#893 Fixing a Mess and Saying Goodbye! Kubota KX 080 Excavator is leaving us friends

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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This evening we say goodbye to the Kubota KX-080 Excavator, But before it leaves I need to fix up the borrow pit at the Renewable Resources Processing Center. I used the excavator to shape the slope and clean up.
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Phil from Kansas City
Phil from Kansas City Ай мурун
Good morning all. Still chilly and damp here. Sharpening chains and catching up on things at the Stihl store today. Take a moment today and pray for all those souls who lost their life are those still suffering as a result of the unprovoked attack on our country 19 years ago. Have a day.
Phil from Kansas City
Phil from Kansas City Ай мурун
@Mike greatcarp Bode Bode is Elizabeth's middle name and her Mother's maiden name.
Mike greatcarp Bode
Mike greatcarp Bode Ай мурун
Good morning from northern iowa, beautiful morning, its been light rain and drizzling for better part of a week but only an inch and a half of moisture, bright and sunny today, Sunday. Great job with that excavator, your slope looks great. Love to hear more about your plans in retirement. Take care and God Bless.
Chris 3M
Chris 3M Ай мурун
Ditto, also prayers to those that are in the fire zone out west! Pray for all in the U.S.A.
David Morse
David Morse Ай мурун
Good Morning Phil!
DIRT KING Ай мурун
@Phil from Kansas City Yours to Phil. That's a darn nice Buck deer in your video
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 15 күн мурун
It's West "By God" Virginia
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz Ай мурун
*Dear Kubota KX-080:* "You were a good, trusty steed. You dug out my pond. And, prepped the site for the best hobby garage on this side of the Mississippi River. I'm gonna miss you old friend. I'll swing by the rental yard from time to time and check in on you. Until we join forces again." ---- Your friend, Michael Morgan
Kerry Ware
Kerry Ware Ай мурун
Nice video. Could do without the music. Lots of people speed up the audio to match the video when they do speed it up.
Dusty Shamblin
Dusty Shamblin Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing part of your life experiences. I'm envious of your diet. All I've got here in East Tennessee is rock and clay.
Steven Bogart
Steven Bogart Ай мурун
Great Job Mike, you always seem to make an unwieldy job look easy👍🏻👍🏻
Wayne Schnare
Wayne Schnare Ай мурун
Thinking all of us along the Eastern Seaboard are going to get hammered !!! Way to many storms at sea right now !!! The next month could be bad . Winter I think is going to nail us big time !!! I think a wall would have suited you better . With your operation there , would have been a good spot for the wood mill . Nice big wall behind . That being said , you sure can use that machine !!!!! Looks Fantastic !!!!
Carroll Thim
Carroll Thim Ай мурун
like your videos road trip excatrator more work done you konw how run it hi hunter&allgod bless
Charles Reed
Charles Reed Ай мурун
Maybe you could plant some king of ground cover there. No mowing required.
Ben Rogers
Ben Rogers Ай мурун
If every sub sent in a $ and Kubota joined in Mike could have the excavator.
Júnior Cesar
Júnior Cesar Ай мурун
Eu to breciso de unma tresa mida unma eu sou de Rondon a ariquemes é Júlio de Rondônia fala co migo
Larry Garner
Larry Garner Ай мурун
You do great work.
Anthony Wetzel
Anthony Wetzel Ай мурун
Put weed barrier fabric down and line the slope with 6” riprap. The riprap works great for erosion control, looks nice and you won’t have to mow it
Ronald Dean
Ronald Dean Ай мурун
Sometimes no plan is the best plan. I used to come to mt. Storm and work on trucks and equipment. We've been over some of the same ground. As far as the winter here in VA. We're past due for cold and snow.. great video thanks for sharing,see ya next video
Zach's Tree Service
Zach's Tree Service Ай мурун
I have a 057 with a cab and angle blade. Its like 13,150 full of fuel and will lift 6,000. I have put it on a scale to find that out.
Zach's Tree Service
Zach's Tree Service Ай мурун
@Outdoors With The Morgans 2 years last month. Im also the Zach in Letsdig18,s videos lol
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Nice, How long have you had it
rd3tv Ай мурун
I agree, going to be a cold winter after such a hot summer. Seems like a cycle. Thanks for informative videos.
m9 ovich
m9 ovich Ай мурун
Check with a local Concrete place, They make 1 cubic yard rectangular barrier blocks out of product brought back on trucks. they interlock and make great retaining walls. and here they are sold pretty cheap, usually less than a fresh cubic yard delivered. I'm guessing if you had 20 stacked 2 high would solve your problem. Mike M.
Gordon Motsinger
Gordon Motsinger Ай мурун
nice vid
James Richards
James Richards Ай мурун
Love the way you make running that excavator look so easy. Talking and operating is like rubbing your belly and patting your head 😜.
Joseph Forgione
Joseph Forgione Ай мурун
Regarding your question that addresses the upcoming winter, my thoughts are a much colder and snowier winter than usual. According to the weather experts, the jet stream is forecasted to drop lower in North America. Typically that brings more cold and precipitation. One sign that the fall season is fast approaching is the leaves are beginning to turn in Northern Vermont and Northern New York.
Frank Federico
Frank Federico Ай мурун
The squirrels in CT have been taking acorns out of the trees! I predict a serious snow this winter (thinking I may have made a mistake selling the snowblower for my BX...) I'll miss watching you work that excavator!
Jim Mowers
Jim Mowers Ай мурун
Good afternoon. Just curious, do you have to clean up the equipment you rent, or do you turn it back to them dirty? Good job on the hill. God Bless.
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy Ай мурун
Im from Ontario and I got a feeling its going to be a hard winter maybe not as bad as the the old days in the 50s and 60s but bad
Raymond Folsom
Raymond Folsom Ай мурун
I enjoy watching you work the machines...it may be years of practice but I would like to think its a natural skill.
Ted Brown Jr
Ted Brown Jr Ай мурун
That looks pretty good for not having a plan!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻I call that the "Lets Getter Done Plan"! It seems to work out most of the time. The slope looks pretty good.
Bryce Craig
Bryce Craig Ай мурун
I love your hunting and shooting (bench) videos. Also, hows your deer feeding doing? Are they crushing the feed? Its good you arent seeing the bucks around right now, they wander pretty far during the rut, Im hoping they wander back to your property. Get set up in the cabin this year, you should be able to knock down a few deer this year. Cheers!
Mark Crisler
Mark Crisler Ай мурун
Hot a sin here in CA. Praying for cooler weather
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Ай мурун
I know how you feel about letting go of a machine that will do just about everything but tie shoes. I knew you fell in love with it when you were starting the build site. Some trees would of lived had it not been so easy to get them out roots and all. My ocd would drive me nuts with tree roots and have kids pulling them and tossing in a pile to be burnt or hauled. I don't fall in love with brand or color on machinery. I buy what I can afford and usually buy with intentions of making much better piece out of it. Those days are over for me at seventy three. I am down to one arm and leg that still work and have Edema problems that are only getting worse. Winter!!! It is and will be as predicted colder than summer and we will miss the hot days that never end. I don't like high heat or cold and I live in Central Alaska where weather does do some extremes so if I were to guess, I would say very cold, and early. Not a lot of snow but very cold. Not a good year to bring a herd through. I was a mechanic for many years but found a lot of happiness in working at home on stuff brought to me to fix. I ate a lot of Lasagna or other meals fixed just to say thank you.... some put me on the christmas list. That was a surprise. You find a place, get to know the few neighbors that you have and stick to yourself and in the end, its all good
Medic Ken
Medic Ken Ай мурун
La Nina is setting up in the pacific. it should be a colder and wetter than normal winter here in PNW. Looking for more snow this year
Richard Baker
Richard Baker Ай мурун
Looks really nice. Good job😎🇺🇸
Scott Eisenhardt
Scott Eisenhardt Ай мурун
That came out really great. A little seed and you’d never know what you did there. Yeah, I bet you’re going to miss that excavator, so many possibilities with it.
Charlie Woods
Charlie Woods Ай мурун
why do you refer to everything by model number
Larry Polk
Larry Polk Ай мурун
RRPC, I had to smile 😃
Peter Ferguson
Peter Ferguson Ай мурун
I think the Pool is coming before the Excavator Mike LOL !!!
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck Ай мурун
Here they are saying colder and about the same snow fall. We all ready had a heavy frost
Steve Warner
Steve Warner Ай мурун
Hi Mike. That slope might be a candidate for a planting of crown vetch or some other vegetation that won’t require mowing and provides good erosion control. Don’t build in dangerous maintenance on your landscaping
Paul Given
Paul Given Ай мурун
The dirt cosmetic surgeon 😊,way to go Mike, love your videos.I’m close to retirement mode. My Dad has a small Kubota L2450 with front bucket blade he uses,I am going to be learning about light grading operating the hydraulics on his machine for future use around woods firewood adventures .Love the saws and big boy toys. Just rambling on as I watch your videos.Don’t do forget to count your blessings!! Sometimes working in your area on HVAC keeping an eye out for you guys😍.
John Bradley
John Bradley Ай мурун
Mike: I think you better have a box of tissues ready when you return that excavator. I don't think I've ever seen you more in love with a piece of equipment! Sometimes the best way of dealing with a loss like that is to buy another piece of equipment! Lol 😂😂😂
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
OrangeTractorGuy Ай мурун
Always a pleasure watching your skills with that machine Mike. That area is coming out nice!
Fukyoindigo blossoming
Fukyoindigo blossoming Ай мурун
Even if it’s steep you could plant Mini clover. They use it in golf courses, grows 4-6 inches tall. Needs mowing twice a year. Then it’ll grow 3-4”. No real need to mow later.
DieselBoat Man
DieselBoat Man Ай мурун
Nice Job.
Sammy Ymmas
Sammy Ymmas Ай мурун
Mike, dont know what the weather holds for this winter but I will say this. This winter holds the worst economic times this country has ever seen.
William Lively
William Lively Ай мурун
Hot here in southeast Texas and watching for hurricanes. Love to watch you operate the equipment and when I try it with my little box I think I get more done by hand. Great job and channel.
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier Ай мурун
What I would do for this is draw a mental line between where the roots of the trees are in the edge of the driveway and draw straight line between them and then move the dirt to match that line then go from the other side the bottom up towards the house and do the same put a mental line in there and just move the line back up towards the house until you get the angle that you really want and then roughly go through and try and get that. That means moving dirt uphill on top of some of that grass, But that changes your downhill angle and steepness, instead of being that step on the end you can sort of divide that slope both ways and just make it a smoother transition as possible. But once you get down to the end it’s going to be pretty steep because you’ve got the woods right there and you’ve cut that back pretty far so like you were saying to make it less steep you’re gonna lose flat ground area which you don’t want to do but for the top half of it you could smooth the transition quite a bit, Instead of looking at it in a 20 or 30 foot area look at it across to 50 or 60 foot area and plan your grade that way but down in that bottom corner you’re going to be steep no matter what. I think it looks good now, just at the very top I would personally spread that grade out a little and just make it a smoother transition and that would allow you to mow quite a bit farther. I know you’re gonna miss the back hoe. I have absolutely no use for one and I still want it. Lol.
Dwight Arnold
Dwight Arnold Ай мурун
Let It Snow let it Snow Let it Blow!
Slowdancing Ай мурун
the humming birds have been hitting the feeder hard just like they do before migration but it's usually Oct. before they do that
Slowdancing Ай мурун
You ever think about just leaving it a little steep and rocking it in and just keep it sprayed with vegetation growth killer
Mike Renshaw
Mike Renshaw Ай мурун
I have a feeling that we are due for a snowy/cold winter here in Michigan as well.
Jimmy and Kathy Harrell
Jimmy and Kathy Harrell Ай мурун
Looks good!
HTPJohn Ай мурун
It's okay to take the machine full of fuel and make the plan as you go. God Bless.
walter mattson
walter mattson Ай мурун
It is a sad day when an excavator has to leave. I sold a small one a couple years ago and that is one of my biggest mistakes. Life goes on though.
The Bowzer
The Bowzer Ай мурун
Mike, with all that $ your knocking down from KGpost, just go and buy that excavator! Come on man, spend it! I hope you don't want to be the richest man in the cemetery! Let's go. Buy it now. Don't be cheap. Buy what you are using now. Don't be cheap and buy something so small it's useless. Let's go!
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
You better hope Mellisa doesn't read this .she will reach through KGpost and cuff the 💩 out of you for even mentioning buying any excavator before she gets her inground pool. Wow your taking your life I to your own hands.. Apologize now before she reads it hurry hurry your to young to die.i guess .😁😆😆🤣
Greg J
Greg J Ай мурун
Plant some low maintenance ground cover on that hill in the areas you can’t mow.
eugene moor
eugene moor Ай мурун
The slope looks like a winner. All is looking great.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton Ай мурун
Mike you could always get a boom mower to cut your slopes!
travis molly
travis molly Ай мурун
Hay their may I ask where's your property located. Steve confluence PA
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
Here in Alabama i think its going to be a rough one. You should buy one! Lol stay safe up there!!!
Brad Mullins
Brad Mullins Ай мурун
Always enjoy your videos, highlight of my day -Brad
Deane Hill
Deane Hill Ай мурун
That would have to be the best advert Kubota could have had. Mike handled the machine extremely well for a man who does not do that as an everyday job. Kubota should be very pleased with the time he had use of the machine.
Craig McKnight
Craig McKnight Ай мурун
We got 14" of Snow Tuesday night
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz Ай мурун
For a guy that didn't have a plan it looks damn nice. Tell us the number of hours you put on the 80 during the month.
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz Ай мурун
Have you considered planting a ground cover plant instead of grass? The soil looks darn good and should promote good growth. Some kind of ivy maybe. Something that doesn't grow high. Just a thought. Do you ever have the opportunity to find large rocks for free. That would look nice too. You could always move them to another location down the road should you want to change the terrain.
Robert A. Brokaw
Robert A. Brokaw Ай мурун
90 deg - that's a normal day here in MS. LOL Stay safe!
Theodore DuGranrut
Theodore DuGranrut Ай мурун
Good bye for now excavator parting is such sweet sorrow. We feel your pain Mike good equipment is so easy to love and so hard to let go lol. Central California watching
James Lovingood
James Lovingood Ай мурун
Good job on the bank! Nicely done. You should be able to mow most of that vertically with backing back down.
Jeffery Rogers
Jeffery Rogers Ай мурун
plant some pretty flowers on the slope
Merle Warnsholz
Merle Warnsholz Ай мурун
Mike - Great video. Nice touch on the excavator controls. The hillside looks super. Blessings to you, Melisa and the kids. Hi to Hunter, Hannah, and Eva.
Grousetrap Ай мурун
Like I said 3 weeks ago....... Michael Morgan WILL own a mini excavator!!!
King Biscuit2112
King Biscuit2112 Ай мурун
Renewable Resource Processing Center? A little dramatic don’t you think.
Bruce White
Bruce White Ай мурун
I was stationed at Rivesville Power Station from 1979 until I retired in 2006, but I spent two years at Harrison 97-99. When were you there, Mike?
J. Chris Beck
J. Chris Beck Ай мурун
I'm a little surprised you didnt put in a retaining wall. You would have gained 2 flat areas, and maybe lower maintenance in the future
Dylan K
Dylan K Ай мурун
I mean for winter this year i assume it will fit the 2020 quota. the way everything's gone wrong this year winter will probably be a record breaker for cold an snow. Anyway one thing i do know for sure is its going to be a heavy lake effect season because the great lakes are very warm this year
Bill Pownell
Bill Pownell Ай мурун
Mount Storm is just a few miles west of me. Winters are rough there.
Tim James
Tim James Ай мурун
Great video as always! keep up the good work!! I deer hunt in Townsend Delaware, in the last 4 years, we have not had any snow while the season was open. So I am going to go with another mild winter.
Tim James
Tim James Ай мурун
@J. Chris Beck Like wise!
J. Chris Beck
J. Chris Beck Ай мурун
Hello Tim, I live in Elkton, but work in Smyrna, nice to see you on here
Joe Ford
Joe Ford Ай мурун
Looks good, Mike!
Steve Dilworth
Steve Dilworth Ай мурун
Mike- really enjoyed your rambling. Found your stories and experiences very interesting. Would love to hear more. Thanks for sharing.
Angie K
Angie K Ай мурун
I guess I want to thank you for the regular, worth-watching content. You and your family give us all hours of good entertainment, and thanks for sharing your ideas for building, landscaping, and other projects. OWTM is a great place to hang out on KGpost.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Thank You Angie
dj wakley
dj wakley Ай мурун
winter is going to suck can't cross the boarder to get to FLORIDA
Heath Worsley
Heath Worsley Ай мурун
Another rambling comment, your stories about your professional career are very interesting from my point of view have you and Melissa thought about writing a book in your retirement? I think a lot of people might find your stories interesting and or your tips on how to accomplish Landscaping work and construction.
Joel Lemire
Joel Lemire Ай мурун
That is exactly how I envisioned it. Nice job!
ddsharpening Ай мурун
Hey Mike, I think winter in the northeast will be a snowy one, I’ve always noticed that Mother Nature balances out the droughts...not always but a good percentage! Plus I just bought a couple sleds, getting back in it after being away a few years. Tell Hunter Hey for New Hampshire! Keep up the good work!!
Heath Worsley
Heath Worsley Ай мурун
A great video as usual Mike, you and letsdig18 with Chris are two of my favorite channels to watch, I will miss seeing the excavator as well but I like your plan to get one for your retirement you have very good skills with an excavator and a tractor I have no doubt you will find plenty of side jobs
matt benjamin
matt benjamin Ай мурун
I'm in Northern Lower Michigan (Leelanau County) and we also had a hotter then normal summer. And the switch to fall turn fast. Just hoping we have at least 2 months of moderate weather. MY thought about this winter is that it will be short but hard. I think its gonna start early December and go till the end of February. Thinking we"ll see about 135 inches of snow this year
Heath Worsley
Heath Worsley Ай мурун
Great video as usual Mike of are one of my favorite channels to watch
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall Ай мурун
Not a better feeling than a machine full of fuel. Looking good!
Shawn Minnich
Shawn Minnich Ай мурун
Mike. Im thinking it maybe a long cold wither ... Fully normal snow fall
Michael Van Dyke
Michael Van Dyke Ай мурун
we are due for a bad winter
Tim Gifford
Tim Gifford Ай мурун
How about packing that area down with more driving lessons for Eva in the Jeep?
zenith3556 Ай мурун
Another good one. Keep them coming. From Midlothian IL.
Colin O'Meara
Colin O'Meara Ай мурун
That was Fun Mike. I Enjoyed that. Cheers, Colin
Darcy Scott
Darcy Scott Ай мурун
I think we are going to get a lot of snow because it’s been so dry here in Northern Vermont! Mother Nature always takes care of herself!
Little Windy Hill Farm Chores
Little Windy Hill Farm Chores Ай мурун
What about a few loads of river rock 10” diameter lining the hill, then you just spray some weed killer!
Trulyc Ай мурун
Got ant big boulders you can set on slope to help with erosion. Seed it with native flowers in between the rocks.
Lee Fritz
Lee Fritz Ай мурун
I'm no weather man, therefore I won't lie to you. Lol
Thomas Strout
Thomas Strout Ай мурун
Hi Mike, very nice work. Glad to hear you are thinking of getting an excavator in a few years/retirement. You will not regret it. A machine around 6 metric tons is perfect. There are 4 or 5 great machines in that class.
john Wilmes
john Wilmes Ай мурун
Plant that hill in rural king vetch like along roads then no weed whacking
Laurie Harding
Laurie Harding Ай мурун
Put some kind of ground cover and slope it. Never to worry about cutting grass in that area again.
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims Ай мурун
Im gonna miss that excavator. It made for a lot of good videos. However, now we can get back to the tractors, chainsaws and that awesome wolf ridge splitter. Stay well, stay safe and yall HAVE A DAY
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Ай мурун
If you have doe's the bucks will come. Here in S. NV we just hope to get 2 inches of rain before the end of the year.
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