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Outdoors With The Morgans

2 ай мурун

This evening I went looking for some good soil to use for fill for the building pad and I found it! Beautiful Shale! I used the Kubota KX-080 Excavator, Moritz Dump Trailer, and Kubota MX 5400 Compact Tractor tonight.
#outdoorgans #mykubotacan #kubotausa
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1944chevytruck 2 ай мурун
good job!....thanks 4 video. be kind.
Matt Austin
Matt Austin 2 ай мурун
Sweet camera work!
ocir 2 ай мурун
So what made you think you'd find that shale in that location? Did you do it before somewhere close by? Good job!
ThatWoodGuy 2 ай мурун
Awesome footage! Always a inspiration watching your videos
David Thornton
David Thornton 2 ай мурун
Do you think the kubota loader valve is smoother then the RK was? I know the kubota is easy to lift and dump. Woundering if the RK feels the same?
twsxc700 2 ай мурун
what does an excavator of that size cost to rent for a day?
MSC Lawn Maintenance
MSC Lawn Maintenance 2 ай мурун
You guys are great 👍🏻 love watching you videos. I just picked up my first tractor, just a small one Yanmar SA221. I’m from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
Red Rhino
Red Rhino 2 ай мурун
My father spent thirty years mostly in the greater Jackson, Mississippi area digging out, hauling away and replacing Yazoo Clay at building sites. Many don't realize how important the importance of a good base and of course the cost is often prohibitive.
Carmine Iadeluca
Carmine Iadeluca 2 ай мурун
Dairy Queen time for Melissa ❤ 🍦
Carmine Iadeluca
Carmine Iadeluca 2 ай мурун
That rain did a great job. What a blessing, not too dusty. Hope your pond is getting better. 😉🇺🇸
Ged Ruddy
Ged Ruddy 2 ай мурун
Love your channel folks. Ged from Nottingham England.xxx
Chuck P
Chuck P 2 ай мурун
Thanks Morgans. Hi to Hunter & Ty.
Roger William
Roger William 2 ай мурун
What I do is start reading comments first and through out the videos so when a ad comes on I just let it run and catch up on my reading kinda a crazy but I heard from dutch or Kevin from hidden heights that you all get paid if we watch them so just a way to help great channel
Roger William
Roger William 2 ай мурун
I think as much as you paid to rent the Kabota that you should have taken some vacation time think of how much you could get done
Doug Moore
Doug Moore 2 ай мурун
Better get that stuff stripped n call the drill, thumbs up.
Alan Swift
Alan Swift 2 ай мурун
Great job with the equipment you have, I only wish I had half of the skills you have to be able to do things like that. I know nothing comes overnight but I only wish I had more skills to do these things. Love your videos keep up the good work.
Lloyd Painter
Lloyd Painter 2 ай мурун
Good job Mike. But.......we’ve come to expect that😊
Jeff Simmons
Jeff Simmons 2 ай мурун
Just subscribed to ur DIL channel. Looks like fun
Jason J
Jason J 2 ай мурун
Lovin the Bucket Cam. Noice! Hunter make his appearance and out... keeping it real. LOL Things to do and places to go, too cool sir, too cool.
Benjamin Rottier
Benjamin Rottier 2 ай мурун
that video sucked
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
Well I just checked your channel and your last video had 11 views...... so theres that lol
Douglas Siemens
Douglas Siemens 2 ай мурун
"Who gets excited about dirt? I do!" just goes to show Mike Morgan has a dirty mind!🤣🤣🤣
rgd 2 ай мурун
Zing.... lol
Steve Peck
Steve Peck 2 ай мурун
MIKE big mistake filling in the hole, should have just handed Melissa the garden hose, .... AND HERE IS YOUR SWIMMING POOL
George O'Brien
George O'Brien 2 ай мурун
New Bloomfield,Pa
Robert Grumski
Robert Grumski 2 ай мурун
Hi Mike, Rob here, met you at TS several months ago. Love your videos! Learning all the time. Completed my 36 x 48 pole barn a couple months ago now ready for the concrete floor. Any suggests for a contractor to due the floor in our local area. Check out this link for a time laps of my barn being build that my son did.... urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__youtu.be_-2Dq0xpLkl914&d=DwICAg&c=Z33mqm6KeBYX8D3hLnvrylOTGg0uRNYEC9r_d3ScyuU&r=BFodd8JvrY_w-lXKTEJRbxdmeJJHsmjNeIapvASffZohHVmg2dCm06tdTIIM_Fhb&m=NBer14FhHv1Y-IeC-zbXpqhnD50UIcBK0jfAUIYy79Y&s=1MG4Kd0fv4Jkl4K5nDrszzMfZlJ2BBW9MynFuHZ_nnE&e=
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
Yes, shoot me an email to outdoorswiththemorgans@gmail.com
Rand Thompson
Rand Thompson 2 ай мурун
Nice shale but no explanation of the projects purpose. Near Indiana, Mahaffey & Punxsy
Olof Hansson
Olof Hansson 2 ай мурун
Look at this; kgpost.info/will/video/zmeZlnZ6wHV_eLc
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair 2 ай мурун
l have to ask Mike, the income is there, I can assume that you saw a lot of the lumber that you need.... is it a fear of used equipment or what... I mean if you no long need then its sell it but a good excavator won't cost much different that the cost of renting a new machine. Your going to always find a pond that needs dug out or a ditch that needs filled.... a used same size machine might cost at the start a third more but the cost can be got back with selling it after and since your maintenance is not seen like many or in other words, your fixing before it even comes close to needing attention, spare no cost, fix it right and with a youtube channel, you could use it like a marketplace to sell after. I like new as well but prefer to own.. biggest difference in the two of us as I'm a mechanic by trade.... twenty years ago that is as I are the definition of old. I would think that you have a place out of sight and mind that older stuff could be parked. Till sold or needed again. I know of thousands of those are sold through ritchie bros. , every year and they can let you know of the cream puffs and the mechanics specials. I used to buy through them and I got my nose bent bad on one... they made it right by giving me another machine newer and better like it should be.
David Bornick
David Bornick 2 ай мурун
A ten foot hole around here in Wisconsin would have over four feet of water in it.
Steve Baker
Steve Baker 2 ай мурун
Fort Myers, Florida 👍😉
Ken Baulf
Ken Baulf 2 ай мурун
Hi Mike you make the machine work look easy, hope all your family Are well. Ken from England
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz 2 ай мурун
Mike, you used my 7-year-old nephew's *favorite word....* ginormous!! I thought Archie was a purebred Golden Retriever.... but he seems that he has a mix of *SPRINGER* Spaniel!! The "grocery-getter" was 'earning her keep' today!! [F150]
Mark Waddey
Mark Waddey 2 ай мурун
I think you just gotta move dirt
Craig Mooring
Craig Mooring 2 ай мурун
What a cutie Kate is; lucky Levi.
chaskott3 2 ай мурун
Love watching your channel, I have an autistic 5 year old son and he has watched the last several digging videos with me, we are in Ohio, I just bought my 3rd Kubota a LX3310
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
Nice, how do you like it?
John Sibley
John Sibley 2 ай мурун
Another good one . Nice camera work too
Bruce Benson
Bruce Benson 2 ай мурун
That looks like the start to the new Morgan's swimming pool! (Sorry Mike, had to say it)
Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest 2 ай мурун
I bet neighbor Cliff is sick to his back teeth with that beeper.
Juanita Lerssen
Juanita Lerssen 2 ай мурун
instead of backfilling your holes - tey would made a nice indoor pool if you ars digging where the building is going togo - just saying
Wayne Schnare
Wayne Schnare 2 ай мурун
Signed up . Cannot wait , I have been looking for someone tio teach me Thai Cooking !!!!! Thank You , and a Big Hello to Hunter !!!!
Comp 670 Wolfe
Comp 670 Wolfe 2 ай мурун
Melissa has got to be thinking "if he can make a hole that big, that quick ,WHY do I not have a pool yet?"
Bill Morris
Bill Morris 2 ай мурун
Good evening from St John Parish, Louisiana 18 Aug 20.
finpainter1 2 ай мурун
Dig to deep you might hit oil. Then you will have to move to hollywood and Melisa will have a cement pond.
David Martin
David Martin 2 ай мурун
I really liked the camera work Melissa did when Mike was loading the dump trailer, great job. The starting music reminded me of some sort of Super Hero, I kept expecting to see Iron Man show up.
Russell Paynter
Russell Paynter 2 ай мурун
How many people here have checked out the price on an excavator.....darn you Mike Morgan 😆
Jacques Papillon
Jacques Papillon 2 ай мурун
Hello Mike and Melissa, how do you imagine that you could find that stuff exactly there?
Ragsdale Creek Workshop
Ragsdale Creek Workshop 2 ай мурун
I would like to see your cleaning process with all the dust .... air filters and such.
HTPJohn 2 ай мурун
There was a lot going on in this video! Lots of fun, thank you so much. God Bless.
Mitala Aleka
Mitala Aleka 2 ай мурун
Mike, did u know that there was shell down there or u just started digging hoping to find some, because if it was me after two scoops i would be like yah know shell here.
Avid Outdoors Tv
Avid Outdoors Tv 2 ай мурун
I love seeing the MX5400 on the rear blade
MadScience Gary
MadScience Gary 2 ай мурун
First thing I noticed about your daughter-in-laws channel; your grandson in a POOL!
Huck Miller
Huck Miller 2 ай мурун
Buckshot Shale , the best .
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith 2 ай мурун
he's so close to that hole,,,don't drive into it
Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks 2 ай мурун
Looks great Mike that’s a carpenters dream a relatively level pad to work from and a better end result for yourself
myzipie 2 ай мурун
great video as always..But youtube has stopped notifying me about your new videos, tried to contact them, but no luck.. maybe you can check it out on your end..
Ken Prestwidge
Ken Prestwidge 2 ай мурун
@Outdoors With The Morgans Mine has stopped notifying me as well?? few days back, I thought you were on holidays until I looked, I will try the Bell again and see what happens
myzipie 2 ай мурун
@Outdoors With The Morgans Yes the bell is on and did again and again .. it stopped notifying me on August 13... ..I don't know what to do about it..Thanks for the reply.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
Did you hit the Bell Icon?
David Wells
David Wells 2 ай мурун
Hi from Galesburg Illinois
Don Shaughnessy
Don Shaughnessy 2 ай мурун
When I read the title of today’s video, and saw that massive hole at the beginning, I thought you had found Jimmy Hoffa.
rgd 2 ай мурун
Just emulating him
Grousetrap 2 ай мурун
I’m setting the “over/under” at TWO. Number of years til Mike has his own mini ex.. place your bets!
Troy Meredith
Troy Meredith 2 ай мурун
For what mike is doing a kubota u55 would be ideal ,just needs to have a power tilt hitch and few different types of buckets ,eg 18” 24” 5’ batter bucket
Ryan Little
Ryan Little 2 ай мурун
I think a Kubota M62 😉
Bill Dawson
Bill Dawson 2 ай мурун
Hey Morgan’s. What size dump trailer is that? Love your channel. Cheers, Bill from Ontario, Canada.
billreid16 2 ай мурун
Here in Tennessee we use shale on our farm for areas where the cows frequent - it’s awesome stuff..
Walter Miller
Walter Miller 2 ай мурун
Thanks for all the videos! We appreciate the frequent daily distractions in this Covid world!
rickoncordova1 2 ай мурун
If you don't soon start discouraging Archie from chewing on rocks, you will be enjoying, [not], huge vet dental bills. Broken, cracked teeth. Sore, infected jaws, sour, sour, breath , swelling, And worse, won't be able to eat. All from chewing on rocks. Rick.
Fukyoindigo blossoming
Fukyoindigo blossoming 2 ай мурун
Come on Melissa tell him he doesn’t need to fill it in, it’s the start for your new 🏊‍♀️🤽🏊🏻‍♂️🤽🏽‍♀️🤸Can see you doing somersaults of Joy!
jack olson
jack olson 2 ай мурун
Melissa , your going to have to do another farewell video for Mike .When you guys have to send that EX80 Excavator back to the dealer😀 . Just like the JD skid steer. Excellent video ! Keep up the great work.
casy casy
casy casy 2 ай мурун
the hole is the start of the pool
Kyle Kraft
Kyle Kraft 2 ай мурун
Kyle here from Kalamazoo, MI. Kinda dry up here but a beautiful day, temps mid 70s low humidity and lots of sunshine. Your borrow pit reminds me of the first couple seasons of Gold Rush when old Freddy Dodge was digging the Glory Hole!
James Gilliland
James Gilliland 2 ай мурун
Mike by the time you have all your fill dug you will have digging the pool down. Things are really looking good and looks like you are getting close to the end of your part of the building project.
Nick J
Nick J 2 ай мурун
Hello from Gig Harbor, Wa. :-) Will you be doing any of the August Birthday shout outs ?
august 2 ай мурун
Archie is awesome !
Lynda Campbell
Lynda Campbell 2 ай мурун
Excellent video!
Mark Kelso
Mark Kelso 2 ай мурун
Has anyone honestly ever unsubscribed from this wonderful Chanel!? Thank you Morgan’s!!! Keep the videos coming
rgd 2 ай мурун
I’d subscribe twice if I could.
Lonnie Chartrand
Lonnie Chartrand 2 ай мурун
Hey Mike, glad you got some rain. Send some my way, OK? I planted another food plot a week ago trying to beat the forecasted "five straight days of rain". Well, I got it disked and planted and wouldn't you know it, there has not been a drop since, and it looks to be at least another week before a chance of rain. Oh well, if the birds don't find the seed, it will be laying there waiting to do it's thing. And also I wanted to say THANK YOU! Because of your videos, and watching you spread your gravel as you do, I have become a bit more efficient at spreading gravel on my farm! Shaking the joystick while slightly curling the bucket is indeed the trick to getting a good spread of rock!!!
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
Thats the way its been here, they keep saying its coming but just doesn't happen
John G Barone
John G Barone 2 ай мурун
Well, you have a nice deep hole Mike...add water and voila, instant pool....NOT!
jessie4818 2 ай мурун
melissa you should have mike dig your pool area while he has the kubota
Robert Fuchs
Robert Fuchs 2 ай мурун
found it very interesting when you were talking about the different layers of soil before getting to the good shale. Here in S/E Wisconsin we are sitting on one of the largest deposit of gravel in the Midwest. We go down approximately 3 feet and we hit gravel. Our sub pumps have not gone on for years. 5 inches of rain and our low spots have very little pooling
Anders Ödman
Anders Ödman 2 ай мурун
it looks almost as slate but it might be some sort of native rock that you have in Pennsylvania. (no I'm not a geologist)
Lonnie Chartrand
Lonnie Chartrand 2 ай мурун
"...if I end up missing you will know where to look..." HAHAhahaaaaaaaaa!
BadCat 2 ай мурун
Mike , you remind me of my long ago Grand Parents , they always had heavy plastic sheets covering their couches and chairs / you still have the plastic bag covering the seat in the excavator ! lol ;-) ;-)
BadCat 2 ай мурун
Good afternoon Hunter ;-)
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck 2 ай мурун
Finally some very nice days here in Minnesota. Highs in the low to mid 70s full sun out.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
Fall is coming
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith 2 ай мурун
Hi Ty from Elizabethtown NC one question why not barry the sawdust off the mill perfect hole but love the videos
TONY GENESEO 2 ай мурун
Just wanted to say still really enjoying following along and enjoying your channel! Basically daily videos and they're just the right length !!
Ken Archer
Ken Archer 2 ай мурун
I like your bucket cam angels. Hoorah. Semper Peratus.
Jason Bossaer
Jason Bossaer 2 ай мурун
You’re not the only one that gets excited about dirt. When we built our pond, finding good clay was like striking gold. That shale looks familiar. We used to farm a little patch in the Wabash River bottoms that looked like that over the whole field. May God bless you all. Jason from Indiana.
GEORGE HORTON 2 ай мурун
Ken Archer
Ken Archer 2 ай мурун
Safety First Right On, Mike. Thanks for caring for the animals. KCA
Ken Archer
Ken Archer 2 ай мурун
Sorry, for being Soooo long winded previous commit. Have a Day Mate! KCA
Justin Auman
Justin Auman 2 ай мурун
Enjoy watching your hands run the excavator controls does it have a valve or something to change the pattern of controls?
michael koreen
michael koreen 2 ай мурун
I love the videos folks! I'm 45 min south of you guys in Harrison City pa. Always lots to do around the property! God bless!
Travis Cover
Travis Cover 2 ай мурун
I like your new video today you did a really good jop
glen74 2 ай мурун
Went and watched Thai-D up with the Morgans and will have to say Mike and Melissa you will have to up your video production game. Kate did an excellent job.
Terry Bloomfield
Terry Bloomfield 2 ай мурун
Good action Music Mike
Luis Rodriquez
Luis Rodriquez 2 ай мурун
Enjoy watching all your videos Mike and Melissa here in Fresno CA, where it’s been up to 112° this past Sunday, today 110°.
Philip Allen
Philip Allen 2 ай мурун
In case this is of interest, very very funny commentary from a professional UK sports commentator on his home dog channel - kgpost.info/will/video/2IbM03yu2JGuYZo
A Fewox
A Fewox 2 ай мурун
That brown dust from that dirt looks like tobacco dust from the cigar 🚬 🏭 factory. Old timers used tobacco dust to kill fleas and ticks in the hunting dog 🐕 pen. Worked great. QUESTION? What do you call a guy with no arms...and no legs...in a big hole in the ground ? ANSWER... PHIL A guy with no arms and legs...hanging on the wall ? ART A GUY WITH NO ARMS AND NO LEGS FLOATING IN THE OCEAN ? BOB 😆 🤣 😂
Waya Hedia
Waya Hedia 2 ай мурун
I've been thinking about a youtube channel "Keeping up with the Morgans" .. But I wouldn't be able to afford it! :)
Hemlock Homestead
Hemlock Homestead 2 ай мурун
"Overburden " Popular term on the series"Goldrush"......I am sure Mike has seen a few episodes.
FaceMan 2 ай мурун
There's potential to have a natural gas deposit deep under all that shale $$$
Bob Bennett
Bob Bennett 2 ай мурун
Boy for a minute Mike I thought you were making the cement Pond for Ellie Mae
Rich Fabian
Rich Fabian 2 ай мурун
Thanks for sharing Kate's KGpost page her food looked AWESOME!!!
Dennis Clouse
Dennis Clouse 2 ай мурун
Now you know what you have to dig through for the wife’s pool
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