#887 It's that time of Year! Loading For Delivery and Cutting More Firewood

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Loading Firewood in Moritz Dump Trailer for delivery and Cutting More! It's that time of year again! This evening I use the Kubota MX 5400 Economy Utility Tractor with Top Dog Attachments Firewood Bucket to load a cord of firewood, Then the Kubota KX-080 Excavator and Stihl MS 261 to cut more.
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Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

Ezequiel Ortega
Ezequiel Ortega Ай мурун
We got 2"of snow here in New Mexico and it's 23° using wood to heat my home right now, love it.
SOAPMAN#4 Ай мурун
Love the fall weather, but here in Texas we dont get much of it.
Edgar Milson
Edgar Milson Ай мурун
I have a lot of respect for people that work with the handicapped I noticed that Hunter was tapping on his belly to ask if you were going to take him out for burgers or what ever. Regards, Edgar
G Garden
G Garden Ай мурун
Mike , do you have load helpers?. for your f150? Thinking of picking up a 7X12 dump trailer soon.
Darla Hottle
Darla Hottle Ай мурун
Our hobby 🧐has taken 4 Saturdays in a row 😩😂 senior Firewood hound an I really enjoying your videos.
JB Brown
JB Brown Ай мурун
It sounds like your saw is skipping. Ethanol gas?
JB Brown
JB Brown Ай мурун
I bet Melissa would enjoy loading wood with the tractor Learning a new skill.
Rickey Cox
Rickey Cox Ай мурун
I love cutting fire wood.If you need concrete work done please give me a call.I would love to come to come and help you.
Evan Kibbe
Evan Kibbe Ай мурун
Brisdad53 Ай мурун
Happy Labor Day Weekend from sunny 121 degree Palm Springs. But that's okay... it's a dry heat. (this is why we have $1000 monthly electric bills. The pool temperature is 94 degrees.)
Michael Gradie
Michael Gradie Ай мурун
An excavator can be the best helping hand for firewood. Mike try loading your dump trailer with excavator. Pretty fast and fun.
Al Luchterhand
Al Luchterhand Ай мурун
Makes me miss them firewood cutting days. Soon!!! Mike what’s the oldest tree on your property?
Wayne Steffen
Wayne Steffen Ай мурун
The saw cuts really well. I never cut walnut, looks like fun!
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn Ай мурун
As they say - use it while you have it ! Hold up the logs is great. Watch the feet. Enjoying the show.
William O'Connor
William O'Connor Ай мурун
Great music ! Keep it going .
Phil from Kansas City
Phil from Kansas City Ай мурун
Good evening alI. Better late the never, reporting from the tree farm in Stover. Cooking a 2” pork steak I had cut for me in town on the grill and listening to some Pink Floyd on Pandora. Today was good, mowed this morning and disked the field below the cabin this evening. Getting ready to plant a mix of red cover and rye for the wildlife. Be kind and drive safely, the tree farm is near Lake of the Ozarks and the lake traffic is not paying attention.
John Fleming
John Fleming Ай мурун
Mike, it looks like your cutting 20” lengths. Is that the camera angle?
Ed Kerkhoff
Ed Kerkhoff Ай мурун
Mike i say u need a Kubota excavator full time u should just buy 1 lol
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck Ай мурун
That wood bucket works great
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle Ай мурун
? 4 feet high 4 feet wide and 8 feet long is 1 Cord of wood. You had 3 Cords of firewood on the trailer if it was 4 feet high and 24 feet long.
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle Ай мурун
@hkerr 6217 Well he never said how Wide he did it. Only that He had 16 in WIDE PIECES. So yeah. Not wrong. He Just NEVER said on how Wide.
hkerr 6217
hkerr 6217 Ай мурун
Wrong... His pile was 24 feet long by 4 feet high and only 16" wide. 24 x 4 x 1.333 (16") will be 128 cubic feet, or 1 cord.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
glenn tucker
glenn tucker Ай мурун
what ever happened to the Mini sawmill ?
Laurie Harding
Laurie Harding Ай мурун
I don’t cut in hot weather, I over heat. 🥵
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood Ай мурун
Way to keep after it, Mike! Nice use of the excavator.
John Sadler
John Sadler Ай мурун
Good afternoon from the western Ozarks. Finally got to the farm. First order of business was to mow the ... driveway! We don’t traffic the gravel enough to keep the grass and weeds down. I gave it a chemical burn down, so maybe the next trip I can actually see the gravel. I’ll mow the yard too, but I had to blaze a trail into the place first, so the yard will be tomorrow morning. 1500’ driveways take a long time for a lawnmower, even at a 42” cut in a higher gear. I hope we get a good kill on it. Y’all have a good Labor Day weekend.
Craig Nash
Craig Nash Ай мурун
Hey Mike ..Did you hit that trailer load with a moisture meter ? Just curious . Thanks. Craig. Pa.
Will McCulloch
Will McCulloch Ай мурун
Love cutting firewood too. Started lighting fires in the evenings, it’s getting cooler here in Scotland. Thanks for the video Morgans.
Snarkapotamus Ай мурун
Black Walnut sucks as firewood. It really stinks! It can also inflame allergies so beware...
David Harrell
David Harrell Ай мурун
I have so much wood to cut and process here it'll keep me busy for a long while the only problem is right now we're having excessive heat that is just too dangerous to work in. When you walk outside and feel the moisture leaving your eyes you know it's too hot
Racin Jason
Racin Jason Ай мурун
Look at you Mike, cutting without measuring firewood length!!!! You go buddy!
Travis Cover
Travis Cover Ай мурун
I like your new video today you did a really good jop today
jim putnam
jim putnam Ай мурун
You should buy Melissa a KX080 for Christmas.
BG 45
BG 45 Ай мурун
And i thought a Stihl log lifter was expensive.
Tina Chambers
Tina Chambers Ай мурун
Morning all finally it's out of the 100s here in central Texas thank the good LORD have a great day love from TEXAS
kevin neel
kevin neel Ай мурун
Mike is the guy that picks up the walnut stump going to show what he does with it?
Judith Clever
Judith Clever Ай мурун
Is the wood in the center of the pile as dry as the outside of the pile?
Жизнь в реальности
Жизнь в реальности Ай мурун
Shaun O'Meara
Shaun O'Meara Ай мурун
Its the most magical time of the year FIREWOOD TIME!!!👍👍😊😊
Fran Martinez
Fran Martinez Ай мурун
It is hard to think it is time to get ready to start the fireplace. I live in metro area of Phoenix, Arizona and it is 113 degrees in my backyard right now. Your place reminds me of where I grew up in North West Oregon in the 1960’s. Heated our house with wood at that time. Getting the firewood was a summer adventure to us kids. Mom would pack a pick nick lunch. My Dad and his brother would cut the wood and us kids put it into pickup trucks. Dad split all that wood with an ax.
Frank Bever
Frank Bever Ай мурун
I think you could justify buying that excavator, saves your back! Lol.
Linda Traylor
Linda Traylor Ай мурун
Love the sound of a chainsaw working. Got to work on You tube smells with videos.
John Mcmillan
John Mcmillan Ай мурун
hi there mike what do you do with your sardis from your sawmil. do you give to to people that want it ot not
Dave Hansen
Dave Hansen Ай мурун
Nice family - boring videos. The same old thing over and over. Congratulations on your subscribers and viewership, hence the increased number of adds and product placements. But there is very little substance here. Mike, I am sure you are a nice guy, but I can’t watch you one more time sawing and splitting wood, grading your trails, and using your mill. Nice for you - but boring. When you do you actually work your job and spend anytime with your family or help your wife with the many things she has to do? I see her help you all the time; but never see the opposite. Adios and good luck.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Lol you know this isn't an airport right? No need to announce your departure. I never understood why some people feel the need to do that. I mean do you think I care that your leaving or something? I don't get it. Im actually thankful your leaving, we don't like having people here that aren't happy.
David Casper
David Casper Ай мурун
BBR says "stand up and buck". Save the back.
Mike Mcguire
Mike Mcguire Ай мурун
Love to hear a chain saw working. This has nothing to do with video, but, as commericals are concerned, is there any difference to your money if I watch the commercial or hit the skip button? I really don't want to short change y'all. Have a great day.
JohanLundin1 Ай мурун
Nice work well done
BaldBear 560
BaldBear 560 Ай мурун
Howdy Morgans, Mike as your kind friend from the Northwest likes to say "Stand Up and Buck" and the excavator certainly helps out with that. Have a brush dumpster(no open burns allowed in city) and skid steer coming Friday to clean up fence line from felling two trees and a couple of piles of bark from splitting last year. Gotta make room for processing next years firewood. Appears the weather will be favorable with lower temps. Have A Day! ;~)
James Thompson
James Thompson Ай мурун
Mike a question for you. What do you do with the bark cutoff from the saw mill?
John Apostoli
John Apostoli Ай мурун
Gett'n it all cleaned up will make the contractor happy. He can bone yard around the working area, It'll keep the mud to a minimum. Lots of room is your friend ...Great stuff Mike!
claude martel
claude martel Ай мурун
I heard you say a cord of wood16 " x4 h x24 ft we have 16"x4ft x8 long it dont make sense
John Sadler
John Sadler Ай мурун
What you describe he calls a face cord. I understand a full cord is 4’ x 4’ x 8’, so 16” x 4’ x 24’ is 3 face cords, which totals a full cord.
Louis Larsen
Louis Larsen Ай мурун
Mike, I would cut those logs right into the dump trailer. JMHO.
Del Koke
Del Koke Ай мурун
Louis Larsen I was thinking that also, then dump it at the splitter.
John Holm
John Holm Ай мурун
the music made it sound like death of the woodpile
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey Ай мурун
love the music you played while loading the trailer
APNFORD Ай мурун
I'd like to see a video where you fill the trailer with the tractor and bucket. Then dump all of the wood onto clean ground, then restack the wood in the trailer and see how much space it actually takes up.
Michael Newman
Michael Newman Ай мурун
I burn any hardwood I can get. I get black walnut, cherry, oak, locust, ash, maple. Anything as long as it isn't a softwood like pine. I usually wait for the trees to fall on their own and then cut them up. Sometimes, I will fall the ones that have been dead for a couple of years and are still standing, but with the number of trees around here that have been falling on their own, I can't keep up with cutting the already fallen ones.
Jeff Selchow
Jeff Selchow Ай мурун
I had a thought. I know it's a ways out but did you happen to think of a 'special' theme for video #1000? Probably will come after the First of the Year or just before Christmas, IDK just planting a seed.
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hartmann Ай мурун
MIKE: Do you still mark your firewood in 16” lengths? Use the mingo (sp) marker?…or just eyeball it?
Jimmy and Kathy Harrell
Jimmy and Kathy Harrell Ай мурун
Good morning from Central Mississippi!
Richard R
Richard R Ай мурун
I would love to see you grab 4 or 5 logs at once and bust out your big bar saw. Firewood in no time. I have been waiting years to see you use the big stihl beast.
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne Ай мурун
Nice job Mike. Life is awesome when you have the right tools for the job. Have a productive day.
Wendy Daum
Wendy Daum Ай мурун
Wendy Daum
Wendy Daum Ай мурун
Good Saturday morning to you. How is the cameras in the woods see any thing interesting ?
markbuilt Ай мурун
loader beats hand bombing for sure , how do you know its a cord ? Just by eye or do you weigh the loads . Just curious , nice job Mr. Morgan . We have all the rain you were looking for here in northern Ontario Canada . Was a rough year to hay and bush roads are a lot of mud as are the log landing , but that why we do this eh ... for the fun , be safe
Garbage Can Fried Spam
Garbage Can Fried Spam Ай мурун
Weather forecast for tuesday here in Wyoming where we live is snow in places and temp. in the 20 s. Fall is here. We cleaned our chimney yesterday. All ready for the cold.
Randy Clark
Randy Clark Ай мурун
Less bugs in the Fall
Colin Fricke
Colin Fricke Ай мурун
Just met this guy. Really cool jeep!
Hometown Acres
Hometown Acres Ай мурун
Are you still using the Mingo marker or something else to measure your cuts
1944chevytruck Ай мурун
good job Mike.. nice to have tools and machines make the job way easier!....thanks 4 video. be kind.
Rodney Pekarek
Rodney Pekarek Ай мурун
Watching you makes me wish I were closer, so I could help.
WAVETUBE84 Ай мурун
That tractor makes short work out of loading. Well, time for the excavator to go. That thing kicked some butt!
Joe Smucker
Joe Smucker Ай мурун
Awesome music this morning.....
Medic Ken
Medic Ken Ай мурун
Mike I was wondering if you like the grapple on the Kubota or if you preferred the grapple that was with the RK? The RK looked better to me
David Stout
David Stout Ай мурун
Why are you cutting up walnut into firewood? It is worth a whole lot more other things just like the stump. People will pay if they know you have it.
tknoerle1451 Ай мурун
Once again you chose a high drama thudding piece of music for the opening scene, the dumping of firewood into the trailer.Great choice!
moemann cann
moemann cann Ай мурун
I was waiting for Conan the barbarian to emerge from the woods with a bloody battle-axe 🤣👍🇨🇦
Mark W
Mark W Ай мурун
Have you noticed how easy it is to kick off a chain on larger diameter wood when its elevated ? I've learned to finish the cut with the tip more so than just dropping through the peice at the spikes. If the chain is at all loose the angle of the round dropping off can easily push the chain off. If it's at speed it can do damage to the chain and the bar. Been there done that. I use a skid steer with a Klaw attachment on pallet forks. Works really well but you need a dedicated operator because with the log at a good height you can't get out of the skiddy. That excavator is pretty slick. I'm leaning more towards a dump trailer with a grapple at the moment. The problem is their both really handy machines, the trailer would definitely be a great urban logger. Yes the cool morning air has me planning our next target oaks on the ground that need to be winched and processed. Fall....best season of them all !!!
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall Ай мурун
Morning Morgan's! Hope everyone is well. Have a great weekend. See ya down the road. Have a day.
mark hicks
mark hicks Ай мурун
Just wondering you do all that nice fire wood do you have a wood fire at home
walter mattson
walter mattson Ай мурун
How soon does the excavator have to leave? It will be a sad day.
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
Hello from Sardis City, Alabama. Yes, we have a shed to build. My 025 is down so i bought a ms250 to replace it. Hope it was as good as my 025. How many totes would it take to make a full load on your trl? Have a great weekend!
John Bradley
John Bradley Ай мурун
Hey Mike! Thanks for getting my Saturday morning off to a wonderful start. Will be heading out with my Husqvarna 346 XP to take down some small walnuts and do a little pruning. Really appreciate the beautiful change in our weather, finally! Quick question......I see you no longer use the Mingo marker for the firewood cutting. I assume that's because you have the 16-in dimension down by sight? I'm still working on that! Readings to all the family from Southeastern Pennsylvania! 💪💪💪🪓🪓🪓
rob ward
rob ward Ай мурун
So when we gonna see Hunter’s firewood business takeoff? Good morning Morgan’s
Stephen Gmeiner
Stephen Gmeiner Ай мурун
Lookin good! So don’t you need to “rotate your stock” with a firewood pile? Seems like the wood on the outside layer was just split and the wood in the middle/bottom will never get touched. Maybe even just rot away. Just curious. Can’t wait to see the new building 👀
William Wilson
William Wilson Ай мурун
OWTM and a morning coffee.......a great combo. Mike as you were loading the trailer I noticed that the once mighty firewood pile is dwindling. It’ll soon be time to put that awesome log skidder (Woody) to good use. Take care, stay safe and have a great weekend everyone.
Mike you must have been going through withdrawal from bucking up firewood. Good to see you didn't lose your touch. 🔥🌳🔥🌲🔥🌳🔥 😁😂🤣👍
A Fewox
A Fewox Ай мурун
Did you all hear that woodpecker chopping His wood too ? @4:08... Hey Mike...PLEASE...send some of that cool weather down here to Florida...its 97 degrees in the shade , and 85 % humidity...Brutally 🔥 HOT ! Trousers wet 💦 to the knees !😆😅🤣✌🇺🇲
Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson Ай мурун
Living in Texas I really do miss the fall Pennsylvania weather.
Living The Dream
Living The Dream Ай мурун
chevmlt Ай мурун
Mike you should try Precision Manufacturing pallet fork add a grapple with log clamp for cutting firewood it works much better than the standard grapple.
chevmlt Ай мурун
Robert Fuchs
Robert Fuchs Ай мурун
Mike you are always talking about running out of day light and on camera it looks like you would have at least an hour more daylight that you can work in.
domisenhelder67 Ай мурун
Use your grapple on the tractor and grab them on the ends
Rudy Carlson
Rudy Carlson Ай мурун
Mike what type of chain do you use the most the chipping or the safety chain? I try to use the chipping chain on my 261 if I’m cutting oak up here in Wisconsin the poplar is trash! What we got up here in my part of the state is Oak Poplar and Pine
Good morning Mike, get everything you can before the excavator goes back. Hope you have your crying towel handy.🤗 Looks like a busy weekend for you, hope all goes well. Sure looking good around there and ready for the work to start on the building. 👍👍 Keep having fun and stay safe !! Thanks for sharing with us 👍👍
Gerald Harvill
Gerald Harvill Ай мурун
I am sure the guy picking up the Walnut stump would love the walnut rounds you cut. Good size for turning on a lathe
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims Ай мурун
The weather here in ky is perfect as well. Right now, its about 57 degrees and feels wonderful. However its gonna be about 85 this afternoon and its opening day of bow season. Gonna be a hot one in the stand. Good luck to all the ky deer hunters. Stay well, stay safe and yall HAVE A DAY
Brisdad53 Ай мурун
The only thing 57 degrees where I live is the walk-in cooler at AM/PM. We're expecting 122 degrees today (Palm Springs). It's 4:40AM and 94 degrees.
Kurt Dietrich
Kurt Dietrich Ай мурун
Cutting and splitting firewood is very relaxing. And, a lot of fun.
Natan Rosenshtok
Natan Rosenshtok Ай мурун
I really like to see your form of work continue in health natan from ISRAEL
Killinger Ай мурун
Does the wood dry out in a big pile like you have it?
Karl Schupp
Karl Schupp Ай мурун
Finished my shift at 6am, go to bed? No way! Time to break out the chainsaws in Kentucky, its too nice out for Labor Day weekend!!! Lol
CaptOfficeSpace Ай мурун
Any idea when you will be getting time to build and demo the LX55 Portable Sawmill
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