#892 Favorite Tools, Gadgets, and Go To Products that we use on the property

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Here is a list of all the products shown in todays video.
Affiliate Link Earthway Seeder amzn.to/2F3sis2
Affiliate Link Right Angle Prism amzn.to/3bxd0aC
Affiliate Link DeWalt Grease Gun amzn.to/35fl6Uj
Affiliate Link Simple Strap amzn.to/3lXvFS0
Affiliate Link DJI OSMO Action Camera amzn.to/2ZbNcfo
Affiliate Link 3M Bluetooth Headphones amzn.to/2DxCs3g
Marbles Camp Axe amzn.to/3mb738g
Affiliate Link three types of site levels
Stihl GTA 26
Our Amazon Store (Includes Affiliate Links)
Ariat Links!
Save 10% off your first order - bit.ly/2UfDXYg
Outdoors With The Morgans Favorites - bit.ly/3b6obFV
Kubota Tractors www.kubotausa.com
Our Address: Mike Morgan
P.O. Box 2140
Cranberry Twp. Pa 16066
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email is outdoorswiththemorgans@gmail.com
Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

Brian L
Brian L 21 саат мурун
As an alternative to the Stihl GTA 26, the Milwaukee M12 FUEL HATCHET 6 in. Pruning Saw looks like a decent similar product to consider
dotdomke61 4 күн мурун
we miss your signature opening 'clap' Mike! hope you bring it back - great video and info... I have the mini Stihl and the headphones - love them both
Larry Riffett
Larry Riffett Ай мурун
Chris has a great American story and that's awesome wish all the best for success and continued growth. Hopefully our economy recovers and we don't get those high taxers in office to offset growth. I put this in the wrong video because this one popped up at the end of the wolfridge video.
Dan Kearney
Dan Kearney Ай мурун
What work gloves do you use/recommend?
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻very informative, enjoyed!
barb f
barb f Ай мурун
Best part is the acorn trying to hammer you. Loved that.
MooMan86 Ай мурун
Thanks Mike, now you’re going to make me spend money 😀
Balaklava Ай мурун
Good video with Christmas round the corner.
Wes McCann
Wes McCann Ай мурун
Deer food is falling! Archery season has opened in places. I've built myself a decent target for shooting practice here, but definitely miss sitting in the woods and letting the arrows fly at the opposite shoulder.
Bill Kingman
Bill Kingman Ай мурун
Mike they are all great products, but where do you get that great looking SHIRT you are wearing?
Ermintrude Wylde
Ermintrude Wylde Ай мурун
Correct Mike it's a Hudson bay axe ,brilliant little axe.
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz Ай мурун
Stihl MS261: *"Am I a joke to you?"* :-)) Thanks Mikey.
Joe Colvard
Joe Colvard Ай мурун
I have the Dewalt grease gun, a necessity for my JD 333G and attachments, and like you, do not use the lock and lube attachment, which I have. Great product, but pricey. Not sure how I did without it.
Edward Joslyn
Edward Joslyn Ай мурун
Ok Mike, love the videos, but showing me that Stihl drives me crazy. Why? As you mentioned, they seem to be hard to come by. How about impossible to find is a better description of it. I have been to four different Stihl dealers, trying to get one. One just laughed at me. They tell me they can't get them and since you can't buy them online, it makes it impossible. Hey, if you are partnered with Stihl, maybe they can comment here on why no one can get a GTA 26. Keep up the great videos.
Tim Combes
Tim Combes Ай мурун
Good overview of popular tools. Thank you! May God continue to bless and keep you all (y'all)!!
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck Ай мурун
Shad Lundquist
Shad Lundquist Ай мурун
My son and I shot in a pad for a small cabin with the right angle prism. Then did with transit on stake was off by half the width of the stake and the diagonal measurement was under an inch. I use a walking stick /rifle mono pod with a v notch on top to rest my sight level. Awesome results with both tools. Bought the prism after your recommendation way back.
Tom Eckermann
Tom Eckermann Ай мурун
Awesome, Mike. Now I won’t have to re-watch 50 videos to find the link I need.
Lonnie Chartrand
Lonnie Chartrand Ай мурун
Nice video. Good stuff on that table!
Jack Cox
Jack Cox Ай мурун
Please pray for us in Oregon!!
Chris 3M
Chris 3M Ай мурун
I have been for some time for all of the fire communities & the unrest!
Heath Worsley
Heath Worsley Ай мурун
Everybody is a Critic that tree saw what you did to make the building pad
Michael s
Michael s Ай мурун
Did melissa throw you a acorn?
Travis Cover
Travis Cover Ай мурун
I like your new video today you did a really good jop
Jason Bossaer
Jason Bossaer Ай мурун
Great products Sir Isaac Newton.....I mean Mike😁. A guy told me years ago: “Good stuff ain’t cheap and cheap stuff ain’t good.” You have good quality tools and equipment. I really enjoy watching your channel. Thanks for your dedication. Have a great evening! Jason from Indiana.
Joe Smucker
Joe Smucker Ай мурун
Mike you and channel got a great shout out from Arms Family Homestead you tube channel today about your great tractor work that you do.... kgpost.info/will/video/loPVymustolmdtE at 12:35
Michael Potts
Michael Potts Ай мурун
Errr RE Simple Strap as a torniquet = bad idea. 21 year Army Combat Medic here.....modern torniqets use a windless, really would not use somthing that stretches! Great channel Mike - keep up the good work.
F d
F d Ай мурун
you got mentioned kgpost.info/will/video/loPVymustolmdtE
Seather Ай мурун
Haven't seen your Mingo Marker or The Big Tool Rack in quite a while.
Chuck P
Chuck P Ай мурун
Thanks Morgans. Hi to Hunter, Ty and Hannah/Eva. :))
Andy L
Andy L Ай мурун
Lock-N-Lube is a terrific addition to the grease gun - you need to try it and report back. I never get stuck on a grease fitting anymore.
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims Ай мурун
And if i can add my $.02. I have purchased many items that mike has reviewed. The man does not promote JUNK. In my opinion, if mike recommends something, it is quality stuff. Good luck. Stay well, stay safe and yall HAVE A DAY
Tina Chambers
Tina Chambers Ай мурун
Good ideals for some Christmas presents thanks Mike have a great day love from TEXAS
John Bradley
John Bradley Ай мурун
"When you blow everything up, you can't tell where anything was"! I love this guy! Probably one of the best quotes I've heard in a while. You just made my day. As I look at all the things on that table, I realize "oh my goodness, I have most of that stuff! " I guess I've been watching Outdoors with the Morgans for a long time now, lol!!😂😂😂👍👍👍
KindCreature1 Ай мурун
I laughed out loud when the acorn made it's cameo!! Great video! Mike in Oregon
Caniac Steve Henderson
Caniac Steve Henderson Ай мурун
If they work .. they work..thanks for sharing sir !
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood Ай мурун
Excellent information and your recommendation means a lot to so many people.
rob ward
rob ward Ай мурун
Adult version of a kid in a candy store
1944chevytruck Ай мурун
nice to have the toys............. thanks 4 video. be kind.
Real Airplane
Real Airplane Ай мурун
Motor Mike did you clean the excavator before you returned it?
Real Airplane
Real Airplane Ай мурун
The Marbles camp axe is made in El Sqlvadore and the handle is american hickory. For a few more dollars you can get an American made Hudson bay axe.
Real Airplane
Real Airplane Ай мурун
Spelling, El Salvador.
Tom Fillmore
Tom Fillmore Ай мурун
good video Mike I would like to try a action cam on the motorcycle those are some nice tools next time you will need a helmet to protect you from the acorns thanks for sharing stay safe
Ronald Dean
Ronald Dean Ай мурун
Thanks Mike ya never know when you see a gadget that ya just have to have.
John Michael
John Michael Ай мурун
time to build a website
Randy Hearon
Randy Hearon Ай мурун
I replayed it in slo mo it wasnt an acorn it was a pool chlorine tablet and if you look closely you can see Melissa throwing it. I call that a spousal subtle hint :)
Duck Goose
Duck Goose Ай мурун
When will the construction start?
Butch s Favorite Hardy
Butch s Favorite Hardy Ай мурун
Stilh mini saw impossible to find in Virginia
Si dogg
Si dogg Ай мурун
I’ve learned a lot from your Channel. Thank you
💥 OSMO action.. great camera!! Keep on tractoring! 👍
Fabio Forni
Fabio Forni Ай мурун
Thanks for the information once again you did a finominal job. Can't wait to see the start of the building. Have a great day.
Gordon Vorenkamp
Gordon Vorenkamp Ай мурун
I used those survey tools extensively in my highway construction career. We used the right angle mirror for layout after surveying in the centerline and the hand level for cut/fill offset stakes. Much is GPS now.
accessiblenow Ай мурун
Yes, c captioning works
John Apostoli
John Apostoli Ай мурун
ANTIFA Acorns!
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne Ай мурун
Can I substitute that cherry cookie for a chocolate cherry cookie? Have a productive day.
Rolf B
Rolf B Ай мурун
Hey Mike you guys are awesome! Great video, I've been looking for the Dewalt grease gun for a bit. We are fairly new to your channel and enjoy all the content. We're from the 1000 Islands region of NYS. Keep up the good work!
JB Brown
JB Brown Ай мурун
I was hoping you'd have Melissa sitting on the picnic table. Where can I get one of those?
Mark Pashia
Mark Pashia Ай мурун
A little squirrel told me it was a local Pizza Parlor. Maybe just a Pennsylvania thing! They do seem to be rare as hen's teeth.
SailorAllan Ай мурун
you mean Melissa , right ? think she was a special order item..............picnic table you can get anywhere.
Jerry Overweg
Jerry Overweg Ай мурун
I laughed when you mentioned little limb saw then commented about maybe using the straps for a turnacate lol stay safe buddy 😎
David Morse
David Morse Ай мурун
I see the connection now or let's say disconnection.
Bear Creek Woodworking
Bear Creek Woodworking Ай мурун
Cool Video Mike! Have a Day!!!
William Wilson
William Wilson Ай мурун
Mike is there a way to compile (and add to it) all items you’ve used and featured into one “shopping list” and add the link to the description of every video ? I believe I’ve heard other KGpostrs talk about it. That way you could run a ribbon along the bottom of each video mentioning that all items are in the link provided below. Just a thought. Great video and you may need a hard hat for future videos this fall at the picnic table !!
Don Lowe
Don Lowe Ай мурун
Link for axe ????
Don Lowe
Don Lowe 26 күн мурун
Outdoors With The Morgans already came in the mail ... thanks I really like it
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
I just added it, forgot it before
Sheepy Hollow
Sheepy Hollow Ай мурун
Great video and I was checking out the camera and did you know that on Amazon.com and it sells for $228.99 or $301.27 Canadian... then I went to Amazon.ca and it sells for $486.24 Canadian or $369.58... sadly Canadians are getting ripped off. The difference in USD is $140.69 between the 2 countries.
Chris 3M
Chris 3M Ай мурун
When I clicked on the above link for the DJI OSMO action it showed $242.00 on sale for $225.00. Maybe check again?????
LGL_137 No Name
LGL_137 No Name Ай мурун
Would a list with links to the each itme make sense ? Just cut and paste at the botto of the description for each video.
Doug Moore
Doug Moore Ай мурун
Thumbs up
Matt S
Matt S Ай мурун
ACORN!!! 😄
jeff m
jeff m Ай мурун
H i mike. I was wondering what things looked like at the pond after all that rain. Did your plan work? Good luck!
John Haug
John Haug Ай мурун
Mike, I purchased the General MMD4E moisture meter after watching episode #871. I cut and sell firewood from my landscaping business. I know when I cut the wood and I also know how long it has been seasoning. The General MMD4E verifies the moisture content. Great little tool.
Carl Van Eck
Carl Van Eck Ай мурун
No melissa?
BaldBear 560
BaldBear 560 Ай мурун
Howdy Morgans, and in this episode of Cool Tools Mike goes over some of his favorite most used tools and gadgets.... Have A Day! ;~)
Carmine Iadeluca
Carmine Iadeluca Ай мурун
Excellent video Mike 👌
Joey Noname
Joey Noname Ай мурун
Another great video thank you.
Lloyd Painter
Lloyd Painter Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing the contents of your toy chest! Great stuff!
Van Admore
Van Admore Ай мурун
The ax is more like $60 and a number of companies have copied it.
vietnam vet
vietnam vet Ай мурун
Have you ever tried these: smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000X4PU26/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have 3 of them now and pack one in my plier pouch on my belt. Amazing that you can lock down on it on a pipe or a bolt and it locks on it without holding the bottom handle. Check it out
Mike Mcguire
Mike Mcguire Ай мурун
Squirrel dropped a nut on you. Cool tools.
C V Ай мурун
Hi Mike, thanks for the info. Are you still using the Stihl 2in 1 chainsaw sharpener or have you found something better? Really like the videos.
Street Rocket Joe
Street Rocket Joe Ай мурун
Mike was clearly interrupting a squirrel lunch.
Piledriver Ай мурун
Coffee and the Morgans 😎 always a good start for a day!! I bet everyone that ever Broadcast any seed has used that same red seeder.
dodgeman Ай мурун
Think the squirrels are getting back at you for cutting down there walnut tree! Very informative about the products you use👍
scottka Ай мурун
I heard they are changing the battery on the little pruner to work with other tools.
robert snyder
robert snyder Ай мурун
Always been leery of a powered grease gun my boss when I worked in the oil fields was so proud of his air grease gun wouldn't let any one else use it then one day he was under the truck and I heard a bang and he rolled out with a partial tool and a whole tube of grease all over him( mostly his face) I fell down laughing
Gaston Cannon
Gaston Cannon Ай мурун
I think Melissa threw it at him, 😅😂🤣
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
Yes it came from infront of the table not down from a tree. Someone was trying to tell him enough with the tools already.😆😅
Good job Mike, lots of great products for sure.👍👍 Thanks for sharing with us.
Dick Hansen
Dick Hansen Ай мурун
Awesome fella. So considerate. Thank you for sharing with us.
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
Cool toy collection you have👍👍👍👏👏😇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
BG 45
BG 45 Ай мурун
I was temped by the small Stihl saw when you first demonstrated but I didn't want another battery version. I have a lot of Stihl equipment. Milwaukee has since come out with there own 12 volt 6 inch chain saw. I have several of their M12 tools. I have sesisted so far. I am a sucker for well made simple tools. Probably have to get a Kuker-Ranken level.
TheKajunkat Ай мурун
Just saw a review of the Milwaukee M12 saw and they compared it to the Stihl. It was heavy but seemed to dominate the Stihl in every other category. I am really looking at adding it to my collection of M12 tools.
Keith Beynon
Keith Beynon Ай мурун
Thanks Mike, there are a few items I need to get for gifts and I have been digging around in your past videos, this helps more than you know.
John Sadler
John Sadler Ай мурун
Good morning from MidMo! Quiet foggy morning out. House passed inspection - got a clean report. Waiting for appraisal and closing. And packing. Pulled pictures down and got started after filling 5-6 boxes of clothes. Will get to run back to the farm this week to take a few more things and do some more chores. Want to set trail cameras out. And see if we got a kill on the grass and weeds in the road. Would be nice to see gravel again. Your gadgets are pretty interesting. I hadn’t seen the right-angle prism, but I can see how it would be quicker than running multiples of 3-4-5 triangles to set a square. Thanks for the overview in one place - much easier to find! Take care all!
David Morse
David Morse Ай мурун
Is the Hudson Bay you are talking about the same company that makes ceiling fans so popular today? Nope, my bad. The ceiling fan company is called Hampton Bay. Please disregard this comment.
Thomas Ryan, IV
Thomas Ryan, IV Ай мурун
I ordered the seeder and headphones. Thanks Mike!
Real Airplane
Real Airplane Ай мурун
Good advice Phil! I planted my runway with white clover, rye, and oats. The oats took off first and protected the young rye and clover.
Phil from Kansas City
Phil from Kansas City Ай мурун
FYI on the seeder. If you're going to plant clover, I recommend mixing it with 50/50 with an annual like rye or wheat. I once tried clover alone and it was too fine to get an even distribution.
Colin MacPhail
Colin MacPhail Ай мурун
The sky is Falling! Bet nobody else said that lol
LostInThe0zone Ай мурун
Mike, is the mini cabin finished?
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
Hes to busy getting ready for the maxi cabin in the front yard to mess with the mini cabin.😉😁
Elaine Greenwood
Elaine Greenwood Ай мурун
Only problem with your videos is that there just aren't enough of 'em. I know, I know ... you do one a day... but the way things are going in this crazy world I think I need two a day. 😊❤️🇺🇸👍
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
We need alot less riot videos and alot more Morgan videos .I'm preparing for civil war after trump wins november 3rd. These antifa are nuts and stupid
Juanita Lerssen
Juanita Lerssen Ай мурун
Three or four would be good -uumm - better
Peter Brunetto
Peter Brunetto Ай мурун
Great little toys for on the go emergency’s & useful , Thanks Mike
Jimmie Burleigh
Jimmie Burleigh Ай мурун
You should list your gadgets etc you used on each episode in the description. Iv seen alot of KGpostrs do that and they get a tiny cut if someone buys any.
Real Airplane
Real Airplane Ай мурун
Top O the morning Motor Mike.
Real Airplane
Real Airplane Ай мурун
Motor Mike when do you start your day with your day job?
ted smith
ted smith Ай мурун
That big smile is what got you here
Stephen Dobie
Stephen Dobie Ай мурун
Decades ago, I was a Fur Buyer for Hudson's Bay Co in northern Canada....a life time ago. Thanks for the video Mike, have the best day ever! Steve Calgary
Evan Kibbe
Evan Kibbe Ай мурун
Lots of cool tools
SOAPMAN#4 Ай мурун
Thanks Mike for the reviews. Love the headphones!
Jim Kempton
Jim Kempton Ай мурун
Great video Mike! I’m old now but my son is into kayak fishing and I’m thinking o& getting him a action camera.
Kings’ Outdoor Life
Kings’ Outdoor Life Ай мурун
I just started a channel and I love the GoPro hero 7 black for wide variety of uses, durability, and Waterproof. I borrowed one for a couple months before buying. Cons - microphone options and no zoom.
evil brat
evil brat Ай мурун
That Right Angle Prism would have come in handy when doing pipe welding - running multiple 20 foot sticks. Keeping them in line off center line runs. Still can use it here setting edging on lawn I think. Nice video.
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