#878 Just about GOT IT! Moving Dirt and Checking Grade

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Outdoors With The Morgans

2 ай мурун

Building pad is getting close, real close. Used the Kubota KX-080 Excavator to load and move dirt on the New Building Pad. Melissa helped me check grade with the Dewalt level
#outdoorgans #mykubotacan #kubotausa
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Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz Ай мурун
Hey Melissa... Great shirt, very clever. "Yellow-Jacket Kind" ..... I think I have that correct?!
John Turner
John Turner Ай мурун
Melissa you need to take over, watching dirt moving isn’t fun.
Shane Humphrey
Shane Humphrey Ай мурун
What kinda work you do during the day mike??
Shane Humphrey
Shane Humphrey Ай мурун
Outdoors With The Morgans drilling. Or oil changes and pumping gas. It laying pipe lines??Lol. I was a boilermaker/pressure welder. Also had 992 deere,200,180 hyundai, D7 Cat, two tandems. Also worked in a very huge sawmill in Cadtkegar BC Canada as a 18-22 yr old
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Oil and Gas
eugene moor
eugene moor 2 ай мурун
You are pretty good with that excavator. They do come in handy
Heath Worsley
Heath Worsley 2 ай мурун
Best wishes Morgan family from Northwestern Wisconsin. Love your videos and I thank you for sharing your family's Journey with all the rest of us. Between your channel and letsdig18 I can get my daily fix of excavator and Equipment work. And humor on top of all of it like the icing on a cake!
John Bailey
John Bailey 2 ай мурун
Haaa Mike wait till EVA brings home the two legged toads wew .
Fernando Johnson
Fernando Johnson 2 ай мурун
YOU GUYS ARE TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing that flower story in the end. We all at times get so busy doing what we do for others we forget to do for ourselves. This show is incredible and I'm sure many others enjoy it, but BE SURE TO SET ASIDE TIME TOGETHER; no show, no kids, just sweet hearts who met long ago. I'm sure it takes a lot of time putting this stuff together which in turn can take it's toll. Know when to say "IT'S PLAY TIME!" It took some time before my wife and I understood that, but before she passed New Years Day, 2007, we did have some special moments that I'll always treasure. What you guys have together is priceless and the fact that you've decided to open the doors to complete strangers is something special. Trust me, as A Widower it's therapeutic. It does warm my soul to see others have what I once shared with my wife. PLEASE, make it a point to get away, rest and relax. WE'LL BE HERE when you guys return. Heck..., I don't think you guys could get rid of us. PS- Mike..., you do know you'll be putting in THAT POOL FOR MELISSA one day..., right? Just checking. Be blessed guys, and never forget, God is using you greatly to brighten the days of those in need. Peace.
Jim Mowers
Jim Mowers 2 ай мурун
Good morning. Have a great day. God Bless.
Stanley Losh
Stanley Losh 2 ай мурун
Do yourself a favor and build a stockpile of that shale while you still have the excavator on site.
Mick Dee Wisconsin
Mick Dee Wisconsin 2 ай мурун
Out of curiosity, what video editing program do you use? Thanks.
august 2 ай мурун
Nothing better than time and water for compaction, of course a 15 ton machine helps also. Thumbs up !!
HTPJohn 2 ай мурун
Crystal and I enjoy sitting down in the evening after dinner and watching what you all are up to. Thank you so much. God Bless.
Larry Garner
Larry Garner 2 ай мурун
Great video as usual
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 2 ай мурун
Meliissa, you've been kinda subdued the last several videos. What's on your mind? Worried about Eva back at school and all the associated worries? Getting a little tired of the "dream garage" are you? Your pool seems an awful long way off, huh? Please know there's a lot of us out here following and care a lot about all of you.
Frank Cadillac
Frank Cadillac 2 ай мурун
Mike, any fossils in that shale plant or animal.??
Frank Cadillac
Frank Cadillac 2 ай мурун
Mike establish a shale pit somewhere on the property then it will just be a bucket away when needed for trails.
Jeffrey Lane
Jeffrey Lane 2 ай мурун
This is fun to watch the progress!! Nice work M&M!!
Bob Nokes
Bob Nokes 2 ай мурун
Wish we had neighbors like you Morgan’s! Just a nice normal loving family! We would love to hang out with any of you! Thanks for the videos!!
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hartmann 2 ай мурун
Eva. I have a granddaughter getting ready to attend DePaul U close to Indianapolis In…her Mother took her up a couple of days ago. It was like a ghost town and she’s there on a singing /academic scholarship. Students are staying in their room so how does a group of singers get together of all things???? I can definitely see your frustration. Part of school experience is being together with friends……..so, hang in there. All things will get better.
James Leonard
James Leonard 2 ай мурун
I was introduced to your videos by my nephew Alex McClanahan. He's been working with me on my 53 acres since he was 10 he's now 25. Really like to see what you do and how you stay busy. Tried to keep my equipment cleaner since watching. I'm up in Edinboro ,Pa.
Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett 2 ай мурун
when digging out the shale you could teach Melissa the controls ( then change them to the other format and show her that style and find out which one she prefers )
Carroll Thim
Carroll Thim 2 ай мурун
like the videos just waching you work &meliss doing her part good with bx24 god bless&hi hunter & all
SuperCidermonkey 2 ай мурун
Your daughter is delightful and exactly how I hope my own daughter turns out! Great progress on the pad and great video as always, thank you.
Chuck P
Chuck P 2 ай мурун
Thank you Morgans. Hi to Hunter & Ty.
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley 2 ай мурун
Cuddling like a porcupine that’s funny
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers 2 ай мурун
I am having a shop built as well. I need about four additional loads as well.....lol
Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett 2 ай мурун
@Daniel Chambers hope all is ok down there with the storm
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers 2 ай мурун
@Scott Bennett yes sir . . . lol It is raining here in TX due to the costal storm. I may need more dirt than planned once this thing is over . . . very concerned about it washing out. Pad is 85 percent done.
Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett 2 ай мурун
oh so your more than a couple of loads short
Normand Fontaine
Normand Fontaine 2 ай мурун
Hi, Mike. We just love watching your videos here in San Antonio. We are glad you put out so many. My wife says you are a big kid with big toys. Looking forward to seeing that building go up. We are fairly new subscribers, so it will be nice seeing what you all do in the winter. Keep up the good work.
Bruce Benson
Bruce Benson 2 ай мурун
You always do a great job editing but you are really getting good! Your first 30 seconds really had some great audio and camera angles. I do a lot of editing and appreciate how much time it takes. Great job!
Wesley Webber
Wesley Webber 2 ай мурун
Well all it was great but I'm caught up now. It only took a couple weeks to watch most of your videos and now I get to go watch Melissa's channel and your Daughter-in-Law channel. You have came along way with the videos
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz 2 ай мурун
Exceptional camera work and editing with this one Mike. The pad looks great. Will you be doing the concrete work or have you subbed it out?
Frank Foust
Frank Foust 2 ай мурун
Hey mike an Melissa. How are y’all doing? Here in Oklahoma school starts 27 August. My great nephew Malik is in the first grade this year. Heard some good news the other day my Sooners are playing football this year. Looking for them to win there 6th conference championship in a row. They say there’s no other team out there is ever done that. Of course always we are always hoping for a national championship. We hope everybody please save it as no one gets hurt. Mikey take care hope Everything goes OK with your building. Take care y’all take care
Junior Garvin
Junior Garvin 2 ай мурун
Mike, you need to buy her whatever she wants. LOL She is a beautiful, hardworking lady. If you dont buy her flowers someone else will.
MICHAEL CATO 2 ай мурун
I knew somebody would want the stump. Something beautiful will come from it. The pad looks great. That rock looks nicely compacted already.
Hungarian 2 ай мурун
Those glasses look good on you Mikey. I still think you need to let the goatee grow out a little and get a little Fu Manchu action going.
Roger Roy
Roger Roy 2 ай мурун
Hey Mike at least she didnt ask what did you do. Or what did you buy .
Mike Cabe
Mike Cabe 2 ай мурун
Really enjoying all the videos guys!!!!
Mark Blomster
Mark Blomster 2 ай мурун
I subscribed when there was under 1,000 and proud of it! Always great content.
Avid Outdoors Tv
Avid Outdoors Tv 2 ай мурун
That slate/ shale is some of the best fill dirt
stan sams
stan sams 2 ай мурун
New camera?
Southern Mans Life
Southern Mans Life 2 ай мурун
Looking good guys.
Chris & Lynn
Chris & Lynn 2 ай мурун
40’ x 72’ is a nice size building - but put a large game room, an office, an exercise room plus garage/tractor space, I hope it ends up being large enough.
Mounty621 2 ай мурун
Mike’s love is shown to Melissa by all his hard work around the homestead and trips to DQ, not perishable flowers and such. 🤣😂
Killinger 2 ай мурун
That pad is looking sweet!
rob corey
rob corey 2 ай мурун
im surprised melissa didnt figure you bought the excavator when you came in with roses.lol
Bruce Alvarez
Bruce Alvarez 2 ай мурун
An added benefit to pulling out the shale - you can flatten the steep slope that has always been hard to mow. Eva wanted to go to a friend's so she did some work cleaning the house. Sounds like a fair trade!
Craig Allen
Craig Allen 2 ай мурун
Eva, Eva, Eva! Wanted to get your attention! I wasn’t a big fan of school and I didn’t have to wear a mask all day. And Fridays off would have been a dream come true! Make the best of this school year, it will still create many fond memories down the line of life. Don’t want to preach like I do to my kids but 2020 has been a difficult year for many people in many ways. My one daughter had to reschedule her wedding several times and then had issues securing a honeymoon trip. Now she’s back and forced to quarantine. My youngest daughter is a sophomore at La Salle in Philadelphia and is dealing with no fall field hockey and trying to get educated as a nurse with online labs and clinical. As bad as they think it is, it could be worse and will get better. Keep cracking that smile and enjoy everyday with your great family unit! Good luck this school year!😊
Howoui 2 ай мурун
10000 likes and Mike gives Mellisa a hug and a kiss on video. Been watching for quite some time now and feel Mellisa needs some McLovin. And oh yeah....A POOL.
Tom Fillmore
Tom Fillmore 2 ай мурун
Good video glad you got some rain we had some yesterday 13mm first time this month very dry we will get some next week we are heading to Nova Scotia on the motorcycle so it will rain thanks for sharing enjoy the cheese burger stay safe
Steve Bechtel
Steve Bechtel 2 ай мурун
Hello from central Ohio. Would you believe I finally got my GTA 26. When you first showed yours, I asked at my local dealer - he never heard of them. A week later he told me his distributor said there were none in the USA. I said, not true, I know of at least one in PA! I kept asking, and finally, his first one came in yesterday. It is going to be great for trimming - my wife likes it also.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
They are hard to find
Steve Allen
Steve Allen 2 ай мурун
Haven't seen the comfort cow in a while!
Real Airplane
Real Airplane 2 ай мурун
I saw him at McDonalds.
andrew romero
andrew romero 2 ай мурун
It was different in are day
Alan Swift
Alan Swift 2 ай мурун
Kids love to play with little creatures. Your family are all wonderful people. Hunter, how are you doing buddy. And to the girls or should I say young ladies, same to you how are you doing? I have a great feeling that this building is going to be awesome.
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood 2 ай мурун
Eva, I truly hope you’ll enjoy some delightful surprises and great memories this school year.
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood 2 ай мурун
Grade A work... pun intended. A solid foundation for the pad is just around the corner.
Jason Crowley
Jason Crowley 2 ай мурун
How much fuel have you consumed w the big guy?
Larry Fowler
Larry Fowler 2 ай мурун
Mike, you’re gettin a little mushy. 😙
Terry Landis
Terry Landis 2 ай мурун
You two are hilarious. I love it. Porcupine? OMG. You are a wonderful family. Love all your videos. Thank you.
Greg J
Greg J 2 ай мурун
New building sounds great. 30x40 but how high?
Ernie Vogel
Ernie Vogel 2 ай мурун
Are you going to keep your current garage or turn it into more living area?
Dave Linn
Dave Linn 2 ай мурун
Pad looking good! Just think how many less leaves you will have removing all those 🌳 🌲
B Duff
B Duff 2 ай мурун
Mike, tear that seatcover and tell Missy we own it! Happy Anniversary!
Travis Cover
Travis Cover 2 ай мурун
I like your new video today you did a really good jop today
Van Admore
Van Admore 2 ай мурун
Toad and the princess, way to go Mike a first time on youtube.
David Kirkman
David Kirkman 2 ай мурун
Mike just thought I would let you know women ,well they know us men. Don't try a pull the wool over Melissa,s eyes. Lol
Laurie Harding
Laurie Harding 2 ай мурун
Was romantic once... she laughed at me 😡 no more of that. 🤣
Russ Clark
Russ Clark 2 ай мурун
brown shelly you most be near slipyrock
Mario Wickel
Mario Wickel 2 ай мурун
Mike are you going to track it in with the excavator or you bringing up a Boomag roller
Todd Rabideau
Todd Rabideau 2 ай мурун
Melissa, it’s been fun watching your comfort level in front of the camera grow. You appear as comfortable now as Mike has been right along. Your a natural!
KindCreature1 2 ай мурун
I saw a shirt somewhere that read "feed me taco's and call me pretty" Mike in Oregon
Terry Lemon
Terry Lemon 2 ай мурун
Lol does melissa give u gray hair!! Women I tell ya!!😂😂😂
Loren Fassett
Loren Fassett 2 ай мурун
Now all you need to do is rent a 10,000 pound vibratory roller and get a little H2O on it, and compact all the fill that you have added. That shale fill bridges easily leaving lots of voids that can only be eliminated with a vibrator compactor. Thin lifts with a walk behind plate tamper would have been a start, but too late now..
Sun Dawg
Sun Dawg 2 ай мурун
Are you sure you don’t need to roll in that shale? What would letsdig18 say?
petebeaven 2 ай мурун
Great stuff! You two work so well together and Eva is becoming photogenic... hold that, she is photogenic! A really great team, Mike. Very impressed that most of the base work has been carried out after a day at work. Okay, so you got the right kit to do it. That helps! Keep up the great work. Pete the organ guy in Surrey, England. 😃
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 2 ай мурун
Mike don't kid yourself. We all know its a she shed. Melissa's pool house.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 2 ай мурун
I used to love bringing flower bunches home to my wife. Our kids would often be more excited than she was, they talked about it for ages. If you've got someone you can surprise with flowers, you should totally do it :-). Enjoy that cheeseburger Mike. :-)
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 2 ай мурун
Sitting in front of my fire with my dog, watching the Morgans from the snow over here. Thanks for sharing guys.
BadCat 2 ай мурун
Good afternoon Hunter ;-)
walter mattson
walter mattson 2 ай мурун
I just want Eva to see her name again. Have a great school year.
walter mattson
walter mattson 2 ай мурун
How is the bottom of the dump trailer holding up? Tacos are great!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 2 ай мурун
You may want to plant a few walnut trees for retirement trees! How old was the walnut tree, did you plant it? We are watching the forecasts for hurricane Laura in East Texas, should get some much needed rain and some wind which usually means a possible power outage. Have the generator gassed and ready should we lose power. Take care👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey 2 ай мурун
I and I think others haven't been receiving your emails for your videos is there anyway you can push KGpost to get this fixed thanks
derek metcalfe
derek metcalfe 2 ай мурун
talking about Eva and cars , what about a kit car to keep her occupied for the winter !!!
Ty Cloud
Ty Cloud 2 ай мурун
Do you have to leave your truck run while dumping the trailer? I have a 12 foot Work Horse dump trailer and the battery runs down pretty fast if I do not leave the truck run. If I shut the truck off while dumping I may be able to dump it 3 times before the battery is dead. Thanks
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims 2 ай мурун
Man Mike, i try promoting your channel but most of my friends poke at me for watching videos about firewooding and tractors etc.... i guess they just dont get it. They would rather set around and watch sports or something like that. I try though, i really do. Stay well, stay safe and yall HAVE A DAY 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
James Thompson
James Thompson 2 ай мурун
Well I finally get to watch your video after a long day at work. I am a superintendent for a commercial construction company so I see a lot of building pad take shape. Yours is looking good but yes when the builder starts they will tear it up!
Boyd Davis
Boyd Davis 2 ай мурун
Tell Eva that I’ve been wearing a mask at my workplace since April. It’s not fun but she will get use to it. This can’t get over with fast enough for all of us. I’m in Ohio and just following the guidelines! What are you going to do? Not worth the stress of fighting it! Have a day!!
Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett 2 ай мурун
what are there guidelines for those that CANNOT wear a mask due to respiratory conditions
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 2 ай мурун
Love the Honey Bee t-shirt...Thanks Melissa!
Brian Rice
Brian Rice 2 ай мурун
Will you dig the footers for the new building?
Lois Weed
Lois Weed 2 ай мурун
Beware of Warts
Mark The Crane Man
Mark The Crane Man 2 ай мурун
It's dead handy having that stone to hand.... I bought an 8 tonne load of 3 inch down to dust cost me £140 ... Probably 200 US.... And it doesn't go far lol.... Your project is looking good Mr M. Well done.
Jake Pekarik
Jake Pekarik 2 ай мурун
sorry, but youtube does not foreward your videos to my mailbox. They cut most of my subscribed videos, however, they do send spam. miss you folks, JAKE
William Norton
William Norton 2 ай мурун
West Georgia USA here we love the videos, keep them coming,
jay west
jay west 2 ай мурун
Nice that you’ll be able to put a gentle slope where you’re getting shale. Will be much easier to mow now.
Bigmoose65 2 ай мурун
Just saying Hello and all is well here in Kokomo Indiana it 90 degrees here
ritchie christopher
ritchie christopher 2 ай мурун
your swing shovell skills improve with every video !
Gary Selgrath
Gary Selgrath 2 ай мурун
Love you guys. Mr. fence post, hug your wife just a little. It won't hurt.
Jim Coogan
Jim Coogan 2 ай мурун
Great video. Thought you might find this funny. I was watching this video with my grandson when we saw Eva on the screen and his eyes got wide. He pointed and said "Arwen". That is a character in Lord of the Rings that is played by Liv Tyler. She is an Elf Princess.
tombensky 2 ай мурун
Enjoyed the video as always. Does the grade rod have a level on it so it stays vertical? Thanks!
David Morse
David Morse 2 ай мурун
It does not, and to get an accurate reading it does need to be plumb. There is an accessory you can buy or make if you are crafty. It is called a, "rod level". This is a hand held tool that is held against the rod to plumb it up. It has a "fish eye" level bubble in it. The instrument man can tell by looking thru the instrument if the rod is plumb in one axis but for the other axis he can tell the rod man to "rock the rod". For this technique, the rod man slowly leans the rod back and forth in the direction of the instrument while the instrument man watches the reading change. He then records the lowest reading as the true measurement. Un- plumb rods can make for erroneous measurements especially for an elevated shot.
Don Lowe
Don Lowe 2 ай мурун
We got a toad too in the flower bed. I seen a barn that was built with the slab poured a few inches outside the exterior poles so the building away from the grass line.
Mike Meng
Mike Meng 2 ай мурун
Will you add-on to your current " SIMPLY SAFE " security system for the Barndominum or need a separate system? Same question for WIFI.
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