#883 Stumps, Roots, Brush GONE! Combuster Pit, Kubota MX 5400 and Land Pride Grapple

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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In todays video I use the Kubota MX 5400 Economy Utility Tractor and Land Pride Grapple To Haul Stumps, Roots, and Brush to the Burn Pit. We also do a little finish grading on the building pad.
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Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

tinstacker 17 күн мурун
Just watched this video, I had to laugh when you got excited at getting that big grab. If I had a grapple bucket I would be the same way lol
David Martin
David Martin Ай мурун
Mike whats the song that starts at 9:00 ? I love it !
Worldwide Wayover123
Worldwide Wayover123 Ай мурун
Deon A Johnson Sr AIDS Besamecula PRISON too New York approved.
Jeff Ahlers
Jeff Ahlers Ай мурун
My favorite part of the video: when you turned two trips into one. And then confirmed that despite a few draggers, you'd be alright - you weren't settin' 'er down. Made me smile because I can identify with that. 👌😉
WesternXer Ай мурун
I love the big tractor
Arthur Elks, Jr. Bucky
Arthur Elks, Jr. Bucky Ай мурун
Nice job on the building pad. What model number is the land pride grapple. I like it. Have a great day be safe.
62retrac Ай мурун
Loved the end guys! 😂
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon Ай мурун
Mike, ... a burning brush pile is a great excuse for lighting up a cigar with a good friend, ...couple chairs and some rich conversation. Unless you’re super busy!
Al Luchterhand
Al Luchterhand Ай мурун
Mike you have a very articulate way of communicating. Keep up the great videos. Burn baby burn!!! Lol
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Ай мурун
most people that kick offf about fires are usauley townies that have no understanding about country life and just need to learn more
James Wilkins
James Wilkins Ай мурун
Keep burning your brush Mike.
Dunner 812
Dunner 812 Ай мурун
Soooo.....what do ya think of orange is the new green?
Barry Haynes
Barry Haynes Ай мурун
does anyone know the name of the opening song and who sang it?
Barry Haynes
Barry Haynes Ай мурун
I'm an idiot ... thank you for pointing out the obvious
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
It’s shown right across screen 15 seconds into the video
Jim Mowers
Jim Mowers Ай мурун
Good morning from Yukon. God bless.
Chuck P
Chuck P Ай мурун
Thanks Mike. Hi to Hunter & Ty.
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Ай мурун
All the video was just fine... the girls made it a family having fun together and that is priceless.
Timothy Finch
Timothy Finch Ай мурун
Mike, burn 🔥 the brush, Tim from Eagle point Oregon
Edgar Milson
Edgar Milson Ай мурун
Did you stop reading the comments? Just wondering... Edgar
The simple Homeowner
The simple Homeowner Ай мурун
Mike, what is the name of the female group on the last song you used, they are very good
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier Ай мурун
On the grappler, Do they have extensions for the bottom part? It just seems like you get a lot more in each load if those were longer and not so short?
iyus CAT
iyus CAT Ай мурун
Deane Hill
Deane Hill Ай мурун
Great machine and well explained tutorial. You will miss it when it’s gone. Thanks.
Steven Meier
Steven Meier Ай мурун
Can’t anybody tell me who the band or Artist that was playing the same nitro song? Thanks
Fabio Forni
Fabio Forni Ай мурун
Another great video have a great day from VA. I went to Woodstock equipment to look a tractors the folks there were great help with everything I learned from you and the information they had I was able to zero in On tractor that will fit my needs.
Paul Given
Paul Given Ай мурун
Well,need a little work on the closing🙂👍.Love the channel,keep them coming!
Lee Cameron
Lee Cameron Ай мурун
Did that stump get picked up? What will it be used for?
David Bornick
David Bornick Ай мурун
So Mike, do you like the new Landpride grapple as well as the Granate grapple?
Tom Walker
Tom Walker Ай мурун
Enjoyed the video Mike! As for burning, we always had a burn pile growing up. They're just a necessity in the rural lifestyle. Oh, the music was perfect! Don't change a thing!
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
Mike you sounded like Tim the tool man when you started to grunt about the big pile of brush and limbs that you got all of it . So funny. Didn't see the burn pit maybe I've missed a video with that in it. Didn't see the excavator either .guess it had to go back to the dealer. Nice close there of the video Eva 🤣😆🤣😅
James Beam
James Beam Ай мурун
I am pretty sure your new building will not be as big as you or your family think it is for all you want to do with it...
John Sibley
John Sibley Ай мурун
Yes that was a bit different and the ending . Different is good . Good job , all of you .
Lonnie Curtis
Lonnie Curtis Ай мурун
Hi Mike mellisa hunter eva.i seen hunter from side if fence ha.yes the company building building will make some piles of dirt digging down for foundation will be mess if rains but they will put tarps over piles of dirt I would think.cant wait to see the videos of being built good video I like the split screen also ok later Mike.hunter.
Samuel Marshall
Samuel Marshall Ай мурун
If they don't like you burning brush maybe they can come get it and put it in their back yard. Then they can have a critter (rat) farm!!! LOL
Mark Eggenberger
Mark Eggenberger Ай мурун
Gettin' exited about a good grapple load of brush! You're my kind of man, Mike!
Mark Eggenberger
Mark Eggenberger Ай мурун
Gettin' exited about a good grapple load of brush! You're my kind of man, Mike!
Joseph Ross
Joseph Ross Ай мурун
Hey Mike, curious about the Solo stove review you did a while back. How is it holding up?
Good evening/night to the Morgans, great video Mike. Great job with the burning of the trash wood. You’ve provided habitats for lots of critters around there and made it safer for lots of critters because they can see the real predators from a farther distance! You’re doing great👍👍. Keep up the good work and videos, we appreciate you all. Hunter was doing a great job of SUPERVISING from a safe distance, way to go Hunter 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Tom McMillan
Tom McMillan Ай мурун
The burn pit really made fast work out of getting rid of all that brush and stumps. I was surprised how fast!
Chad Chaney
Chad Chaney Ай мурун
Mike what is the first song called ? I love a lot of the music you choose for your video! Keep it up . Northern CA here!
Richard Werling
Richard Werling Ай мурун
thats what she said...
stan sams
stan sams Ай мурун
Having brush piles all over your property would be a terrible idea it attracts beetles that eat and kill your Forest, and makes it very susceptible to disease.
Larry D
Larry D Ай мурун
I love the music selection.
Ronald Albrycht
Ronald Albrycht Ай мурун
nice grappler what make and what width do they come in
george anderson
george anderson Ай мурун
Archie is getting big fast!
BG 45
BG 45 Ай мурун
Burn it
Bill Wing
Bill Wing Ай мурун
Way to go Eva! The baby of the family never makes a mistake! We can do no wrong!!!! Baby of the family forever!!!
44 Warlord
44 Warlord Ай мурун
I would watch a live stream of just your brush burning. I think it is a great way to get rid of stumps and brush. Well done. By the way, what type of grease do you use for your tractor? Can you show a tube of what you use please?
John Bradley
John Bradley Ай мурун
What a beautiful family! After a long and difficult day, I was driving home and passed the Burger King. Immediately I thought of Hunter and his great smile, and the next thing you know, I'm smiling! So I am grateful for many things, but in that moment I was grateful for Hunter and his beautiful smile and love of life! Thank you for sharing that all with us.....I know I can't be the only one who feels that way.....❤️❤️❤️
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Ай мурун
Mike one way of cleaning up of cut timber send in the Chipper Queen Melissa, l am sure with in a new you'd have solved the problem
Montana Galt
Montana Galt Ай мурун
Burn Baby Burn!!
Dylan K
Dylan K Ай мурун
No worries from me mike I love a good roaring fire so I was kinda bummed when you didnt show much of the brush burning, but I understand the people that complain though are normally people out west where if you look at the woods wrong it catches on fire.
Greg J
Greg J Ай мурун
When you are burning brush, do you notify the fire department just in case someone reports a fire to 911?
Deane Hill
Deane Hill Ай мурун
You have no other choice but to burn the brush. There are plenty of fallen branches and twigs on your property for critters to be living in. Has the excavator gone, didn’t see it there ?
Jim P.
Jim P. Ай мурун
there are few options to brush control, burn it, bury it, mulch it, or pay to have it removed.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Ай мурун
Mike I take it whilst the contractor in building the new building you will be making lumber for the shed to cover the sawmill and timber for alterations in new build
M. Fletcher
M. Fletcher Ай мурун
Bravo Eva!
Jake Ай мурун
Who's music are you using, it's really quite good. Stay well Morgan's.
G E MERRILL Ай мурун
Hi Mike didn’t get to watch your video till late this evening. Had a buddy had some trees down in this hurricane all the way up in Shreveport. . I absolutely had a ball using my steel MS 390. I love getting out in the woods. PS I’ve noticed the last few videos did not have close captioning I am very hard of hearing and really appreciate it when it has closed captioning Thanks I love watching your stuff every day
Kelvin Ай мурун
You were very adamant about not setting it down when you got that large load. I would have felt the same way.
CP Topher's
CP Topher's Ай мурун
burning brush is the way to go. how many hours did you put on the excavator?
Wesley Webber
Wesley Webber Ай мурун
Never heard of someone getting so excited grabbing brush piles. Great stuff as always Sir.
Zack Simpson
Zack Simpson Ай мурун
Perfect music choice there toward the end,..another great job
Lloyd Painter
Lloyd Painter Ай мурун
Love your music selections. Just another reason to watch Outdoors with the Morgans😀
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Ай мурун
Good morning all. Hot weather is gone, at least for this week. Heading to the Stihl store this morning to assemble a couple of FS131s, install limit stops and saw blades, creating a clearing saw. Burn that scrap and don't look back. Can't please everyone Mike, you're doing a fine job and making YOUR place better.
Dennis Lint
Dennis Lint Ай мурун
Mike, love the videos, your get it done attitude, Melissa's beautiful smile and the kids energy. Just fun to watch, always. But please, oh please find some music that doesn't make me want to kill myself. Sorry. Love y'all otherwise.
Mark Waddey
Mark Waddey Ай мурун
silly girls
Mark Waddey
Mark Waddey Ай мурун
build yourself an air curtain trench blower. If you can scrounge the parts it's pretty low cost. It will make your wood debris burn out 2 to 3 times faster with less smoke (you know, the stuff that causes nosy neighbors to explode). I assume you generate a lot of debris with the milling and the firewood business.
Travis Cover
Travis Cover Ай мурун
I like your new video today you did a really good jop today
MaintenanceBy Nathan
MaintenanceBy Nathan Ай мурун
It's pretty tough to beat the labor saved with a grapple. Good day for an enclosed cab and A/C.
Ed Kerkhoff
Ed Kerkhoff Ай мурун
The cicadas are singing good ther w pa i haven't heard them much so central
james ormand
james ormand Ай мурун
cut a trench into pit to add air it will burn up leaf blower will help
Mary O'Hara
Mary O'Hara Ай мурун
Trying this again, for some reason most of my post didn't post. I have a request :-) If the day comes again that neither of you are going to post could you give me a heads up :) I logged on last evening for my Morgan family fix and there wasn't anything. Just a thought :)
Merle Warnsholz
Merle Warnsholz Ай мурун
Mike - NIce video. I wondered how successful the new burn pit was going to be as it was pretty deep. But it looks like it is working well. I also wonder how long it will be before those folks moving into those new expensive homes begin to complain about the noise, and smoke from your property. Even though you were here first, and they are the intruders. Sorry, my cynical side sometimes likes to creep out. Blessings to you, Melissa, and the family. Hi to Hunter, Hannah, and Eva. By they way, nice to see the ladies participate in the closing.
Troy eager
Troy eager Ай мурун
Every areas different. I am not it California. I tried to start one of five piles to burn. No luck. To wet in Missouri. Unless drastic measures are used. I'll wait for a good day.
Steve Parkin
Steve Parkin Ай мурун
Good job jobbed Mike Fire does the job It’s your project & land So 🤗🤗 Good family time as always Saw the little peak of Hunter 💙 The building will soon be ready now 👏👏👏👏👏
gsettlemyre Ай мурун
Way to go Ms. Eva, volunteer to do the outro and put yourself on the spot trying to not laugh! Funny stuff.
Charles Robert
Charles Robert Ай мурун
Great Video guys!!!
David DeLaet
David DeLaet Ай мурун
Our weather here in Green Bay seems to mimic yours. I would have thought being further north it would have been more different. We've gotten a little more rain than you have, but not by much. Maybe being on the bay helps us in the rain category.
Jason Bossaer
Jason Bossaer Ай мурун
Mike, we burn brush just like you did there. Things burn tons better in a hole. At least that’s what we’ve found. If some folks have a problem with it, tell them to give you their address and you’ll deliver a nice big pile to their front door. Blessings to you and your family. Jason from Indiana.
Richard Donovan
Richard Donovan Ай мурун
Hi Mike Richard here with all the rain you had you do not need to wash the tractor every time you use them before you had dust and now you have mud and how are you and Melissa doing and how is my mate hunter going and did you get his I pod working after he left it in the rain
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson Ай мурун
Does the back blade have float
Jakob Rebeki
Jakob Rebeki Ай мурун
that pup sure is getting big and quick as well. thanks Mike and Melisa....
jeff adamson
jeff adamson Ай мурун
Love that Ben Wagner song. He seems to be a really nice guy. Texted me the chords to this song
Ken from Vt.
Ken from Vt. Ай мурун
That’s great your family is always smiling, remember it takes less muscles to smile than it does to Frown ,keep smiling😁
David Fox
David Fox Ай мурун
I would be tempted to put a loading dock down at the driveway end, but I often have crazy ideas.
Michigantler Ай мурун
Robin Thomas
Robin Thomas Ай мурун
Coming along nicely Mike and Melissa!
Carroll Thim
Carroll Thim Ай мурун
job look good the little dog not little no more hi hunter god bless&all
Dean V
Dean V Ай мурун
Did the excavator get picked up? I don't see it any more.
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims Ай мурун
I loved Melissas comment” we could build a wall”. After building it, you could set back and enjoy a BIG GULP as you admire your work. Sorry, i just couldnt resist. Stay well, stay safe and yall HAVE A DAY 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Chris 3M
Chris 3M Ай мурун
I do not like the burning (health issues) period however, in some cases, it can't be helped. It's the smoldering that most people allow to happen that is a problem. When it smolders day after day 24/7 is too much. Mike did it right.
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn Ай мурун
Your trees absorb the CO2 but rotting wood generates gas for pollution. The trees make wood from CO2 and generate O2 in the process for us to breath! Wood is a renewable resource. Burning Plastics is outlawed since it won't burn and if we breathe it wood smoke is absorbed. Plastic sits in the lung. Caution is best if in doubt.
Jameson Cross
Jameson Cross Ай мурун
Archie is getting big, quick!
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
The burn pit is AWESOME!! I one to when i cut down 12 bradford pear trees! It was this time of the year when it was really hot. Witch helped in drying everthing out. When it lit up it really did!! The pad looks great. 👍👍👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😇😇😇😇😇 Yall stay safe and cannot wait to see your building go up...
glen74 Ай мурун
Is that a shipping container I saw in the tractor mirrors? Placed between the firewood pile and wood shed.
Phil Mosley
Phil Mosley Ай мурун
Nice pad mike,looks ready for cement now As far the deal with the stumps,better to burn than have it go to the land fill.Thanks for the video,all the best from our house to yours Phil M
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood Ай мурун
Way to keep after it... good to see the combustion pit working much better than I expected. Smoke was remarkably low.
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor Ай мурун
Hey mike! Was wondering if you got the chance to run the 462c yet!?!?!? It will ruin your experience with the 261! Well at least for me it did!
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor Ай мурун
Not that you need it or anything being you have a 261 and a 660 is all you really need but ma. Do I love the way the 462!
David Morse
David Morse Ай мурун
Eva should say, "If you don't like this video, go jump in a lake."
Kevin Eaton
Kevin Eaton Ай мурун
Hey Mike you might want to put a log in front of your fire pit for safety . In case you have a mishap on your approach. . this will give a good stopping point Mike dont take it wrong ,I do like your show keep up the good work, Tell Hunt man hi , Hats off to you and your family.
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