
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 3 ай мурун
You might have to put down the invisible fence with the dog collar my shepherd was doing that and the first time he went through the gate WHAM it kept hitting him until he came back through the gate, now he will only go through the gate if he is with someone, we kept the collar on him just took out the 9 volt battery, plus its not cruel to keep your animals safe, now since he got zapped he lays 20 from any gate doesn't even think about running off again might want to give it a try it works.
BwSOuTlaw 3 ай мурун
Hopefully this makes more people buy made in usa stuff
Karl Carnevale
Karl Carnevale 3 ай мурун
I am in Dansville, NY. My local Lowe’s and local hardware store are out of pressure treated lumber. Three weeks ago I paid $12 for a 2x6x8 PT board. My local Lowe’s does have plenty of regular lumber.
Steve Lawrence
Steve Lawrence 3 ай мурун
Just finished a project using “premier” grade Pressure treated pine and had to go through stacks of lumber in order to get pieces that were No better than number two. At the end last month the shelves at both Lowe’s and Home Depot were empty...... Got it done but the material cost was up by 30%......
Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC
Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC 3 ай мурун
All crew side by sides are out of stock as well.
Hyatt Family Farm & Tractor Adventures
Hyatt Family Farm & Tractor Adventures 3 ай мурун
I sell manufactured and modular homes. Builders are telling us 4 months on a home. Use to be a month and a half to two months. Personally I have 5 acres of wooded property and a neighbor with a sawmill. So no shortage here on wood.
Ted Munson
Ted Munson 3 ай мурун
No lumber shortage where i live.
Daniel Atkins
Daniel Atkins 3 ай мурун
I sell Mazda parts world wide and some parts are taking me weeks to get others are not a problem (yet). Another issue I see is what parts are going to be discontinued.. This is for everyone not just automotive needs..
hr 777
hr 777 3 ай мурун
The Morgan's Sawmill Cinema...(loving it)
Art Bach
Art Bach 3 ай мурун
trump tarriffs at work here thats why the shortage
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier 3 ай мурун
Do you know how to pressure Treat or somehow Treat lumber? I know there’s a spray you can buy to spray on wood when you’re building a house but if you were doing your own wood and had to put something in the ground how would you treat it? 🤔
Chuck Yuck
Chuck Yuck 3 ай мурун
I’m in Pa and purchase all over the state. No shortage here as far as kiln dried lumber. Sales are still in a slump.
John Pyle
John Pyle 3 ай мурун
I work for the competition and I haven't noticed a shortage of lumber or much else. Our installers are behind a bit which is irritating for people. We also have a window vendor that closed two plants until further notice. I'm in Missouri just north of Kansas City and building hear has not slowed for a very long time. It started in the 80s and kept going...
SLVRKTMAN 3 ай мурун
Need some oak trees removed from my property...you can cut them down and get free wood!
roy hoco
roy hoco 3 ай мурун
don't know about a lumber shortage around here. I buy mostly custom cut rough pine boards from local small sawmills (there are 4 near my farm). I place my order by email or text and it is usually ready in 3 -4 days and I pay .50 - .65 cents a board foot and the best part is I don't have to touch it until time to unload the trailer. at that price I won't be cutting my own timber. if I need planed lumber I own a 12" planer. There is also a pickers warehouse nearby that usually has planed pine lumber various widths and lengths for about a $1 - 1.50 a board foot. some of the larger mills in my state have recently shut down because of over inventory and won't reopen until they sell the inventory on hand. but it seems there is no shortage of shortages of other things I need for the farm.
Val 3 ай мурун
Yup! Mid-Hudson Valley, NY here. Talked to a local hardware store owner and he said he's having trouble getting lumber.
Dennis Mutz
Dennis Mutz 3 ай мурун
Taking care of the lumber shortage here. Built my own chainsaw mill. May not be perfect, but it's almost free.
mike holubek
mike holubek 3 ай мурун
And room for a 9mm in that pack. JS
robert snyder
robert snyder 3 ай мурун
I have seen issues getting treated woods. I'm a self employed carpenter and caretaker of a friend's property and he wanted to put up a gate and a split rail fence and were putting up sections as he can get it. If you make a vat and could soak that pine in kerosene for a month you'd have no issues. Blessings
KARL POSCHNER 3 ай мурун
Here in Alberta.ca the selves are bare.
Duane Kalmbach
Duane Kalmbach 3 ай мурун
Just did a comparison. USA vs Canada at Lowes (Kalispell Mt. store vs Edmonton AB ) 2x6x8 pressure treated in Kalispell $11.29 usd vs in Edmonton $8.97cdn or $6.73 USD . The tariffs the American govt put on Canadian softwood must be killing you folks in the USA . No shortages here...racks are full! So where is all that tariff money going anyway?
John Temple
John Temple 3 ай мурун
Once the price goes up it never comes back down. Our local lumber yards is out of 6x6 treated 8 feet long. So I had to buy 10 feet.
Michael Nix
Michael Nix 3 ай мурун
Greetings from Central NH (Lakes Region) - Definitely a shortage, especially pressure treated. We are in the midst of a major reno of our son's lake cabin and we have been lucky so far. We haven't needed PT. What I anticipate needing I think I have covered for now. Wish I had you as a neighbor as a red pine supplier!!
Sid Walker
Sid Walker 3 ай мурун
Guy at the mill ask me how long I wanted the 2x4's, I told him a long time I'm building a house with them.
Bob Varner
Bob Varner 3 ай мурун
I work at Home Depot and we have shortages of all kinds because of manufacturing or trucking, etc. PT lumber is going out as fast as it comes in. Same with decking screws. Nice weather, nothing to do... let's build a deck!!!
Terry Castor
Terry Castor 3 ай мурун
Same issue here in West Central Indiana, treated lumber is none existent. Dimensional lumber and the premium hardwood stuff seems readily available though.
Woody Vowell
Woody Vowell 3 ай мурун
I am looking to have about 150 acres of pine timber harvested right now. If there truly is a lumber shortage and lumber prices go up, hopefully that increase passes through to timber prices. Probably won’t though, usually prices increase everywhere but for the producer.
peter tomczak
peter tomczak 3 ай мурун
I agree with you on the pressure treated shortage. Went to my local Lowes for some 2X6X 10's and only had a hand full and not in the best shape. Re-did my ramp to the shed for the lawn tractor.
Malcolm Pike
Malcolm Pike 3 ай мурун
Great videos as always Mike and Melissa. Here in the UK we don`t seem to use lumber like you do in the States, but a good friend of mine is a motor mechanic and he has told me that he is finding difficulties in obtaining parts for vehicles. We do have to import almost all our vehicle parts. Keep up the videos, can`t wait to watch the garage being built.
Sondra Hurst
Sondra Hurst 3 ай мурун
cj not so writing.. using a lot of 3/8 plywood... 3 trips... 12. x then 14.x then 16.x and one supplier's material is real bad...
Chuck P
Chuck P 3 ай мурун
Thanks guys. Hi to Hunter & Ty
Gary Bailey
Gary Bailey 3 ай мурун
I am in the middle of building a house and there is a shortage of everything right now, nerve wracking while building a house!
Steve Frischkorn
Steve Frischkorn 3 ай мурун
Constructing an outdoor porch and yes major shortage of PT lumber in Salisbury,Md and surrounding Delmarva towns. I have purchased all the material after going to 5 different lumber yards/ home centers. Even bought material at a HD , saw it on the shelf, paid for it and scheduled a delivery. Delivery date came and 1/2 of purchased lumber was missing. Poor management sold my lumber and couldn't provide a date when replacement would be available. Got a refund and hooked up my pontoon trailer and went hunting, for lumber, that is. A lot of time and energy wasted . Material purchased was freshly treated and HEAVY! Took care to stack and strap tightly to avoid dry out twisting. Also covered with heavy tarps to keep out of direct sunlight. I expect a lot of shrinkage but at least I can complete my project. Enjoying your vids keep it up!
Bo Bo
Bo Bo 3 ай мурун
Central VA, don’t know about wood but fishing reels, lead fishing weights, ammo, and every kind of personal defense handguns, shotguns & rifles are all sold out.
troy black
troy black 3 ай мурун
seems like anything you order or try t buy nowadays takes a month or two to get it?N.C..
Jerry Little
Jerry Little 3 ай мурун
Mike , What size Engine is on your Lx150?
Rex Oliver
Rex Oliver 3 ай мурун
Several weeks ago there was a line of cars outside the Lowes parking lot and the lot was FULL!Figure home hobbyists getting lumber and tools for home projects.Then last weekend took my car into the dealer for its routine oil change and checkup-walked the lot while waiting-lot stock was VERY low.Was caused by difficulty in getting parts from China to go into building cars.Also hear the tool lineup was changing at both Lowes and Home Depot.Brands being changed.No Menards or Home Depot in my area-just TWO Lowes-one on each side of town.There was a small HD-it closed many years ago-just after the second Lowes opened-the old HD building is now a Burlington Coat Factory.
quincy peagler
quincy peagler 3 ай мурун
Don't forgwt everything has to be put on a truck to be shipped truckers are not getting payed liked they should so they are not making deliveries look into it media not telling us about it
Darcy Scott
Darcy Scott 3 ай мурун
Hi Morgan’s big increase in pt lumber at our local lumber yard. I paid $ 26.76 for one 16 ft. deck board, four 16ft deck boards and two pounds of screws $ 130.00 that’s just crazy! From northern Vermont. PS we need rain very dry here!
stan sams
stan sams 3 ай мурун
Hey Mike, when are you going to do that video on that little sawmill you got in? I've been anxiously waiting.
D Herauf
D Herauf 3 ай мурун
Just curious why you raise the bandsaw sooooo high to return back to the starting position ... a lot of wasted movement there :-)
D Herauf
D Herauf 3 ай мурун
Hey Mike .... why is the bandsaw blade cutting above the debarker precut line ? Check around the 8:40 mark and after ! Watch all the way through the cut ... looks like an adjustment is needed ! :-)
David Bornick
David Bornick 3 ай мурун
Do you miss having a 35ish horsepower tractor?
Ish Ure
Ish Ure 3 ай мурун
G'day Mike n Mel wood is gold 👍
joe woodchuck
joe woodchuck 3 ай мурун
First I've heard of it.
C G 3 ай мурун
Shortages everywhere. I went to Lowe's to get hardware cloth. Out of everything. had 1 role of $65. Went on line to Lowe's and got same thing for $36. I don't know.
curt anderson
curt anderson 3 ай мурун
Hi Mike, talked to the owner of a lumber-hardware store and he said he is having trouble getting treated wood in and is waiting on 2 semi loads now but he does not know when he will get them in. Have a great weekend and tractor on from west central Illinois
John Bradley
John Bradley 3 ай мурун
Plenty here in Southeastern Pennsylvania at Lowe's!
Russ Vaagen
Russ Vaagen 3 ай мурун
As someone who’s been in the lumber industry my whole career, this is a bubble in the supply chain. Just like toilet paper, the same amount (plus or minus) lumber has been produced. What happened is that during the early days of Covid, lumber yards were nervous about shut downs so they kept inventories low. This pushed the lumber priced down hard in April. As things picked up, yards kept inventories low while buying picked back up and then construction opened back up. The yards all started to buy to build inventory at the same time, but since production at the mills was the same, there wasn’t enough wood to fill the inventory or even keep up with increased demand. This will cause delays and price increases. In uncertain times, lumber prices can be very volatile. I would bet that prices will fall in September/October, but not back to where they were. Nice to have a sawmill during times like this. 👍🏻
Russ Vaagen
Russ Vaagen 3 ай мурун
David Dunbar there is a wholesale dimensional lumber index that’s called Random Lengths that’s now owned by RISI. On there you can buy charts of historical lumber prices by product or the index as a whole. Retail doesn’t always track with Wholesale, but if your builder gets the lumber from a good builder yard it won’t be marked up too high. I would think that it would be worth your while to track the market and proceed when the market starts to cool off. My guess is September. Keep in mind, framing lumber is typically less than 5% of the overall cost of a home. No need to panic.
David Dunbar
David Dunbar 3 ай мурун
Thanks Russ. We are about to build and don't need a shortage.
mark douglas
mark douglas 3 ай мурун
it's all good....I get wood any time I want, especially the morning.
darz3 3 ай мурун
Definitely a shortage of good timber ( lumber) here in the UK
mitch denner
mitch denner 3 ай мурун
Empty shelves in lowes is nothing new, I had my last and final transaction with them the other day, fed up. Will be patronizing my local building supply from now on .
Pete Scales
Pete Scales 3 ай мурун
Hi there Mike , no worries about wood shortage here int UK , im amazed there isnt with all the 1000s of houses being built , regards to presure treated lunber , fence posts in particular , they say there presure treated ,yeah right , if your lucky you might get 4 yrs out of fence posts ,then they all rot of at ground level !!!! they wouldnt do that in New Zealand where this presure treating was done properly !!!!!! love your vidjos Mike >>>>>>
Dean Bastarache
Dean Bastarache 3 ай мурун
Hi Mike & Melissa, Been a subscriber for a while and enjoy the fun. What do you use for cameras, and what do you use for editing? You do a great job and I've see such Improvement over the years. Thank you, Dean
West Texas Prepper
West Texas Prepper 3 ай мурун
I have a pool service business, and getting repair parts is hit and miss. Some can be had in a a day, some weeks.
Tim Hood
Tim Hood 3 ай мурун
I haul shavings for a living from several lumber yards, most of which have at least one treating plant, and we cant seem to haul the shavings off fast enough, so there is plenty being made around here still! I'm in Alabama, by the way!
Basil Magers
Basil Magers 3 ай мурун
I drive a truck over the road I see a lot of truck hauling lumber a lot more than normal.
S Schroeder II
S Schroeder II 3 ай мурун
I know when I go to home depot or lowes its packed to the gills with people. Way beyond normal. They seem to still have lumber in stock in the Atlanta area. We are in the drywall business and prices have been steady and actually dropped a bit. I think it's just specific areas taking a toll where goveners are limiting shipping in and out of there state due to covid. I ordered 40 access panels from New York and they couldnt ship them because of covid. The supply is ther but politics is in the way. Curious what you do with wood you're cutting on your milling machine. You making any money off of it or is it just a hobby?
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