#894 ONE BATTERY? How much wood can you REALLY cut with Stihl MS 220C Chainsaw

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Today we cut some nice cherry Firewood and Test the Stihl MSA 220 C Battery Powered Chainsaw and find out how much wood you can cut on a single charge. Also had the Kubota KX-080 Excavator there to make things even easier
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Philip McMaster
Philip McMaster 25 күн мурун
Very helpful, it has encouraged me to get one 👍
New Saw Technology
New Saw Technology Ай мурун
good job
Mr11ESSE111 Ай мурун
now cut some bigger tree from ground and you will see how much batteries you need to carry
Mr11ESSE111 Ай мурун
if that garbage on battery worth something all pro tree cutters will already use it in the woods !! but then they will need 150 batteries each day for one chainsw
Simone Demetrio
Simone Demetrio Ай мурун
for me the real problem of eletric chainsaw it the cost of the chainsaw and battery and accessory are very high with the same price i can buy a top quality chainsaw and dont have trouble for how much battery remain, i know normal chainsaw are very noisy and sometimes smoke but it a "price" i pay
Jaycob hill
Jaycob hill Ай мурун
the saws battery will go down to about 18% and turn off to save to battery if you keep using it afterward it can damage the batterys running time
dylan jacinto
dylan jacinto Ай мурун
Almost as good as the MS880
Philo-Judaeus Ай мурун
how long does it take to recharge the battery?
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Ай мурун
In my experience, when lithium Ion batteries stop, quit using them immediately. Continuing to drain a lithium battery can cause it to drop below minimum voltage and switch to sleep mode. Then it will not charge without some trickery that isn’t in most people’s wheelhouse. Otherwise thanks for a good test/review! Stay safe.
Mowgli Man
Mowgli Man Ай мурун
Hey Mike, any chance I could get you to review a DeWalt 20V Max chainsaw? It would be interesting to see how it compares to this Stihl. I know you’ve got the DeWalt batteries.
Derek Piehl
Derek Piehl Ай мурун
Great video mike. My in-laws don't have a wood stove anymore so they don't need a big saw anymore. But I just can get my father in law to switch to something like this. He's got an 044 stihl chainsaw and it's to him taking away his man card. Keep up the great videos.
Joel Sanford
Joel Sanford Ай мурун
I think I would forget to check the bar oil, I always top it off when I top off the gas.
CETbrico Ай мурун
No la había visto con batería...la calidad habla por si sola !! 👌😃👍un saludo !!
anghel daniel
anghel daniel Ай мурун
Cool ! România 🇷🇴
Bic804 Ай мурун
Looks better than the Milwaukee we demoed. Our company did extensive testing for safety. Found Milwaukee blew through pair chaps like butter. Theses saws are clutch less. They require heavier chaps.
The Surferjo Show with Chef Frankie
The Surferjo Show with Chef Frankie Ай мурун
ty great video 2020
Dave Hudson
Dave Hudson Ай мурун
How long were you cutting?
dave himlin
dave himlin Ай мурун
Also, keep in mind, that just because 1 unit may be 40 volt and another unit may be 60 or 80 volt, it doesnt always mean the higher voltage units, will cut faster or better or longer. There are many more variables , like total A/H rating , type/style of chain , size of bar , rpm rating of the brushless motor, etc.
dave himlin
dave himlin Ай мурун
A few key points - if using these battery powered chainsaws just for periodic use , try and use it on days where it is cooler outside. It wont overheat near as much on a 50 degree day compared to a 95 degree day. Also, one of the best tests for these units, is to see how many cuts it would make on something like 12- 14 inch wide hickory wood. If it can handle that, without overheating and able to get many cuts ,then it is impressive.
Michael Coursey
Michael Coursey Ай мурун
I wonder how this power compares to the Kobalt 80V system with 6 ah battery??? I’m interested in getting into one system. Kobalt claims they have 25 tools for the one battery in 40-80V
Fluoride pickled paddys
Fluoride pickled paddys Ай мурун
Haaa I was watching this on my galaxy a5 and my battery died.. whaaaat....! Lovely saw mike it can do a good bit of work on 1 battery 👍👍
Ravi Sriram
Ravi Sriram Ай мурун
Too bad they sell Stihl only through dealers and then, only for in-store pick-up.
Brad Rein
Brad Rein Ай мурун
Was that just the one sharpen too at the start? Cheers
Buzz Pedro
Buzz Pedro Ай мурун
Looks like the perfect chainsaw to carry around in your Toyota Prius.....You can buy a lot of gas and oil for the price of those insanely expensive Stihl batteries. And, of course you’ll need an extra battery in order to keep cutting after the first battery has expired.
Will byrd
Will byrd Ай мурун
I wouldn’t have believed this in a million years mike!
Stephen R
Stephen R Ай мурун
I own this saw. I bought if for my Wife but it's very robust and is perfect for de-branching felled trees. Love it
Edward Finn
Edward Finn Ай мурун
Stephen R bought it for the wife, I’m sure that went over well!
Gary C
Gary C Ай мурун
The big question is how much does it cost and how long will the battery last? And what is the cost for a replacement battery?
Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard Ай мурун
Hi mike loved that review. My family bought me for dathers day a battery chain saw. I am really impressed with your review. You were totally honest and it was true to purpose love your chanel
Chris Evans garden services jones Jones
Chris Evans garden services jones Jones Ай мурун
Battery power is crap
Erik Everson
Erik Everson Ай мурун
That saws pretty impressive. I have a good battery saw and i love the convenience. Its not a replacement for gas by any means. Compared to my Stihl 391 the battery saw is like a toy. Ive gotten to finish up some jobs late in the evening with that battery saw and not piss off the entire neighborhood.
Hernan Quinos
Hernan Quinos Ай мурун
The battery-powered chainsaw is a one-way trip. Once you've tried it, you can't put it down anymore.
Lee Dawson
Lee Dawson Ай мурун
Makes for a short work day, honey my battery is charging lol
Ross Meldrum
Ross Meldrum Ай мурун
"How much wood would a woodcutter cut, if a woodcutter could cut wood? With just a battery powered saw.
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols Ай мурун
After over thirty years owning gas saws I know them pretty well and no question I'll be keeping my beloved old Stihl 460 Magnum as long as it (and I) am still running. But after my first weekend using a 16" 60V DeWalt (A step down from this nice Stihl since I already had the DeWalt batteries and charger) for lighter work I can also say that 80% of my chainsaw days will be with the little cordless saw. It's a break not having to fire up or wrestle with the lumberjack saw just to clear brush. Even better is that I have always despised fussing with carburetors.
Shady Oaks Farm & Outdoors
Shady Oaks Farm & Outdoors Ай мурун
How much can you cut? All depends on the species you are cutting! I can say with confidence you won’t cut as much walnut or oak as you would as with pine or poplar. I have the MSA220. I bought mine to clear trails so I don’t have to start every five minutes.
J.T Ай мурун
I'm just waiting for someone to make a solar powered car. With battery and electric stuff taking off like it is, I figure it's only a matter of time.
Josh D
Josh D Ай мурун
I have the dewalt 20v saw. It’s great for the little home bullshit. The battery lasts much longer if you are giving it breaks. As the battery gets hotter it loses power faster. Keep the batteries cool and they will do more work.
Brandon Hensley
Brandon Hensley Ай мурун
I bought the msa 220-c earlier this year and it's been great. I find that I can charge my second battery while using the first and it finishes well before I need it.
Mobius Waves
Mobius Waves Ай мурун
wonder how it would do on the in-laws overcooked roasts?
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith Ай мурун
I bought one around about the time Mike did by coincidence. You Stihl🤗 need gas saws for the bigger trees and limbs but I like it for the small stuff or not stinking the cab of the tractor or truck out. My main complaint is that the chips end up in the battery compartment also if it's raining the wet goes down in there too. I think Stihl should make a some kind of cover to rectify the problem. Also on constant use like Mike was doing there it will overheat and cut out. First time it happened to me I thought I'd bust it but by the time I'd loaded what I'd cut into the back of the pickup it was ready to go again. It's costly but if your working from home or near a power supply 30 minute recharge and the two batteries it comes with will keep you going. I do forget the chain oil now and again. You'll never convince the gas heads so don't even bother trying it'll will fall on their deaf ears!!!
John Kaspar
John Kaspar Ай мурун
How long does it take to recharge the battery ?
Eric Dufort
Eric Dufort Ай мурун
Great review. There's a market for everything and there's room for all kinds of tools, battery powered or not. At the end of the day all you need to do is identify your needs and buy the proper equipment. While I think it looks like a great tool, I'll stick to my gas chainsaw.
cold spring
cold spring Ай мурун
I wanted to go there but $159 for the little MS 170 and a small can of premixed fuel stopped me.
Chris Langieri
Chris Langieri Ай мурун
That is impressive!
D11RDozer Ай мурун
Such pretty firewood.
Soroako Ай мурун
@ColinMacPhail - I saw a comment in another popular channel last week where the poster wrote that when he opened the video the like & dislike counters totaled more than the amount of views. This leads me to believe that KGpost has an algorithm generating the dislikes because on some channels the dislikes appear in less time than it takes to watch the actual video. This morning I checked 20 or so of the channels I watch on a regular basis. They range from rural living like "Outdoors with the Morgans, Lumnah Acres, Justin Rhodes, Sandi Brock", to builders such as "Kens Karpentry, Matt Rissinger, Essential Craftsman, Finish Carpentry, Scott Brown," History channels including "Mark Felton and The History Guy", something different such as "WunderHussy and Curiosity Incorporated" and "Leila Gharani" - an Excel expert. None of these channels promote or push politics or push their own lifestyle choices as being superior to all others. They are informative and entertaining [usually] and never offensive. Their content attracts repeat viewers and their subscriber numbers increase. And yet the amount of dislikes remains around the same - 0.5 to 2% dislikes. I know that if I watch a channel and don't like the content I just don't bother watching it again. Surely there can't be that many stupid, resentful people who would go out of their way to hunt down videos just to get a thrill from clicking on the dislike button?
Wolf Lahti
Wolf Lahti Ай мурун
I have a battery chainsaw and am really disappointed in the performance. The biggest tree I can cut down with it is only about 34 inches. ;-)
Clifford Wright
Clifford Wright Ай мурун
I’ve had a battery still for two years and love it. I even dropped it in the lake and got it out and it still works great.
Penny T
Penny T Ай мурун
I bought one after you got that one originally. It is wonderful! Best tool I ever bought. Thanks Mike!!!
Cory Fellows
Cory Fellows Ай мурун
How far from warfordsburg are you
Joe Romano
Joe Romano Ай мурун
Looks like it has the 3/8 bar and chain instead of the 1/4 picco that comes standard with them
Lonnie Chartrand
Lonnie Chartrand Ай мурун
When those batteries quit, they QUIT NOW!
David Casper
David Casper Ай мурун
I wonder what the run time is per battery?
Gary Kemp
Gary Kemp Ай мурун
Miss the hand clap.....
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Ай мурун
Just curious, what amp hour size is that battery? Maybe you mentioned that, but I missed it if you did.
bernard brock
bernard brock Ай мурун
great tool for small jobs and with power
Michel Tremblay
Michel Tremblay Ай мурун
Nice wood chips for a smoker. Nice review, thanks.
herb ward
herb ward Ай мурун
I still have my Dad’s blue and white Homelite XL12, but after spending an hour or so helping the son in law equipped with the Stihl 220, an extra battery pack and chain, I’m convinced . Lithium ion battery technology is mature, and this Stihl product PERFORMED . WOW , this saw is well designed and quirk free. I have had previous experience with other brands of lit ion saws that left me unimpressed. That so called tropical storm made a mess of SW CT , and this saw got quite the workout.
95SLE Ай мурун
My next Stihl will be battery powered. Nice video.
Khám Phá Văn Hóa Ẩm Thực Cuộc Sống
Khám Phá Văn Hóa Ẩm Thực Cuộc Sống Ай мурун
Soroako Ай мурун
I have a few Stihl 36V tools including the MSA200C chainsaw and am impressed with the overall build quality and performance. Since I moved house 5 years ago I've had little use for the chainsaw and I might try to sell it - and the FSA 85 line trimmer for which I have no further use. The tools I use regularly are the HLA 85 and HSA 66 hedgers. These are the bees knees. Exceptional performance, ergonomics and build quality when compared to those sold by brands which specialise in drills, drivers and the like. In fact I enjoy working with these tools so much that I almost wish I had a few high trees so that I could justify buying the 36V pole pruner! However my battery [AP 300] failed after 2 years. Stihl Australia gave me the cold shoulder - claimed they hadn't had any failures blah ... blah ... but as a gesture of good faith would sell me a new AP 300 S battery for half price. Bearing in mind that this offer only came 2 weeks after I had already paid full retail for a replacement AP 300 battery and they flat out refused to give me a credit. TL / DR: Stihl makes an excellent range of high quality, excellent performing 36 volt tools and they sell them as a premium product for a premium price. However if you're unlucky and have a failure out of warranty they'll tell you to hit the road instead of investing in brand loyalty.
Philip Dove
Philip Dove Ай мурун
What width is the chain on that saw. .043 or .050?
rd3tv Ай мурун
Great test!
keith skane
keith skane Ай мурун
I dont think ive ever seen you run your ms462, most of the firewood videos you are using your ms261, nothing wrong with the 261 but woodnt mind seeing you run your other saws, also i dont ive ever seen you flip your bars either, need to keep the wear even
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz Ай мурун
That would be a nice tool if you had to go up in a tree.
Thomas Desmond
Thomas Desmond Ай мурун
Battery saws would be great for tree trimming as well. God bless
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
Great idea!! I just bought me a sthil ms250. An great saw.
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall Ай мурун
Thanks for the demonstration Mike. Hope all are well. Be safe
Log House Farm
Log House Farm Ай мурун
It's really strange to see a chainsaw cut wood and not hear the gas engine sound as well.
Richard Bretz
Richard Bretz Ай мурун
Speaking of testing out equipment for your property, whatever happened to those trail cams that you had set up in the woods to keep track of the deer and other wildlife? I don't recall any videos after that trail cam setup checking out the progress (or lack of one) in regards to what the trail cams had caught anything of interest.
dlv2278 Ай мурун
Is the 220C the ultimate SHTF chainsaw? Charge the batteries from solar cells? Killer saw for those with shoulder issues, too. It seems ideally suited for the construction industry. A saw with two batteries and a charger is pricier than a 261 and substantially more expensive than the very capable $400 59cc Echo Timberwolf. I use a gas saw on bigger stuff, but I love my little 14" Poulan Pro electric for pruning. Starts every time and goes through 4" fruitwood limbs like congress goes through money.
Living The Dream
Living The Dream Ай мурун
Ragsdale Creek Workshop
Ragsdale Creek Workshop Ай мурун
I take my battery saw and cut the limbs off the trees. My back is not the best in the woods and the light weight battery saw triming limbs let's me stay out there a lot longer than doing all the work with the heavy gas saw. God bless Stay safe
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols Ай мурун
This is also a good idea I hadn't thought of )just got my cordless saw). Run the big gas saw to do the felling then shut it off and limb with the cordless saw.
kb7722 Ай мурун
Mrbink01 Ай мурун
Dwight Arnold
Dwight Arnold Ай мурун
I Don't mix my Fuel . I BUY Flex Fuel . Mixed And already to Go! No Ethanol to mess up the FUEL lines!
Mike Robbins
Mike Robbins Ай мурун
I have owned Stihl chainsaw’s and other stuff too, for years. I dont use one much but when you need a chainsaw not much else will substitute. I have bad arthritis in my hands and the cranking on and vibration from them makes me pay dearly for days after. I broke down and bought battery powered chainsaw, blower and weed eater. I got a package deal but sorry to say not Stihl. I bought Ego brand because of the price and their reviews. They have performed well all summer and no more than I use them they should last quite a few years...
Bruce Alvarez
Bruce Alvarez Ай мурун
If it weren't for the cost I could see using one of those battery saws for limbing. Much lighter and more maneuverable.
Larry Selfridge
Larry Selfridge Ай мурун
My friend went this route for cutting from his bucket truck. I’m really impressed on the time he can cut with this . I’m looking into this same saw for limboing and clean up. Great review .
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood Ай мурун
Good, fair test,Mike. Nice piece of equipment.
david kettell
david kettell Ай мурун
battery management system shuts off at a certain voltage. lithium batteries will recover somewhat after resting.
david kettell
david kettell Ай мурун
outrageous price though,paying for the name.
david kettell
david kettell Ай мурун
im impressed ,a bowl maker would pay good money for hat cherry
Deane Hill
Deane Hill Ай мурун
Surprised you have not given the rental excavator a wash for it’s return. You usually keep your machines in as new condition.
Tina Chambers
Tina Chambers Ай мурун
Hi mike what s the weight on that saw have a day love from TEXAS
FaceMan Ай мурун
Not good to run your rechargeable battery's down all the way....hope you waited for it to cool down before charging it again....just lookin out!
Shane Zettelmier
Shane Zettelmier Ай мурун
I would love to have an electric saw. I don’t think it’s intended uses to continually cut a lot of wood. I think it’s to keep in your truck to clear a road or to hit some limbs or do something quickly. A big limb falls in your yard you can go out there and chop that up. If you’re gonna be chopping wood all day you’re gonna want something with gas but just the portability and ease-of-use on the electric is it’s strong point. Buying a stihl is going to be a lot better than buying some cheap saw it’s gonna be a lot easier to start and be a lot more reliable but the truth is with gas sometimes you just Gotta go in there and change the spark plug or sometimes it’s gonna be hard to start you’re gonna have to turn it up and it’s gonna be a little more affected by the weather and sometimes that can just be a pain in the butt. If you’re riding a trail you could have this electric in the back and you don’t have to worry about gas cans or any of that and if you come up on the trees and cut it clear the trail and be on your way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out to take down a small tree that should be an hour job and four hours later I’m still out there trying to tune a stupid chainsaw, weedeaters are the same thing. That’s why after you go through for five cheap once you realize it’s worth spending the $200 more to get a quality one that’s going to be way more reliable, but it’s still gas you’re still gonna have to carry gas cans with you make sure it’s fueled up, And hope your spark plug isn’t dead or you have to do a tuneup. The electric just takes a lot of the hassle out of it, especially for quick little jobs he just grab it go and you’re done. But I think it’s all about convenience I don’t think they’re really meant to just sit there and saw wood all day long. I’m guessing if you did that the motor and everything would wear out pretty quickly and I’m sure you would get a lot more realistic work hours out of quality gas professional saw then any of the electrics. But they’re just different machines for different applications. I would probably use the electric more. I think for someone like you, that the electric wouldn’t be enough if that was your only saw. For me I’d probably be fine with it. I’m not really doing a lot I just live in the woods so we get branches and every now and again I’ve got a pull down a tree. That would probably be more than enough and way more convenient than my MS-270. Case in point being I have a big limb in my yard right now because now I have to drive down the mountain because I’m out of spark plugs. Lol. For what this does I think it’s great, I’ve use a couple other of electric chainsaws and that definitely seems to be better quality than the average come up but that’s expected from stihl.
Jeremiah S
Jeremiah S Ай мурун
I bought a dewalt 20 volt chainsaw with a 12” bar for simple things since I have a bunch of dewalt cordless anyhow. Works great. But definitely get the gas Stihl out on the bigger stuff.
Greg J
Greg J Ай мурун
Made me sad to see you cutting the cherry for firewood. Would have made a lot of nice turned bowls. That chainsaw is nice but a little spendy at $700.
Gregory Mann
Gregory Mann Ай мурун
Since most of my cordless tools are Milwaukee. I bought the 18 volt 16 in Milwaukee saw. Very pleased with it.
Timothy Wilcox
Timothy Wilcox Ай мурун
May be fine for someone that only cuts on occasion, but for someone like me that cuts 30 plus cord each season is not cost effective. I like my Echo saws.
Edgar Keck
Edgar Keck Ай мурун
Now we know, how much wood a woodchuck could chuck!😁 Sorry, couldn't help myself! I'm cracking me up!
John Raley
John Raley Ай мурун
My understanding is those battery packs are smart and will only allow the batteries to burn part way down before shutting them off to protect them. This may be why they don’t slow down much before they stop. As battery technology keeps improving they are likely to replace internal combustion engines whether we like it or not. A few years from now Mike will own a Kubota electric excavator. 😆
Jimmy and Kathy Harrell
Jimmy and Kathy Harrell Ай мурун
Very informative!
Edgar Milson
Edgar Milson Ай мурун
You can buy the hookaroon from Grainger.com with free shipping. Check it out!!
Edgar Milson
Edgar Milson Ай мурун
You need a hookaroon or pikaroon so you do NOT need to bend over to pick up the firewood that you cut. You should know that bending your back, with extra weight, will hurt you. The hookaroon sells for between $37.00 Can. And $130.00 Can. You really need to try one out Mike. It can save your back and Melissas back as well
Mike Kazmark
Mike Kazmark Ай мурун
I got the 80 volt Kobalt and absolutely love it . It cuts fast and smoothly (Mostly Oak Logs). I asked my brother about the RPM's. I said that I didn't think it goes as fast as a gas powered chain saw. He agreed with that but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Goes through hardwood like butter. I wonder if the slower RPM would give less kickback if you accidentally bury the tip. I had an uncle 30 years ago whose blade kicked back and hit him in the face. It tore his lip up. He was lucky that was all it did. He had a shorter blade which is why I went with the 18" blade. Hearing about what happened to him has always made me nervous about using a chainsaw but I have really enjoyed using this tool. I haven't had it jump up at all. I love the automatic oilier because as a newbie I would always wonder if I'm using the right amount. Mike, would love to hear your thoughts on this when using a gas one as well as adjusting chain tightness. Heck, maybe they all use an auto oilier now - not sure. I thought this machine would be cleaner than a gas powered one with the advantage of being able to throw it in my truck and not having it leak all over. I did find a small puddle of oil under it in my garage even though this is a new product for me. Not sure if it came off the bar or if they just tend to leak. So if you have nice carpets in your truck, you'll need to throw a blanket under it or figure out some kind of case that will keep it from messing up your truck. PS. Love not having to mix gas/oil, keep separate gas containers, have plugs get fouled, etc. I bring an extra battery with me from my weed whacker and throw them both on the charger when I'm done. Very nice.
Will McCulloch
Will McCulloch Ай мурун
I have a Stihl MSA 160C and it’s been a revelation to me. I do about 20-30 cu m of firewood a year, at least half with the battery saw. It’s light, quiet and I can use it inside a barn - no fumes. I bought 2 AP200 batteries, so I can charge one while using the other, if I’m near the house. And pure serendipity: one ‘fill’ of the battery, on logs thin or thick-ish, fills my wee (0.6 cu m) trailer behind the quad. I would definitely recommend the Stihl cordless electric tool range.
Karl Power
Karl Power Ай мурун
Mike what size chain has it?
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Bill Co-9
Bill Co-9 Ай мурун
Did you say "how much wood could a" LOl.. wood chunk,chuck!
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