#880 Our Work Here is DONE! Well sort of, Building Pad on Grade

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Outdoors With The Morgans

2 ай мурун

Today we used the Kubota KX-080 Excavator and MX 5400 Economy Utility Tractor to finally get the building pad on grade. Also made more room at the renewable energy processing center fire more firewood storage and other uses.
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Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

Sofa King Good
Sofa King Good Ай мурун
I want to see you build a retaining wall do I can learn how. I need one.
BigHeartedMan65 Ай мурун
How come you don't have a LINK to Morgans off the leash ? Not on ANY of your Videos do you have a link to it .. HOW COME ?
Mark Shannon
Mark Shannon 2 ай мурун
Mike A wall is the way to go on that drive your not going to like to weed whip a bank it's gets old!!!
Trav 2 ай мурун
I myself would not mind a slope as long as I could mow it with mower or tractor, looking at the long run may not physically be able to weed eat, so slope being soft would help you out or just build the retaining wall, over all if your goal is to have more usable space the retaining wall will provide that
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 ай мурун
I’d dig out more and make the other side of the drive bigger as well ,you can never have enough flat area
Coopsfixeruppershop 2 ай мурун
Go with the vertical wall! You will get great space!
cumminsdieselgt 2 ай мурун
Mike is a very methodical, super safe operator!
edbenedicto 2 ай мурун
Three types of retaining wall - going to fall down, falling down, fallen down. Mike Hadduck kgpost.info/will/video/13_Tp5OYtJeIcr8
Joseph Lansberry
Joseph Lansberry 2 ай мурун
I greased my first car in the late ‘40s & that grease gun has to be the best thing since sliced bread 👍👍.
TheAjanaz 2 ай мурун
Ricky Beck
Ricky Beck 2 ай мурун
Mike you should just level that bank and have big level spot. Slope it at the tree line. imo
Steve Allen
Steve Allen 2 ай мурун
I like the concrete block idea. I did a firewood bin with them. The ones they have by me weigh like 4,000 lbs each, I had a hard time moving them and could only put two in my trailer at once.
Larry Boyle
Larry Boyle 2 ай мурун
Have enjoyed watching the site prep videos. Can’t imagine how much it would have cost you if you didn’t have all that fill on site. Looking forward to watching the building go up.
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz 2 ай мурун
You mentioned that you'd give up some slope and use the weed whacker. Remember the future Mike. One day using a whacker will be really tough on you. You the the machinery today. Make the area in a way that will allow you to use a mower over everything. I'm 74 now and I wonder where the years went.
eugene moor
eugene moor 2 ай мурун
concrete blocks of which ever size would do the area greatly and look sharp. Either retaining wall blocks or the big rectangle concrete blocks.
HTPJohn 2 ай мурун
Look at Mike sportin' the Vortex shirt. Stylin'!
HTPJohn 2 ай мурун
Hanging the camera off the bucket is fun. Crystal accuses me of watching the videos before she and I do together because I said "Mike should install one of those block walls instead of grading that slope down." Not 3 minutes later in your commentary, you started talking about if that would be a better way to go down by the log splitter. I laughed. She was annoyed how once again great minds thing alike. Thanks so much. God Bless.
Mrbink01 2 ай мурун
Mike, I know you are doing all of this because you have the know how, the equipment, and it creates content for the channel...but...just curious, did you get any quotes on having someone else do the earthwork? It would be nice to get an idea of the cost differences.
Bobby Blizzard
Bobby Blizzard 2 ай мурун
Funny how the new toll appeared in the end!
Millers Lawncare
Millers Lawncare 2 ай мурун
Do the wall
D. Fox
D. Fox 2 ай мурун
Mike you must of took a vacation from your job to get all this done this is a lot of work for days in.
Mitala Aleka
Mitala Aleka 2 ай мурун
Slope that side in a such way that u can use your zero turn when mowing onto the driveway, that way u will not have to get out to weed whack anything or buy those concrete blocks, no worrying about anyone falling over a concrete retaining wall.
Roger l
Roger l 2 ай мурун
If it was me I would dig it all out pile it for future use an make it flat with the rest of the yard which will give you even more space..doing a great job!!!
Gordon Motsinger
Gordon Motsinger 2 ай мурун
great camera placement
Greg Forster
Greg Forster 2 ай мурун
Mike How about using large retaining wall blocks to build an elevated loading / unloading dock with grass on the top side / gravel on the lower side. Greg from upper Michigan. Nice work !
Chris 3M
Chris 3M 2 ай мурун
Maybe it would have been best to put the equipment building down at the renewable site? Then build a pool & exercise building next to the house site??
Kurt Anke
Kurt Anke 2 ай мурун
Why not excavate for Melissa's pool and use that material to build the pad. The old kill two birds with one stone trick. Keep up the great work.
gliderp 2 ай мурун
That's a lot of new, loose looking shale. Shouldn;t that be compacted before you pour a slab?
gliderp 2 ай мурун
@Outdoors With The Morgans Ahh! good to know. It just wasn't painfully clear to my aging pea brain where this fill was in relation to the future slab. I'd hate to see all that time, money, and effort get washed out from below. That would kinda' suck.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
Its good, most of fill is outside of where building will be
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 2 ай мурун
That’s hilarious about showing new equipment to us and first time She see’s it!! LOL
95SLE 2 ай мурун
I have never been in construction when I was working. Approximately how much on construct cost did you save by having a construction ready pad?
Mick Dee Wisconsin
Mick Dee Wisconsin 2 ай мурун
Out of curiosity, what video editing program do you use? Thanks.
Brian Hubbard
Brian Hubbard 2 ай мурун
I have to say, if you would have let Hunter work this job the barn would have been finished by now. 😊 God bless you and your family.
Roger l
Roger l 2 ай мурун
Dam your good with that exvator!!!! I love doing that kind of work just not good enough.. lol
Wayne Radwan
Wayne Radwan 2 ай мурун
Hey Mike, I would slope that wall back far as possible and face it off with Rip Rap stone, there would be no mowing or weeding needed......less work in the long run. Great channel.......Thanks for sharing.
Brian Witosky
Brian Witosky 2 ай мурун
Yes I would cut it out and put the concrete blocks in and make a wall
Sid's Time Outdoors
Sid's Time Outdoors 2 ай мурун
Brother Mike I love the channel, but if you don't build Melissa and the kids the nicest pool. Just sayin you might have a mutiny on your hands, with all the outdoor toys and gadgets you have. Keep up the awesome videos. Stay safe and stay positive ❤
Russell Paynter
Russell Paynter 2 ай мурун
How many hours have you got on the excavator now Mike?
Rick Powell
Rick Powell 2 ай мурун
Mike, instead of the concrete blocks, have you given any thought to “Armour Stone” . You should be able to get them roughly the same size , but it’s natural stone that would look better with your surroundings. If you need a trailer load the price gets very reasonable. Love the show👍
walter mattson
walter mattson 2 ай мурун
KGpost is not sending out notifications to me anymore for either channel. Just so you know.
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck 2 ай мурун
The pad is looking good
Jeffrey Doelp
Jeffrey Doelp 2 ай мурун
No Erosion control measures in place. You would have thought you would have something in place in the event of rain
Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC
Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC 2 ай мурун
The grease gun thing was funny. Loved the camera on the bucket.
BroncoRS1 2 ай мурун
off road play ground for the jeep/bronco !
Neil Snow
Neil Snow 2 ай мурун
I have a Dewalt battery powered grease gun and I have to agree they are awesome I had a lincoln before and It would use up the battery power on 1 tube of grease but the Dewalt I gave up counting at 7 tubes on 1battery. The only bad thing about it is when ya use it your lost without it.
David Graves
David Graves 2 ай мурун
Well Mike and Melissa, your timing is almost as perfect as ours was. You are building a wonderful multipurpose edifice, just as most of your flock are leaving. You will get a lot of use out of it. A great storage facility for all your toys, a great exercise place, maybe you can go into the fitness business, you will have plenty of room. Mostly kidding, but you will have LOTS of room, for everything. You will enjoy it all.
Joel Goodrum
Joel Goodrum 2 ай мурун
When are you going to start digging the POOL? Sounds to me that you like the grease gun sooo... much that you almost over grease.
Philip cross
Philip cross 2 ай мурун
For the lower area mike I think the larger the area the better as you are expanding your equipment all the time. Great videos as always ! Cheers Mike
Damon Marsh
Damon Marsh 2 ай мурун
Build the wall Mike! A nice covered area would probably come in handy down there too.
Curtis Scott
Curtis Scott 2 ай мурун
Why not pitch it like 6/12 and cover it with rock (rip*rap} like they do under bridges. Spray with weed killer once a year and no maint. Would look natural also.
J D 2 ай мурун
Cement blocks along hillside to help hold back excessive runoff. Running over a pet would make a bad day for sure.
David Rosowski
David Rosowski 2 ай мурун
'm always amazed with the precission you opperate the equipment with.. Seldom a wasted move
Darrel Newman
Darrel Newman 2 ай мурун
Larry Riffett
Larry Riffett 2 ай мурун
Hey Mike if mellisa was watching 👀 your channel she would know about all of your tool purchases lol.
Larry W.
Larry W. 2 ай мурун
Go all natural , no concrete blocks. , grade it seed it , keep it simple , use the saved funds on on your new man cave or the family pool. Haha
Ken Lavender
Ken Lavender 2 ай мурун
Have a look at ep 2 for autumn colours
Doug Moore
Doug Moore 2 ай мурун
Thumbs up
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 2 ай мурун
O.K. Great "Husband Sneaky Buy, Perturbed, Surprised Wife" moment there at the end! "Oh look at the dogs looking at us". Nice try Mike. Melissa... You're a GREAT sport. I actually laughed out loud at you two. Love you both! This was great comic relief after running a new chain saw I bought for work. Echo CS-680 (66cc). I cut down and cut up a big, old dead avocado tree in about 20 minutes. Avocado is pretty but very easy cutting. It was fun with that big saw though! Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the actual garage build to start. I hope the contractor lets you film them.
T. S. Tractor Work Strickland
T. S. Tractor Work Strickland 2 ай мурун
Is that a mx5200 Do you have any trouble with your steering? Please let me know, mine has trouble turning back left from all the way right, If so what was the fix Thanks
Skip 2 ай мурун
Walls are a pain & those big blocks can't be cheap! The Kabota won't handle them either.
HTP Adventures
HTP Adventures 2 ай мурун
Just go 2 to1 and keep it natural looking. The blocks would look to out of place.
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn 2 ай мурун
I bet you love the dozer bar on the front of the Kobota Excavator !
Wayne Schnare
Wayne Schnare 2 ай мурун
I agree with Malcolm !!! The added space would give you a fantastic spot for the saw , with a covered roof , and a solid wall behind , plus lots more flat space to process and store wood , maybe a drying shed . and a spot to keep your gear out of the rain and snow !!
John Sibley
John Sibley 2 ай мурун
Once again , I like the camera angles . Good job Melissa . Mike you have a good eye while grading .
NathanVess 2 ай мурун
With all the rain coming I would be worried about all of the run off with all that loose dirt. It would make a heck of a mess out of your drive way. I’m sure it’s been somewhat compacted with the machinery but you never know.
Wayne B
Wayne B 2 ай мурун
No wall, you’ll end up removing it later. Keep all that space for whatever with no hindrance.
Keith Burns
Keith Burns 2 ай мурун
I like the idea of the concrete retaining blocks for that wall, may give you a little more room down there and less mowing, even though we know you don't mind mowing. Oh and by the way I hope we will see a pool being dug for Melissa, before you let the excavator go back. LOL cheers and stay safe. Hi Hunter.
ralph jelomono
ralph jelomono 2 ай мурун
Mike you make that excavator work look so easy!! You are an awesome with that thing and I have learned so much watching. Great going on the building site prep
Dylan K
Dylan K 2 ай мурун
I would do the wall, cut back as much as you want to have space then put the retaining wall, then might as well do the retaining wall by the new building too and do it all in one swoop, kill two birds with one stone kind a thing Another thought: Hell just cut it back to the woodline then put the retaining wall then you will have plenty of space
Tom McMillan
Tom McMillan 2 ай мурун
Outstanding camera shots and as always great content! Great progress too, keep charging forward you are doing great!
bruce manley
bruce manley 2 ай мурун
Looks like a bomb went off there!! And 40-50 loads, crap!?,that's alot of material.
Troy eager
Troy eager 2 ай мурун
Mike should I get my fiance comity to let me buy my bx2680 first or the dewalt power grease gun? She still has not noticed my stihl bga 57 yet.
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne 2 ай мурун
Nice work Morgans. When you do a video on the controls of the excavator, please show the fuse that needs to be removed to stop the beep beep beep. Have a productive day.
Tim Cutshall
Tim Cutshall 2 ай мурун
Go for the wall, you'll love the space and you already have the equipment there.
Troy eager
Troy eager 2 ай мурун
I hate weed eating. I would do a vertical wall. I need to do one by my lower driveway for this reason.
cjbergeriii 2 ай мурун
Use it for fire wood work area.
DAVID HOSMER 2 ай мурун
Sorry - still NO NOTIFICATIONS. Maybe they will listen to a video producer, there is no way for a viewer to "talk" to KGpost. I will always search out your latest ( and a few other favorites ). Keep the cat and dogs safe. Thanks Take care.
Scott 2 ай мурун
Get the BIG blocks and build the wall.
Claude Robichaud
Claude Robichaud 2 ай мурун
A retaining wall is the way to go especially when you are mowing no slope to worry about.
Rob Priestley
Rob Priestley 2 ай мурун
The camera helper would make a big difference to use of your time.
Deane Hill
Deane Hill 2 ай мурун
Every time I see all the work that excavator is doing, I think of how much money it would cost if an earthmoving contractor was doing the job. Mike would probably have a good idea, as I think he does that as part of his real job. Having the camera on the bucket was interesting. A concrete wall down on the bend would make for a easy to maintain area as well as giving you extra usable space. Melissa was so impressed and with the grease gun, I know she just wants one for herself. Thanks.
Grumpy Gus
Grumpy Gus 2 ай мурун
Great content, I enjoy watching a pro handling the equipment. The banter between you and your bride is nice too.
Russell Truman
Russell Truman 2 ай мурун
Have you found out from KGpost why we are still not getting notifications like we used to?
David Graham
David Graham 2 ай мурун
Hey Mike, not knowing much about making a pad for a building, how do you know the dirt is totally compacted and is done shifting? I have heard horror story's that the ground shifted and the floor cracked. Thanks,
Tom Fillmore
Tom Fillmore 2 ай мурун
Good job looking forward to see the new building underway thanks for sharing have a great day
pastmyprime 2 ай мурун
Outstanding camera work today! So much so that I said it out loud during the video (and I'm watching it alone).
Joe Gala
Joe Gala 2 ай мурун
Why would you put retaining wall when you have the excavator to put slope and be able to mow and not weed eat it. That’s extra work not needed. And you have same amount of space.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 2 ай мурун
No, A retaining wall you can keep it almost vertical and gives me way more room, Slope takes up flat ground
Larry Manka
Larry Manka 2 ай мурун
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 2 ай мурун
6x6treated rustic rail road ties
chris patton
chris patton 2 ай мурун
Another great video, what’s the name of the gadget that mike looks through to find angles? I want to order one! Thanks
Booger26 2 ай мурун
What kind of grease to you prefer to use? Or what brand do you like to use?
Matthew Prinkey
Matthew Prinkey 2 ай мурун
Hello everyone Build vertical wall mike
Gary Tuttle
Gary Tuttle 2 ай мурун
While you have the excavator, I would grade that area level as much as possible!
Living Rural
Living Rural 2 ай мурун
Looks great! So cool that you’ll have all these projects documented for the kids, grandkids, and future generations.
Tim Ziegler
Tim Ziegler 2 ай мурун
I would highly recommend for young operators to watch your videos. A great deal to learn from watching Pro! Good job Mike!
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 2 ай мурун
I have a Dewalt cordless grease gun which I use quite a bit. I have had it at least 10 years. I don't ever remember mine being that clean.
Bill Badger
Bill Badger 2 ай мурун
Watching you guys push dirt not exciting, but like the show.
Russell Hazzard
Russell Hazzard 2 ай мурун
Good Afternoon from Florida Flat land is important and needed.....Retaining wall makes sense.
CJTess TV 2 ай мурун
Armor Stone Would Look Really Good
Robert Burnham
Robert Burnham 2 ай мурун
I love yall. Your just fun to watch
Ted Kibbe
Ted Kibbe 2 ай мурун
Why does that machine have to beep going forward....?????
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