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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Todays video is unlike any other seen here on Outdoors with the Morgans! I have been real busy and asked Daughter Eva if she wanted to make a video! Ebikes, Crossfit, Dog Walks and More! Eva Did a wonderful job!
#crossfit #ebike #outdoorgans
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Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Friends, let’s thank Eva for doing this! I’m sure it’s a little intimidating for a 15 year old girl to do this knowing thousands of people are going to see it and unfortunately a few bitter people will try and bring her down. Let’s lift her up and smash that like button and leave a positive uplifting comment! Have a day friends!
Nico Keus
Nico Keus Ай мурун
It was great Eva 👍🖐️🖐️🖐️🇳🇱🇺🇸🇳🇱🇺🇸🇳🇱
Al Luchterhand
Al Luchterhand Ай мурун
EVA don’t ever listen to haters or let anyone talk down at you. You have a wonderful family and fans of your family that will support your every decision. We all make mistakes and we learn from them, that’s what makes us BETTER!!!
Tabitha Sperring
Tabitha Sperring Ай мурун
Nice job Eva! I immediately thought of one of my favorit3 songs when you mentioned your love of toast... 'Yeah Toast' by Heyward Banks. It's goofy but its for toast lovers everywhere!
Terry Castor
Terry Castor Ай мурун
You did great, Eva! Don't sweat the Debbie Downers. They probably sit and watch reruns of Jerry Springer all day and couldn't do a pushup if their lives depended on it. You're a beautiful young woman.
Derrick Faltus
Derrick Faltus Ай мурун
Great job Eva!
Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts Күн мурун
Eva.. nice job on the video. I couldn't do that editing and I work in the IT field. You have a very active lifestyle and that's great. No couch potatoes in this family. Thanks for taking us along on your daily routine and sharing. Tell Hunter I said hello.
Robert McCandless
Robert McCandless 10 күн мурун
Great job girl
Kenny C
Kenny C 17 күн мурун
Eva I think you handled it like a champ
huzaimi samanuri
huzaimi samanuri 23 күн мурун
Hi eva, you are such nice young lady, hopely you can find a man that can afford you a lamboghini..hahaha.
gerald blum
gerald blum 23 күн мурун
You did a Great job EVA
Kim Stewart
Kim Stewart 26 күн мурун
Great Job Eva! It's great to see how dedicated you are. Keep up the awesome work, your future is surely bright!
hawnjoe925 28 күн мурун
Glen Akers
Glen Akers Ай мурун
Land-o-lake's came out with Cinnamon butter I highly recommend it on toast. You can really pile it on & let it melt. Yum I can't believe it took me 3 months to think of putting it on pancakes tho another yum
Chris McConnell
Chris McConnell Ай мурун
I think you did a great job. Maybe you should start your own channel.........................................daysinger
Allis 190
Allis 190 Ай мурун
Great effort! What a class act for a young Lady!
David Barria Dios
David Barria Dios Ай мурун
David Barria Dios
David Barria Dios Ай мурун
Robert Moxley
Robert Moxley Ай мурун
Great job Eva!
TheAjanaz Ай мурун
Это дочка чтоли?
Cheryl Idler
Cheryl Idler Ай мурун
Hi Eva ..heres an idea for toast!... try avocado toast sometime! BEST...CHERYL🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦oohh... silly me!.. Im sure you have tried it long time ago...EH.?
Russell Hoppe
Russell Hoppe Ай мурун
Good job eva god bless the children to be just as special as their parents and mike and malissa are truely blessed with their whole family being so good
Chuck Singer
Chuck Singer Ай мурун
Great job Eva! I can’t believe how fast you are growing up into beautiful ambitious young lady!! You go girl 👍👍
Robbie McLAGLEN Ай мурун
Hi Eva great video , try Bananas on Toast squish them in yummy. Now you can see its hard work filming and editing your Mom and Dad might have to make you Assistant Director lol. Have a Day regards from Australia.
Landon Engelau
Landon Engelau Ай мурун
You did a wonderful job and don't let others bring you down and you should make more videos or make your own youtube channel.
Le LOUISE Ай мурун
tu es trés agréable
James Gulrich
James Gulrich Ай мурун
Well, I'm only a week late! I thought you arranged the video like a pro! You are right, it's hard to try to find the different angles and positions to set the camera up, then go back and get it and figure where to set it next. What to say! You nailed it! I do videos on running a snowcat and other various videos, but mostly snow. My editing is horrible and I hate trying to mix music when I'm not yapping about what I'm doing. You did great! By the way, I like sweet toast. That's blueberry or pumpkin or lemon and sometimes peach that's flavored and I smother on honey roasted peanut butter and blackberry jam. I don't go lite on the jam either. Then there is sometimes that I just toast regular old Hawaiian bread. It was a joy to watch your video. Now you have to trick your sister in making a video as well.
Leonard Shultz
Leonard Shultz Ай мурун
Great video by EVA. might learn to speak a little slower. Great start with more practice she will be great. Glad you had her do the video. Showed a lot more confidence then most her age. Well Done Eva!
norbaggar Ай мурун
Thank you Eva. 🙂 I will call this a motivation video, like we see in bodybuilding, fitness etc. Keep in mind, that 40 minutes of bucking and limbing with a chainsaw, is also a good cardio. 👌
Tim Wilcox
Tim Wilcox Ай мурун
Great Job Eva, I very impressed by your drive to be the best you
Dana Owen
Dana Owen Ай мурун
You did an awsome job. Keep them coming.
russell todd
russell todd Ай мурун
Great job Eva.
J S Ай мурун
Wow. Great kid with great discipline. Speaks to great parenting and family life!
Anthony Janflone
Anthony Janflone Ай мурун
Try almond butter on your toast.
Lane Burgess
Lane Burgess Ай мурун
Good work.
Ray Smith
Ray Smith Ай мурун
Great video, Eva. Photography is always easiest behind the camera. Just relax and forget about how you appear and you'll be a master film maker in no time. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us. Got more??
Merle Warnsholz
Merle Warnsholz Ай мурун
Nicely done young lady. For a first time effort, what you contributed was excellent. As your Mom has said it gets easier as you do more. I encourage you to keep it up. I liked the variety of what you contributed. Your bedroom reminded me of my two daughters as they grew up. Nice form on the workout routines. Blessings to you, and your family. A bit Hi to Hunter and everyone else.
Walt Granger
Walt Granger Ай мурун
Cream cheese & jelly is great on toast.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp Ай мурун
Great Job on the Video Eva!! Enjoyed it, neat seeing you with your mother.
JWN Lawn Care
JWN Lawn Care Ай мурун
Damn, Eva's room puts mine to shame lol ;D Seems we have a few commonalities at least. I do like toast, I've been having it quite a bit recently as it's a nice light snack. I usually just put a bit of butter on it and also some Tuscan seasoning, which if you haven't had before you MUST try! That stuff takes basically anything to a whole new level. I've also been using our lockdown to do a fair bit of exercise, so I've been doing 15km+ walks basically every day and a few times a week I try to do a 10km jog, but my legs are making me pay for that now..... At least between that and cutting out a lot of junk food I've managed to drop 10kg (22lb) in the past month which I'm pretty happy about. I reckon these kind of videos are great, it's nice to see the real people behind all the hard work every now and then. Keep em coming! :)
Byron F. Bingham
Byron F. Bingham Ай мурун
Eva, You have done a great job. Very interesting. My youngest sister is named EVA after my Grandmother
Grey Wolf Walking
Grey Wolf Walking Ай мурун
G-day! Miss Eva.... Thanks for sharing! You did a good job on " your day"... Good luck in school this year! GWW... Ooouuuttt!!!
Lou LoVecchio
Lou LoVecchio Ай мурун
Awesome job Eva! Very impressive young lady, especially for being 15 and being the way you are!!
BMK Ай мурун
Best advice ever.....people are weird and what they think dosent matter in the grand scheme of things
prezzzrock Ай мурун
Beautiful, incredible young lady. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Great smile!
Derek Piehl
Derek Piehl Ай мурун
Very good job Eva it's good that u keep a workout routine. For your dad putting you on the spot to make a video. Was really good.
Edward Finn
Edward Finn Ай мурун
Good one Eva!
todd debockler
todd debockler Ай мурун
eva brussel sprouts on toast is awesome let me know what you think
RB_Builds_ Ай мурун
Awesome video Eva what a wonderful surprise we got. Keep up the good work kiddo
Steven Gourley
Steven Gourley Ай мурун
Great job eva you did well for your first time
Dave Dowding
Dave Dowding Ай мурун
Really enjoyed your video Eva. Very well narrated with lots of interesting factoids. Just like the pros your folks are. Thanks for putting it together and posting it! From Central Texas, Have A Day!
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey Ай мурун
Love it
Hardy Marsh Farm
Hardy Marsh Farm Ай мурун
Great job Eva! it is not easy and not very fun, but you did it. hats off, well done.
Wander Lost
Wander Lost Ай мурун
Quick Breakfast: toast Second breakfast: more toast I thought the pattern would continue... I love toast also, and could eat it everyday too!! My favorite is butter with cinnamon and sugar, but I like jam/jelly on it too... and even just plain sometimes. Okay, enough about toast! This was cute and I'm glad you were willing to make the video for us. My boys (both teenagers) don't want to be on YT, they just want to watch! :). Thanks for showing us a little of your life. Now you can appreciate how hard daily vlogging is... we tried it also and realized we didn't want to have to do that all the time. :). Have a great weekend, Morgans!
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Ай мурун
This is an unexpected but very nice change of pace. Eva, I think you did a fabulous job of filming and editing. The content was was interesting, well composed, and so relevant within your family context. You should be very proud of this production. I'm not just saying this to bolster your confidence after your statements of doubt. You really are a natural and I totally enjoyed the episode. THANK YOU.
WHEAT Ай мурун
nicely dome Eva ,,, great attitude so early in the morning
leo l
leo l Ай мурун
Love the video Eva .
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
Wow you talk like your daddy LOL wide open when you get going.love it.your a natural young lady. You should be the teacher for your mom to show her how to be as smooth as you are when telling us things that you do. I know it can't be easy though . If i tried it I would get all thumbs down once they woke up from falling asleep bored to death from listening to me . Who are the pathetic morons with no life that gave thos sweet heart thumbs down. Just losers that have nothing in there lives so they treat others like crap. LOSERS
George Charokee
George Charokee Ай мурун
Great Job Eva, That was a Busy Day You had, I'm Tried Now from Watching You,🤣😂 !!! Keep Up the Good Work that You Do. Yep School is Right Round the Corner Sooo getting Up Early is a Fantastic Ideal !!! Have a Wonderful School Year and Stay Covid-19 Safe and Thanks for Bringing Us Along in the Day and Life of EVA MORGAN👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 !!!
John Reynolds
John Reynolds Ай мурун
Great job doing your video. Try cream cheese and jelly on toast. yummy
dan Sowers
dan Sowers Ай мурун
Great job Eva, you are a lucky girl, you have a wonderful family. I really admire the way your family work with Hunter, i know it is not easy.
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Ай мурун
Great job Eva. Looks like Mom and Dad have done a great job with all you kids. I’m blown away on your natural ability to test your limits. You hit the ball out of the ballpark with this video. Have a great day and be safe going back to school.
Tom McMillan
Tom McMillan Ай мурун
Good job Eva! Enjoyed the video and also great tips we can all use to help us keep on track and stay motivated!
Danny Mccallum
Danny Mccallum Ай мурун
Peanut butter and honey toast. Put the honey on the toast when the toast is hot then beanut butter. I love it.
otacon72 Ай мурун
Nice video. Good job with editing. She should have her own channel...lol Melissa’s channel gives a different perspective.
James Deffenbaugh
James Deffenbaugh Ай мурун
Apple butter and toast. In case no one said that! Great job!!!
Black Bear Apiary
Black Bear Apiary Ай мурун
Great job Eva! As a father of two gown woman and now a grandpa it makes parents proud to see their girls be so confident in being able to push their limits and step outside their comfort zones. By the way Honey is excellent on toast! It all the buzz! (Bad Dad joke 😂😂😂)
Michael Mijatovich
Michael Mijatovich Ай мурун
Eva your doing fine its not easy But it does get easier .And you need continue to do vlogs. Stay safe young lady
Mike Brunner
Mike Brunner Ай мурун
Thank you Eva for taking us along with you. Good luck with getting up early when school starts, it looks like you have a plan.. Tell Hunter "Hey from Western Nebraska" please.
Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne Ай мурун
Thanks Eva! I really enjoyed the video. What's better than celebrating the simple things in life. Not much! Please keep up the good work. You have a lot of fans around the world. God bless!
john Wright
john Wright Ай мурун
Eva you get an A+ you did a good Job now when are you going to start a channel
Michael Webb
Michael Webb Ай мурун
Please keep your safety in mind and don’t say what your schedule consists of
MaintenanceBy Nathan
MaintenanceBy Nathan Ай мурун
Good job but I can't believe you don't have at least "one" picture of a tractor in your bedroom! What! I did notice a pic of The Lord. Thank you! And bless you.
BigBadRoaddog Ай мурун
Well done daughter Eva!
Warren Fogleman
Warren Fogleman Ай мурун
Can she do another video?
Jeffrey Welch
Jeffrey Welch Ай мурун
I have a really weird toast combo for you. Stiff toast (rye is the best) with 4% cottage cheese on top, with a bit of salt, pepper, and ketchup. Let me know it you try it.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
A+, from a GreatGrandFather who appreciates a job well done! I'm a little old school but I like a piece of burnt toast with butter, on top of a bowl of cereal with lots of milk!👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻
Jim Mowers
Jim Mowers Ай мурун
Some job Eva. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
that girl is strong for a 15 year old, try helmanns mayo on your toast can never go wrong with helmanns
Mary Hallahan
Mary Hallahan Ай мурун
Hve you tried hot dog relish with tuna on toast. can be topped wit sliced tomatoes, or just one of the flavoured tunas
Rocking K Videos
Rocking K Videos Ай мурун
Daughter Eva did an awesome job on her first video. Keep up the great work, your a fine example for all of those that watch and follow Outdoors with the Morgan’s. Thanks for sharing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸
Dave Lynn
Dave Lynn Ай мурун
Way to go Eva! We expect to see more of you in the future!
Frank DiMarco
Frank DiMarco Ай мурун
Eva--you are an excellent communicator and your enthusiasm for life was evident throughout the video. Loved that you were bold in showing that you keep Jesus close to you. Thanks for coming out of your comfort zone in order to present the video. A star has been born! Clearly your presentation skills are solid so now all you have to do is learn how to run chainsaws, sawmills and wood chippers! (Though we live in the Pacific North West these days, we are very familiar with your area because when we lived in NY our daughter attended beautiful Grove City College.
Larry Garner
Larry Garner Ай мурун
Great video Eva.
L.W. Petersen
L.W. Petersen Ай мурун
Great great job Eva - much better than I would have been able to. Do that again sometime :-)
Mike greatcarp Bode
Mike greatcarp Bode Ай мурун
Very nice job Eva, I think it's great you get up early to run and go work out. Motivation is a wonderful thing. Keep up the good work and take care.
Greg Ciesielski
Greg Ciesielski Ай мурун
Great job Eva!!
BigHeartedMan65 Ай мурун
Wasn't this more of a Video for , "Morgans Off The Leash" Channel ? I know Eva worked really hard on her video , but It is NOT Outdoors .. LOL.. Love you guys .
Terry Bloomfield
Terry Bloomfield Ай мурун
Eva, you need to try " peanut butter with marmite" it's yummy for your tummy 😅
Scott Webster
Scott Webster Ай мурун
Awesome job Eva! I'm now making toast. The power of KGpost
Oak Hollow Life
Oak Hollow Life Ай мурун
Great job! It's really nerve-wracking to be in front of a lot of people, at least for me. If you were nervous, you couldn't tell. You're building a great life skill doing this.
Michael Nix
Michael Nix Ай мурун
Greetings from Central NH (Lakes Region) - Great job Eva! Thank you for sharing.
Frank Hopper
Frank Hopper Ай мурун
You did a great job of your video young Eva.
Andrew Berry
Andrew Berry Ай мурун
How far do you run?
Terry W. Milburn
Terry W. Milburn Ай мурун
Wow, Eva ; Look @ Your Views ! Nailed It Sister ! Great Video, How's The Driving Coming ? ATB T God Bless
Andrew Gardiner
Andrew Gardiner Ай мурун
Eva, if ever you come across Vegemite, it's an Australian product, a light smear of it on your toast with a slice of cheese, delicious !!
§hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)
§hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited) Ай мурун
Eva has a pic of Jesus in her room. You have raised her well. 👍🙏
Mark Waddey
Mark Waddey Ай мурун
Oh to be young again. If I stood on one leg and bent over, the next thing you would hear is "help, I've fallen and I can't get up"
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley Ай мурун
Great video eva
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz Ай мурун
Daughter Eva: You MUST try honey on your toast! It is the best ever!! Have you ever considered going out for Track & Field? Specifically, for the High-Jump? I think you'd be great at it! Have a Day!!
Dave Petrovich
Dave Petrovich Ай мурун
Sometimes Eva, I prefer light margarine on hot dark toast for dunking coffee or hot chocolate then oj with an egg on it plus many more ways ice you make your next video while I'm still alive your exercising and your sister is very heart lifting and enjoy you both developed. Talk again take care
Dave Petrovich
Dave Petrovich Ай мурун
Grover Greer
Grover Greer Ай мурун
Great video. Do it again if you liked it. We did.
Einer Schnudfuddy
Einer Schnudfuddy Ай мурун
Great job Eva! Thanks for sharing and showing us what a fantastic young lady you are.
David Casper
David Casper Ай мурун
You go girl.
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