#882 Where are they all coming from? Do you know the answer?

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Outdoors With The Morgans

2 ай мурун

Took a quick drive this morning and talked about all the new residential developments in our area. New Homes, Town Houses, Apartments, where are all these people coming from. They can't all be moving from the cities?
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Mark Orcutt
Mark Orcutt 2 күн мурун
That’s how Globalist want you to live !
Mike Robbins
Mike Robbins 12 күн мурун
Pretty soon your 100 acre’s (or what ever you own) will be the only tract of land that isnt covered in blacktop or concrete... My little farm in Ky was bought in 1962 for $6,000. I wouldn take less than $600,000 for it today. The land is more valuable to me than the $$$’s. I can understand someone who has a few acres and a developer offering them way more than whats its really worth and they take the money and run... My daughter just sold a house in a Booming Small Town that she paid 105,000 for 7 yrs ago. Brought 165,000 last month. It’s crazy whats going on right now....
Edward Finkbeiner
Edward Finkbeiner 14 күн мурун
It's all about the Money that why Township's approve these projects More Tax income
David Craig
David Craig 20 күн мурун
I'm in Texas. Can't afford to buy land for AG use anymore. Californian's moving in and running the cost of everything through the roof. Hopefully they leave their liberal ideas in California.
Justin Sikes
Justin Sikes 20 күн мурун
Cities have died, planned communities have been in high demand for the last 10 years. Since Trump has been in office the banks have loaned 10x the money to support these. I've personally been on jobsites twice this size from Virginia all the way south to Miami. Same place where an acre would have sold for $1,000 now sells for $45,000
Nomad 7
Nomad 7 29 күн мурун
Reminds me of coal camp housing, stretch your arms out and touch two houses.......
Leslie Charbonneau
Leslie Charbonneau Ай мурун
We are slowly catching up on your videos after our vacation. We live 30 miles north of Albany NY and real estate is selling like hotcakes. Folks from the city are buying up houses and running away from the mess in the city. Houses have been selling in hours. 27 years ago we bought our house on 2 1/2 acres surrounded by 156 acres of farmers fields which we were privileged to roam around on--fast forward-the farmer sold and we are now surrounded by 125 homes. We are the weirdos on 2 1/2 acres!! A realtor once told us that our home and property would be hard to sell as no one wants this amount of property to maintain anymore. What gets us is why do these young kids on 1/4 acre have lawn service or a tractor to mow with. We spend hours outside working and maintaining our yard and these young folks are probably laughing at us old geezers! Lol
Lance B
Lance B Ай мурун
mike they're coming from the cities. I know several who have gotten out after seeing BLM burn without any punishment, they know they're next and the mayors and DA's will just stand by and applaud.
jrmoxford Ай мурун
In your area it is the tech boom. Pittsburgh area is growing fast in technology. I am in Northern VA just outside DC and it is the same here. Every little piece of land is either a new development or IT server building. Amazing growth not impacted by the economy.
Live. Vibe. Lasers.
Live. Vibe. Lasers. Ай мурун
We have 40 acres about 10 minutes from Mike. I'm gonna be that holdout that won't sell to developers and pisses off all the new out of town HOA folk, not necessarily on purpose..just during the normal course of living on 40 acres. Burning wood, shooting guns etc. We fought hard legally on behalf of a neighbor to develop a gas well that the new residents opposed for all sorts of unjustified reasons. They all heat their new Ryan homes with...*natural gas*. We won and set precedent for all gas well zoning in PA.
john williams
john williams Ай мурун
All the liberals fleeing the crap hole cities run by officials the elected .
Jim Cooney
Jim Cooney Ай мурун
WOW. OMG..........................................................
OzarkMan Ай мурун
I'm a REALTOR in central Missouri and I see this on a daily basis, it's crazy the debt people get themselves into. My wife and I make very good money but even with that being the case we built a simple 2 story 30x40 home on 5 acres. We don't owe a dime on it to anyone, and that feeling of having your house paid for is very comforting especially nowadays. Yet everyday I show $500K+ homes to younger families, and they don't think anything of getting $650K into debt with a house, cars and credit cards. I'll keep my paid off house, no car payments and no credit debt I like the fact that I can become a Walmart greeter and still live perfectly fine.
Ronald Nelson
Ronald Nelson Ай мурун
Sorry but there coming from NY . PA is cheaper
Devon Pym
Devon Pym Ай мурун
Hey Mike, what's crazy to me is what money will buy state to state. My wife and I live in McDonough, GA about 35 minutes SE of Atlanta. In 2016 we bought a 5000 + Sq Ft home on 4.5 Ac. for 325,000. Now most homes around us are in the same boat.....property sizes are from about 2 to 10 ac and size of the homes varies quite a bit. However there are tons of developments within minutes of us were homes are going to up now for between 250 and 400 grand. But these are the same like you are showing and have small 1/3 to 1/2 ac lots with little space between homes. When my dad and I worked construction, we called them "helicopter homes" cause it looks like they just dropped as many homes as they could stuffed onto a piece of land at a time..put as many in as you can as cheap as you can and sell for top dollar......people are nuts for paying that.......We do a lot of traveling around GA and there are still a nice amount of homes with land available, but unlike where you live, it seems our Dollar gets your more down here. We just had our house appraised again and since we bought it, its estimated worth is 440,000. However, you put this home and this lot up in your neck of the woods, I could only imagine what it would be worth. I love our space. Not quite as much as you have, but I love it. Different worlds we live in. I can't understand why people would want to live so close to one another. Traffic becomes and issue, just a mess. And when I hear what homes cost up there, I am confused as you are....how do they afford something like that? I make good money, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't do an 800,000 dollar home!
Russell Fisher
Russell Fisher Ай мурун
I think it’s a lot of your viewers wanting to move to western PA and own property like You and Melissa. They are buying a piece of property and they will plant a couple of trees in the yard and take care of everything like the Morgan’s do! 🤣😂 There is some development going on near us in southwestern Ohio also. There is one new development going in about a mile from us which will have around 400 new homes when completed. They are not as pricey as that one near you though, only around 450k. Certainly not 850k! Just be glad the Morgan’s have their place all established! Good luck with your barn build! I had a 24x40 barn built last October and absolutely love it! I should have done it years ago.
Norma Wong
Norma Wong Ай мурун
They are coming from all the democrat run states!
Gruuvin1 Ай мурун
I think these people are coming from the cities and locked-down areas run by Democrats. I am in a rural area an hour north of Atlanta, and we just bough 32 raw acres another hour north of us. Why? because it was time to look for our dream country to retire on some day (we have 20 more years). But, as I drive up to our property a few days a week to develop it, this is what I am seeing: developers are buying up the land around our acreage. People are hauling building supplies out of the cities to their new homesteads. Lumber prices have tripled. I think we are entering a new America where people have decided that city life is a disaster.
Patrick Prafke
Patrick Prafke Ай мурун
The wife and I are both fighting tooth and nail to afford our $74,000 house. I could not fathom a $850,000. Holy crap!
Robert Casey
Robert Casey Ай мурун
Western PA is beautiful.
michael paton
michael paton Ай мурун
People hate the big cities. I live in the middle of Baltimore.
William Paap
William Paap Ай мурун
I use to live in southern Cal, working for an aerospace company. Retired some 8 years ago, I now live on a golf course, don,t play a lick of golf, in northern california about a mile from a pretty little lake named Lake Almanor. For years in the early 70's I fished the lake with a good buddy of mine while stationed at Beal AFB and I always dreamt of living in the area when I retired. The house is small compared to many of the others, single story, 1995 sq. ft.. Many people in this area bought the property and built with the hopes of making a killer profit. Some did and many didn't. Others intended on making it their retirement home. Winter can be a bit tough. A year and a half ago, last day of February and the first day of March it dumped over 5 ft. of snow, pretty much in 24 hours. For the life of me, I can't see how someone in PA can earn enough to support a 4K or 5K a month mortgage..... I'm sorry and sad the farmers sold out... The same thing kind of happened in SoCal around Ontario airport. Use to be all dairy. Property became to valuable and sold to developers for top dollar and moved up near Fresno, CA. After the people moved in they started to gripe about the noise from the airport. Go figure. The bottom line is, Your children will eventually need a place of their own.
Bill Co-9
Bill Co-9 Ай мурун
I’m 4th generation at the Family Farm, had to sell tillable lands for nursing home expenses for mom, and dad moved in until he passed in January. I’m surrounded by farm land except for 10-acre woods across from my farm house. I'm lucky, the woods are wetlands, so by law it will not be developed. My township is mostly farmer and mostly Republicans with pickup trucks, tractors, guns and dogs including me. Local store sign used to say “we won’t call the law…we’ll call Mike” and I definitely believed it! The people who got "caught" stealing around here were druggies from town. So, you better put you fence back up after you build your Garage. Sorry to say, I’m sure crime WILL go up with all the wonderful new neighbors
David Thornton
David Thornton Ай мурун
For the life of me I can't see how someone buys a 800k home on 1/3 acre.
Rasputin Disclaimer101
Rasputin Disclaimer101 Ай мурун
This is a work of nonfiction and solely the property of the original creator(s). Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are factual to the best of the author's knowledge, at the time of the recording. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. We do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this virtual application. We do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video.*
Lost Nation
Lost Nation Ай мурун
Northern NH. Lots of rural property being bought up by people from away. There are a lot of people that have a ton of money.
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson Ай мурун
To meet the Morgans.
Passionfruit Estate
Passionfruit Estate Ай мурун
We are half way between NYC and Boston near Long Island Sound and are seeing a housing boon in both sales of existing homes and newer homes being built on old farm land. Amtrak provides connection to the larger cities from our area. The building of new units, with waiting occupants, seemed to start about 1 year ago. Not far from my farm Toll Brothers purchased a large tract of land and started a phase one build about 5 years ago which was way ahead of demand. They got a slow start and were mainly selling to Boomers who did not see themselves moving south for the winter and wanted a new easy maintenance home set up for those that anticipate features for aging in place. Now they are into phase two with a faster pace since there are many more buyers now than there was 5 years ago. I'm on our town's Agricultural Committee and we are working with the town to set aside funds to purchase land to keep as open space. It's way cheaper, in fact they make money, for the towns to have farms and open space then it is to residential developments.
Jack the russ
Jack the russ Ай мурун
Give it another couple years they will push you into selling - the warning signs are there so i would say its time to get out while you can still secure a good price
A Canadian in Europe
A Canadian in Europe Ай мурун
After watching what happened in your local city last weekend, I dunno, do you really need to ask ? Make sure you remind them it was THEIR voting that created the mess they now live in.
Janet Houck
Janet Houck Ай мурун
They keep building but want no new pipelines to bring in natural gas. Hope there solar panels keep them warm. Then they will have home owners association
GeekboyNC Ай мурун
You live near a boom town and you get the suburban sprawl. We have been through that in the capital area of North Carolina which is booming. Much of the easy land has been developed. Now, they are infilling and doing teardowns. In my area, developers will buy a $350k house and bulldoze it to build a $2m house if it is in the right neighborhood. Heirs are selling the old homeplace in a lot of cases. People go to where the jobs are mostly. I don't think fleeing big cities is the issue so much as growth. There are a lot more people now and many of them have money. Everyone is building or remodeling.
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Ай мурун
alot of offices in the uk are being converted into apartments and shops too
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Ай мурун
i live in the uk south east a new four bedroom property with a single car garage postage stamp garden five hundred thousand each
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Ай мурун
1020 i agree hate to state the obvious but the planet had 7 billion population within six months 8 billion it is accelerating
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Ай мурун
you say only 30 propertys
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Ай мурун
most of them are bought up by millienaires to rent or lease out then might sell them in the future for profit thats all
Chris Hatfield
Chris Hatfield Ай мурун
theirs over 24,ooo plus ppl that have moved outta new york . Maybe thats where some r coming from.
CtrAlt Del
CtrAlt Del Ай мурун
There's too many people nowadays. The reason Bill gates wants to vaccinate(sterilize) the entire global population.
sj kraft
sj kraft Ай мурун
Reading the comments already posted... there seems to be a common theme. ie... People are abandoning the apartments in the regulated cities and going for the more freedom of the Suburbia. Even a backyard with a fence is better than an apartment in the city. As a result of the VIRUS crisis, people are adapting to this new lifestyle, Working from home, etc. Additionally, the changes in society are a major contributing factor. Certainly, low interest rates are making it easier. One thing for sure, These Times are a Changing.
aplally1 Ай мурун
Leaving the Cities and alot more people are able to work from home now.. And may never go back to working on site.. Where we live most of the town is regulated to a minimum of 6 acres.. Thankfully!! But the same thing here people are buying lots up everywhere but no big developments
steve ruggles
steve ruggles Ай мурун
I live in western MT. The same thing is going on here. They're mostly coming from the west coast. They sell for big money, come here and spend only part of it to build and live comfy lives. Like many comments show, they want to change our area to be like where they come from; why didn't they just stay there if they liked that so well?! There are just too many people on this planet. !! If you study the history of societies, this moving into and out of populated areas has happened many times, but for varied reasons.
Chris Darwen
Chris Darwen Ай мурун
Same with us here in eastern Ontario mike. I bought my 15 acres that backs onto 100 acres of crown land to use 10 years ago for just under 150k, Neighbours have sold in the last year here for nothing less than 450-650k, pretty wild. Same as yourself though I can be in the woods cutting firewood, and working on the property yet Building going on everywhere. It does make you wonder where all the money comes from that’s forsure!
Charlie Coggins
Charlie Coggins Ай мурун
I live in Auburn MA we live in a 55+ community all single homes average home sells for high 300's some for low 400's. Home goes up for sale there sold in one day
Nicholas Cheap
Nicholas Cheap Ай мурун
I’m in California
Robert Lee Murrer, Jr.
Robert Lee Murrer, Jr. Ай мурун
That's Allegheny County for you...Sold my row house in Sewickley a few years back for $400K...cannot imagine what their taxes are going to be.
griggsb1 Ай мурун
Developing 21 lot subdivision, bought a commercial property, sold 10 personal acres, and have a 2 acre lot with soil for septic in front and back of lot. Went all in because Trump was elected. Quit my full time medical job because I thought it would be great for at least 8 years. Hopefully it will be longer! Covid slowed it down for a second but it pivked back up quickly.
Seth Weiss
Seth Weiss Ай мурун
I'm in the Philly suburbs where infill construction tends to happen. In the Lehigh Valley, however, where I appraise a lot of new subdivisions, the medical systems are such vast employers that the demand for housing of different types and price points has increased quite a bit. That is often the scene: new large employers create housing demand. Infrastructure also creates the opportunity for residential and commercial development. I've always wondered where the money comes from as well and that is the partial answer. My daughter is a newly minted ER attending and she can qualify for more house than I ever could. Inheritance? Trade up via appreciation? Middle and upper management?
Planet Mojo
Planet Mojo Ай мурун
We are waiting for the corn field across the hollow from us to become a subdivision any year now. It's like people crapping in their own bed and then wanting to come snuggle with you in yours...
Chad Baker
Chad Baker Ай мурун
Welcome to Southern Bulter County. My first job was running a Cat 740 Rock Truck back Ehrman Rd. We moved a lot of dirt building all those housing developments.
Bill Riegger
Bill Riegger Ай мурун
coming from nyc
Jeff Hitchman
Jeff Hitchman Ай мурун
I have a 200 acre corn field behind me, which I do not own, and when we moved in here I let the brush grow up to15 to 20 ft. high just in case the farmer sells to a developer! Eight hundred thousand or even 400 grand! wow!! People must be maxed out on their credit for sure! Ridicules what these developers are getting!! All American GREED!!!
Tom Waldo
Tom Waldo Ай мурун
Now you can hit the developer up for a commission.
jeff adamson
jeff adamson Ай мурун
800k would buy you a nice house and lots of land in Eastern Tennessee
Mel Burnett
Mel Burnett Ай мурун
See this website: www.numbersusa.org/index.php . Most of the growth in this country is from immigration. It's true that we are a country of immigrants, but not at the high numbers we are seeing today.
Còlin Davis
Còlin Davis Ай мурун
Maybe I'm out of touch.... but in the Uk it used to work on 4 times your salary was the mortgage you could get from the bank. Is $200,000+ per annum a normal wage over there? The average in the UK is probably about $40-45,000 per annum I think nowadays. You're right though where are all the people coming from with all the money?
aDistantFire Ай мурун
Mike. Just Wait until you see the new people move in, and then bring in 2-4 Families to live in ONE house.......Your area will be trashed....you better get ready to sell, and move out WEST. Get out, sell your place for Mega Cash. Before the Whole system crashes. A lot of buyers own AAPL, NVDA, GOOG, FB, AMZN, EBAY. They have cash. Retired 'Teachers' Cops, Fire, have big pensions. there are people with Inherited money. You ought to sell....Again, how long until the Real Crash Arrives. Do NOT be or become a Bag Holder. Best Regards....
aDistantFire Ай мурун
Looks like "gun and Run construction" and Rape of the land. NO NEW HOUSE SHOULD BE BUILT ON LESS THAN ONE AND ONE HALF ACRE. The developer will make 30% profit, Sad. very very sad.
Homestead DIY
Homestead DIY Ай мурун
The population has nearly tripled in my life span.
D Poole
D Poole Ай мурун
It's the same here in Wendell NC planting subdivision after subdivision makes me want to move.
Kathleen Turley
Kathleen Turley Ай мурун
That's what we are trying to figure out here in Idaho......only we know where they are coming from. People...stay home....you won't like it here in Idaho
LongBinh70 Ай мурун
I can't speak for Pittsburgh, but I'm 85 miles NE of NYC and the exodus is real. Lots of NY license plates. I know a RE agent who had a story. A doctor from the City was looking for a McMansion to rent. Found a moderate one, nothing outrageous. Someone else found it, too. They got into a bidding war. Got up to, ready?, $21,000 PER MONTH before one of them balked. I guess that isn't an abnormal amount for The City, but it sure is outrageous for what we country mice are used to!
Bill B
Bill B Ай мурун
When it happened here, commercial property was being developed at the same time. Some in town, some the next town over. Almost all the farms where I grew up are now McMansions, just not too many gated communities like one can find sprouting up elsewhere. All the little John Deere dealers are gone ...
funwithguns89 Ай мурун
Seeing the same in Richmond, Va. Town homes, apartments buildings, and sub divisions being built at an incredibly fast pace. As you said, where are they coming from and how do they afford it?
Jerry Hayden
Jerry Hayden Ай мурун
They're leaving the cities. They best be real money maker's.
Jerry Hayden
Jerry Hayden Ай мурун
They're leaving the cities. They best be real money maker's.
Jack on the Farm
Jack on the Farm Ай мурун
In my area, the town planning board voted to change zoning in certain areas to protect the agricultural heritage of the area. One can not sell less than 35 acres unless it is being annexed to a neighboring property. There are still small lot homes everywhere that are grandfathered in, but no new sales or subdividing that doesn't meet the rules. People that like the agricultural environment love it. Landowners whose retirement depended on the sale of land assets complain.
Kennyluvspizza Ent
Kennyluvspizza Ent Ай мурун
Househunting in Northern New Jersey is booming due to the mass exodus out of New York City
Houndsman One
Houndsman One Ай мурун
Good morning, Mike. Mid 800 thousands is a lot of mullah. When I was stationed in Virginia, the prices folks would pay for a tiny strip of soil with a Condo was in the same price range. My wife and I could not imagine someone paying that kind of monay for a tiny squeezed-in, cooped-up. We're from Chambersbureg and Gettysburg area. When I was a kid, I remember my folks and other grown ups discuss how upset they were b/c folks from the cirty (mostly New York) were buying up the farmland and making housing developments. I go home now and it's still happening. Thanks for the video. We too are living in the country (southeast North Carolina) and the wooded land is getting sold fast and stripped of trees and wildlife to make housing developments. .
Win 777
Win 777 Ай мурун
The same thing is going on in my area, people are fleeing the violent garbage dump cities .
Chuck Maxfield
Chuck Maxfield Ай мурун
A lot of people don't feel safe in the cities and companies and people are finding it hard to justify high rents when people can work from home just as easily for some jobs.
Jeff Sandford
Jeff Sandford Ай мурун
Hi Mike... This is a situation we have seen several times in our lives. Right now we live in an amazing rural property which is deemed a long way from town. Yet between my place and where I work (30 minutes drive) there are hundreds of $1.5m ($900k USD) properties being built. For the life of me cannot understand where these people work or earn the income required to service these properties. Yet it happens and again this is the third time we have seen the same thing happen. I can say that developers are not focusing on building 200 year houses. If they last 30 years before requiring major work then this seems to be acceptable. I note that the houses you showed are low quality with minimal eves and poor design. It will most likely result in a fight between second home owners and the court/district council. The developers and sub contractors will declare bankruptcy (insolvency) so they cannot be personally liable. For me, I would be run a mile when looking at one of these developments and look for a pre 1990 build and spend my money on renovation. You are in a good place if you accept that at some stage you have the option to sell for a good price and move further out. Like us though I am sure you will enjoy what you have as long as your health allows you too and so you should.
Sp00ks Ай мурун
I'm with you Mike. I'm in NC and I can't fathom how these people can even afford some of these places. The only thing I can imagine is they come from the NE where property value is stupid and they can afford much more further south. I just hope they don't make the same decisions after they move here and expect a different outcome.
Lewie McNeely
Lewie McNeely Ай мурун
Probably half-back zillionaires. That's who are coming here. The folks in one development have to have 2 MILLION in and escrow before they can even APPLY for acceptance. A 5 million dollar SPEC house isn't unbelievable.
Gara Hastings
Gara Hastings Ай мурун
You should come to north Texas, 50 foot wide lots single level 300,000 and they sell faster than they can build them. Subdivisions being built 20 miles from town and filling in. Apartments everywhere. People are moving here from everywhere, Florida, Alabama,Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, etc. building disperssement centers and warehouses everywhere.
Scott Wilcox
Scott Wilcox Ай мурун
Get out while you can
T Merkley
T Merkley Ай мурун
people don't realize, they are turning the country side back into the city and all for Money. Developers keep taking our farmland and country side away. If the poor man could afford it, he'd keep the land the way it was and keep it for future generations... I see it here in my own county...
Robert Gothe
Robert Gothe Ай мурун
I was hearing that google was building a hub in Pittsburgh, so that would make sense. That was one of the arguments against google, that housing would be astronomical!
Gray Turner
Gray Turner Ай мурун
Screw this. That kinda money goes a much longer way in the country. And the people are exponentially nicer neighbors that you wouldn't mind living two steps away, but you gotta walk a ways to see em.
teveler Ай мурун
When did W. PA turn into FL? I grew up in N. FL and we have boomed again... Where the money is coming from, I have no clue.
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson Ай мурун
Was able to purchase 50 acres adjacent to our home after retirement and feel very fortunate to have been able to do so. Been living in a double wide mobile home. Not fancy for sure but nice to be able to heat with wood from the property and fill the freezer with wildlife harvested also. Two miles down the road is one of the largest employers in the county but other than the a couple of small housing developments that went in 50 years ago the local area hasn’t changed as most of the people opted to locate in a couple of small towns down the road.
RB_Builds_ Ай мурун
so thats where everyone from California is going lol
Rob Perry
Rob Perry Ай мурун
hi mike same things happening acrosss the pond here in gloucester england uk building everywhere so it must be a world wide problem
Jonathan Holzgartner
Jonathan Holzgartner Ай мурун
Same up here in Rochester NY Mike. They just keep building.
hkerr 6217
hkerr 6217 Ай мурун
Northeastern PA here. NYC has been coming here for years, but the pace has picked up tremendously over the past few months. Everyone in real estate says it is booming. Excavators are overwhelmed. As others have said, please leave your attitudes and liberal agendas back in the city. Probably won't happen. We went through something similar after the World Trade Center attack, then a lot went back. I expect the same thing will happen. Stay safe!
Tom Riblett
Tom Riblett Ай мурун
and to add to that you have a family member who moved onto your place. You have two daughters if they get married you will be giving them land to raise their family...at any point you see where they all come from...
Robert Glasemann
Robert Glasemann Ай мурун
Very sad to see that.
bill porciello
bill porciello Ай мурун
You know there’s a housing shortage in most areas.? What booming now is those little tiny houses.
bill porciello
bill porciello Ай мурун
At my old house there sticking new houses on every 1/4 acre they can. My new area has 3 acre min building lots.
bill porciello
bill porciello Ай мурун
In my area there selling there New York town houses and apartments for millions, moving to the southern ct area and commute to nyc. But there’s a catch we get snow. In the spring they move back to nyc. Yes the average home is 600k. There driving the prices up wanting to leave nyc. My old ranch house was 300k.
bill porciello
bill porciello Ай мурун
I sold my old place and upgraded to more land with a better house using my equity from the old place. I’m in a more rural farm area.
Serge Roitman
Serge Roitman Ай мурун
they come mainly from china/Asia and Russia and they are all loaded with millions made out of black business in their original countries, they are not tax-payers
Leonard Shultz
Leonard Shultz Ай мурун
Tells you what your property could be worth should you want to develope. My guessis that within ten years the pressure will be on you. Enjoy it while you can.
William Nelson
William Nelson Ай мурун
Your traffic is going to get crappy Mike.
john huya
john huya Ай мурун
Coming from big cities,I've seen it reported that NYC alone people are leaving at. A rate by the hundreds per week.
Michael Montecalvo
Michael Montecalvo Ай мурун
In Bristol, Tn and it is the same way. Developers are hitting the farmers hard to sell property and they are developing as fast as they get them. The housing market is outrageous.
Richie Caelwarts
Richie Caelwarts 2 ай мурун
Carl Johnston
Carl Johnston 2 ай мурун
I think people are leaving the city and moving into the burbs
dowdawg 2 ай мурун
It’s stinks what is going on, I have said that for years and I live in Indiana. I live pretty far out from anyone but I can see it’s coming closer and closer. The old Don Williams song Lord have mercy on a country boy!!
Raptortrail6 2 ай мурун
Fleeing Democratic run cities.
Jon Doubleyou
Jon Doubleyou 2 ай мурун
No basements?
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