#897 Guess whats built here? This is where the MAGIC Happens! Wolfe Ridge new Production Facility

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Great video today! Our first stop on our trip across the US was to Wolfe Ridge in Eau Claire Wisconsin! We meet Chris Wolfe and take a tour of his new shop where the Wolfe Ridge Log Splitters and Conveyors are made.
Check out Wolfe Ridge Website Here wolferidgemfg.com/
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Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

Bobby Baldeagle
Bobby Baldeagle 8 күн мурун
How about that he is only 8hrs north of me.... I like my harbor freight 21ton log splitter someone blessed me with about 7 years ago. My only problem is that a lot of these logs I got I can't physically pick up and get them on my splitter no more. So my one son comes over about this time of the year for two Saturdays and gets a few of his buddies to help and they split as much on the wood that they can. Well they left a few hundred logs last year to do this year. And wouldn't you know my tree trimmer guys had a very busy year this year and we got a bumper crop of wood to be split this year. Last Saturday they all came over and with 2 loading and 2 running the splitter and 2 stacking. They got about and eighth of the mountain of wood split in about 7hrs of almost non stop work. The only time the splitter was shut off was when it would run out of gas I think they got a good 5 or 6 cords wood split and stacked. I was hopping to get out there and split a few myself this week but the rain and life got in my way. I wish there was away of making a 4 and 6 way wedge for my splitter it sure would make it faster and easier on them. some of these logs are 20plus inches wide/round and 18in. long. Those are the trunk of the trees there sure is a lot of them.... Great video as always. Thanks for sharing it, be blessed in Jesus name..... BBE..
Robert Galbraith
Robert Galbraith 16 күн мурун
Great video and the owner is a super lenition. Clean and very efficient
David Kisner
David Kisner 16 күн мурун
Great American work story. Hard work does pay. Thank you Mike and Melissa for bringing this story to our home.
Danny Walker
Danny Walker 17 күн мурун
Great video Mike. Chris Wolfe built his business from the ground up with a passion for his product. A great story for sure.
Silky Steve
Silky Steve 19 күн мурун
*I know you don't like to get political on this channel but there's a guy that should be telling his story to the Trump administration. A success story more people should be hearing about. He better be voting Red. ;)*
Mr Glock23
Mr Glock23 20 күн мурун
I am interested in buying one of their splitters now!!!
Mr Glock23
Mr Glock23 20 күн мурун
What a small percentage of people don't understand is quality made in USA!!!! craftsmanship!!!! It doesn't matter if you got one for free to help promote this GREAT PRODUCT!! you help them they will help you. 👍👍🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Rich Glass
Rich Glass 23 күн мурун
Fantastic video! Thank you Chris for opening up your shop to us to share! Only thing better than this would be a time lapse video of a splitter being built start to finish!
jhammer1014 23 күн мурун
Great video. Chris is top notch. Delivered my splitter in person to hit a delivery promise when a shipping driver fell thru. Said, Did. Designed and built in the USA. Best splitter I’ve ever used. Best wishes for further success Chris and team.
Chris McConnell
Chris McConnell Ай мурун
lol, I have a chainsaw, in the backseat of my F 150, too.................................................daysinger
Terry Castor
Terry Castor Ай мурун
It's good to see the American Dream isn't dead. What a great story! I wish Chris and his folks all the best and hope they continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Great video, M&M. Thanks!
Kirk Griffin
Kirk Griffin Ай мурун
Mike can l just say your wife has the best attitude l love how she always is smiling God bless you both ❤️
Old School
Old School Ай мурун
What your video says to me is you can achieve anything in life if you will just commit yourself to setting realistic goals, work hard and treat people with respect and as a potential customer. Lou Holtz is a great example of setting goals, hard work and treating others with respect. Made In America should be more than just a slogan. Pride in Quality, Reliability and Ownership. Great Video Mike.
Carrie Mangun
Carrie Mangun Ай мурун
How exciting to see you in my home state!
Steve Zickefoose
Steve Zickefoose Ай мурун
What a blessing to see a young man make a successful business! Thanks for sharing!
Casey Crites
Casey Crites Ай мурун
That's the American Dream!!!
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Ай мурун
I enjoyed the tour, thank you. I can't believe you have 98 thumbs down on this.
Jim Mowers
Jim Mowers Ай мурун
Good morning from Yukon. Awesome video.
Alan H
Alan H Ай мурун
Chris has done well for himself and he's producing a good product. A 6" ram with a 5" rod is AWESOME. In my opinion this sort of ratio between cylinder and rod should be standard across all splitters but sadly there's not the availability of rams and it also means a dump valve is needed. It does make for nice fast return strokes though.
Larry Parsons
Larry Parsons Ай мурун
All around great story. Small businesses are the heart of our nation's economy. Congratulations to Chris!
Marky Bee
Marky Bee Ай мурун
I only watch these videos to see the pretty lady
Rick Harper
Rick Harper Ай мурун
A clean, organized shop means a well built, dependable products. You know this owner take personal pride in every aspect of his company.
DreamHomesParkCity Ай мурун
He’s the American dream.... delayed gratification, hard work... but it pays off. Great video mike
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Ай мурун
Great video Mike,great company and very neat tidy factory, As far as what company chooses to sponsor or give you equipment to run is no ones business, there is a lot of jealous humans in this world that hate to see people succeed, keep up the good work
Kathy Kennedy
Kathy Kennedy Ай мурун
HAHAHA you're sitting in Walmart parking lot grate falls i was in shelby WORK, ing on wind TURBINES 90 miles north of grate falls
Paul F
Paul F Ай мурун
Sponsorship apology not accepted cause it's unnecessary! Somebody does the work that a company deems worthy of their products then so be it. You are making the videos etc. I would like a woodmizer (I live 20 minutes from a distributor) and a Weber but I'm not producing videos which takes talent. My second video keep up the good work thanks
Grant Allen
Grant Allen Ай мурун
Wish I knew you were going to be in Eau Claire WI. I live about 40 miles away in a small town down interstate 94 towards Madison called Black River Falls. Maybe next time. Safe Travels!!!
John Roberts
John Roberts Ай мурун
Good to see that the American Dream is alive and well. What a great story.
Joe Ай мурун
I wonder if that's my SS3030 skidsteer splitter being made that I ordered 10 days ago.... looking forward to using it. Thanks for the tour.
Joe Anonemouse
Joe Anonemouse Ай мурун
this is so cool!!!! THIS is what makes America GREAT!!! love your videos. keep up the good work and Gongrats Chris! God bless u guys!!
Richard Werling
Richard Werling Ай мурун
True American success story...
Kate Lutterodt
Kate Lutterodt Ай мурун
keep coming with more machines for the industry, good luck
Kate Lutterodt
Kate Lutterodt Ай мурун
Gary Seitz
Gary Seitz Ай мурун
Made in America! Great job Chris. And a big hello to the Morgans thanks for the tour.
John Irwin
John Irwin Ай мурун
Not sure of the day you were in Great Falls, but we been here since the 6th of the month and are still here on the 18th as I watch this video. We are from southern Indiana visiting family.
moultonditcher Ай мурун
I agree 100% mike.Great respect to a hard working man with a vision and the nads to go after it.The cost of business startup is immense.Im canadian,But love seeing success and someone employing others.Hey,just look at the spinoff to the economy from this guy alone,small business matters!
Banjo Benson
Banjo Benson Ай мурун
Only in the USA , great job gang
Henry, Hank,Warren Yohe
Henry, Hank,Warren Yohe Ай мурун
Made in the USA.
Bobby Pool
Bobby Pool Ай мурун
My father-in-law always carried a post hoe digger when the family traveled anywhere.
Dixi Road
Dixi Road Ай мурун
Packing a chainsaw and an ax. That is like being a good Boy Scout, always prepared. I carry the same thing. It is what normal people do.
Pat Martin
Pat Martin Ай мурун
Mike, I really like your attitude thanks for sharing this great American Company with the world. This very kind of People that make America Great I live in Alaska and fire wood is very important and I still love to cut wood. Thanks Mike And Melissa.
Theodore DuGranrut
Theodore DuGranrut Ай мурун
Thanks Mike and Melissa And Chris. Central California watching
flick22601 Ай мурун
Mike Rowe would be proud of all of you.
95SLE Ай мурун
Who else takes a chainsaw with them on vacation?
Ed Coyle
Ed Coyle Ай мурун
Anyone giving you crap about promoting WR or any other product is asleep at the wheel. You are as clear and transparent as possible about what you do, why you do it, and how you benefit (or not). Meanwhile over on the social media and search engine sites, they are mining our personal data and targeting us with very specific ads. They are not transparent at all about it, so Mike keep on doing what you do. Keep things honest and clear, that's all anyone could expect unless you want to share your 1040, haha.
Will McCulloch
Will McCulloch Ай мурун
Are these machines available in the UK yet?
Bernard MacNeil
Bernard MacNeil Ай мурун
Beautiful Splitters!
Ermintrude Wylde
Ermintrude Wylde Ай мурун
Awesome, well done Chris.
m9 ovich
m9 ovich Ай мурун
Darn it Mike, Had I known, I would have drove the 80 miles over there to meet you guys. GEES.... Mike M.
John Agen
John Agen Ай мурун
Very cool! Hope you enjoyed my home state and visit again soon! ! Shout out from northeastern oneida co.!!!!!!
John Hull
John Hull Ай мурун
Love this story!
Tom Quinsler
Tom Quinsler Ай мурун
Mike says "Where do you get something like this at" and "how much does it weight"? Bet we see one in the new building!
Joe Colvard
Joe Colvard Ай мурун
Called today....ordering a 35 ton HO splitter with a number of options... Maybe too late in the day. Hope to get it ordered tomorrow. Love the product....thanks Mike and Melissa for bringing it to me. Can't wait to get it!
Wolfe Ridge MFG
Wolfe Ridge MFG Ай мурун
Thanks so much Joe!
Todd Orr
Todd Orr Ай мурун
Who wooda thunk ?
J. Chris Beck
J. Chris Beck Ай мурун
Hey Chris, there is 0 sales tax in Delaware....
James Blissett
James Blissett Ай мурун
Hard work pays. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jim Kempton
Jim Kempton Ай мурун
This was probably the most interesting and enjoyable video I have watched to date and i have been tagging along with y’all for about a year and a half. That young man ,,,,what a great American story. Thanks Mike & Melissa.
Otto Honkala
Otto Honkala Ай мурун
Impressive to say the least. Glad for the USA manufacturing!
Ben C
Ben C Ай мурун
Congrats to Chris on his amazing American dream company, what a great story. Hard work leads to great rewards. May God bless his family, business, and employees. Another great video from the traveling Morgans. Safe travels and keep the positive videos coming!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Stay safe and have fun😊
David Kirkman
David Kirkman Ай мурун
A fantastic story with wolf ridge
Balaklava Ай мурун
I love to see a success story like Chris.
Chris Hatfield
Chris Hatfield Ай мурун
thats a small american flag compared to the one located in mazie oklahoma.
Lynda Campbell
Lynda Campbell Ай мурун
Awesome video! What a nice young man! Thank you for this tour.
George Charokee
George Charokee Ай мурун
Great Vlog there Mike, Love to here about these Success Stories. Nothing Happens Overnight but Chris Persevered‼ He had a Idea to Reinvent the Typical Log Splitter to Something More Useful, Powerful, Back Saving and High Production for those of Us Who uses Wood to Heat or to Sell. Much Continued 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾Success and 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Blessings there Wolfe Ridge and Team‼ Hey Guy's Continue Your Safe Travels🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.
nice, factory tour of us based company and no mention of America
Mark Childress
Mark Childress Ай мурун
Great job that’s the people we like to support keep the American dream alive work hard and it pays off. Congratulations Chris
Scott Featherstone
Scott Featherstone Ай мурун
I agree. Really like the hard working guy that builds a successful business. Awesome.
Greg Lammers
Greg Lammers Ай мурун
Great story, this is what makes America great. Thanks for the tour.
Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson Ай мурун
Mike, that was a great tour, Chris has worked hard and done well in a short amount of time. I sure would like to run one of his splitters. I have spent some time in Eau Claire back in my college days, nice community. Hope you had a chance to have a beer on Water St.
Jeffrey Armstrong
Jeffrey Armstrong Ай мурун
I think it’s WONDERFUL that you are supporting and encouraging start up American workers! Thank you for the GREAT videos, and friendship y’all provide! Always positive, and showing the joy and value of work!
Homestead Fabricator
Homestead Fabricator Ай мурун
If only wasn't on the road. Could've met you when you were at Wolfe Ridge.
Todd Rabideau
Todd Rabideau Ай мурун
Great video Mike! LOVE stories like this. Chris, congratulations on your success and wishing you nothing but growth moving ahead!
Don Oberley
Don Oberley Ай мурун
Mikes inner self is saying hmmm hi output sweet !
Sofa King Good
Sofa King Good Ай мурун
I wish that I could justify buying one. I have a 22 ton county line. The Kohler 3000 engine has carb problems every year no matter what I do.
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon Ай мурун
This is a perfect example of opportunity and preparedness meeting “Gradually Overnight!” ... Five Years!!!! Wow! I get it, and it makes me proud to live in a country where this is possible for those willing to put in the hard work in pursuit of their own vision for happiness. BRAVO!
Edward Finn
Edward Finn Ай мурун
Hats off to Chris... Great accomplishment there guy! 👍👍👍👍👍
Passionfruit Estate
Passionfruit Estate Ай мурун
Great profile of Wolfe Ridge ! I do not split logs but I can appreciate the detailed review of this family US operation. When I do get to the point of needing a splitter I will look them up for sure . Thank you.
Chuck P
Chuck P Ай мурун
Hi Morgans. Long distance Hi to Hunter & Ty.
Kevin Leonard
Kevin Leonard Ай мурун
Chris should create a Morgan Package splitter. Designed by Mike/Melissa!!
Edward Finn
Edward Finn Ай мурун
Travelling on vacation with a powersaw and an axe! Gotta love it!👍👍
Royce Abbott
Royce Abbott Ай мурун
This is the reason I bought a Wolf ridge wood splitter. I called and talked to Chris himself. It’s definitely a great tool. I highly recommend this Spliter.
Royce Abbott
Royce Abbott Ай мурун
Definitely. It makes wood spilling fun.
Wolfe Ridge MFG
Wolfe Ridge MFG Ай мурун
Thank you Royce!
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz Ай мурун
2:27 I concur, Mikey, I concur.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams Ай мурун
What a great video mate. Well done Chris and thanks Mike for sharing it - I wish I could get one to Australia! Support an enterprising entrepreneur to succeed with a great product. :-)
RAH Capital
RAH Capital Ай мурун
if I fly into Chippewa regional airport can he rig it up to the bottom of my Cessna?
Wolfe Ridge MFG
Wolfe Ridge MFG Ай мурун
LOL, if there's a will, there's a way! Hahhaha
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz Ай мурун
Wonderful video guys! You can easily see by the cleanliness of his plant that he has a passion for producing a top-of-the-line product. Further, there will always be some people out there that will be looking for the bad spot in all things good. The best thing to do to my way of thinking is to say nothing of it. Be safe on the road.
Dale Steinecke
Dale Steinecke Ай мурун
Thats was an amazing tour Thanks for taking us along
Robert Russnogle
Robert Russnogle Ай мурун
Getting closer to Oregon
carl stanoyevic
carl stanoyevic Ай мурун
Coolest video. Thanks now I have to have one I’ll be calling Chris. Enjoy your vacation the west is so beautiful and the folks are very friendly and kind. God Bless carl.
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
Wow wow wow watched the rest of the video.very very impressive little factory he has there. And all in just 5 short yrs. Hes a very smart man. I hope alot of your viewers give him some big business.hes deserves it.really nice guy. If i had reason to own a woodsplitter I would definitely order one from Chris. Very high quality splitters which is very obvious. I'm like you Mike I love hearing and seeing life stories like chris' . What makes me sick is we have retards running around burning down and destroying peoples dreams and businesses like chris'. I wish him the absolute best and thanks so much Michele and Mike for stopping there and giving us a first hand close up his dream. Makes me excited to see your new building go up when yall get back. Might be a foot of snow on the ground by time yall get home.haha. Safe travels you two. Keep the vids rolling lovjng every bit of them.
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
Mike your always going to have your losers that can't stand seeing someone doing nice things for others like your doing for the woodsplitter fella. Your a good man and I and thousand if us do appreciate you for what you do for others.we don't always have to be paid.we can do nice things for people and feel good for it. You keep being the great guy we all know and see daily on your channel and your life. Haters are going to to hate and do t need a reason to do so.SCREW THEM !!.
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
Yes you will need the ax and chainsaw for antifa and the anarchists that will throw rocks at your truck and try to beat and kill you .i hope your not going anywhere near those wackos. Cool seeing the woodsplitter building tour and the dude that owns it.
Barry D. Thomas Sr.
Barry D. Thomas Sr. Ай мурун
Byron F. Bingham
Byron F. Bingham Ай мурун
Do you plan on coming to Utah? If you are I live just off I-15 exit 372. My place is 8 tents of a mile to the RXR tracks then cross the tracks Left turn and 2 blocks 3rd house on the left. This is my phone number 435 452 8267.
H Pain
H Pain Ай мурун
Mike, this is awesome what you do for American made small guys. Keep it up man.
FITTER Ай мурун
Gotta love Wisconsin!!!
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
Way to go Chris!! Great looking shop and log splitters 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Chris Hillegonds
Chris Hillegonds Ай мурун
Abba Construction
Abba Construction Ай мурун
Whitetail 262
Whitetail 262 Ай мурун
Congratulations Chris & continued success great story excellent video Morgan’s
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