#899 MASSIVE CEDARS, Huge Bison, and a Great Family for you to meet!

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Today we look at some Massive Cedar Trees in Glacier National Park, Some Huge Bison at the National Bison Range. We also share some footage from a visit we had with our Friends the Ritter Family! Check out their channel a "Ritter Bit Will Do"
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David Kisner
David Kisner 16 күн мурун
How to tell the difference between a Ponderosa Pine and a Lodgepole Pine. When looking at the two trees side-by-side, Ponderosa Pines will have longer, darker needles, as well as a courser, orange-brown colored bark when compared to the finer, darker bark of the Lodgepole.
Chippys ATV
Chippys ATV 25 күн мурун
Man.... mountain cedars compared to the ones on the praieies where im from and huge difference in size, gorgeous trees!
David Barria Dios
David Barria Dios Ай мурун
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall Ай мурун
Bison drive! Lol. Thanks for all the video on your journey. I know it's not easy. Safe travels and have a day!
Merle Warnsholz
Merle Warnsholz Ай мурун
Mike & Melissa - Great video once again. Yup, that's a ponderosa pine. Nice to see the antelope also, along with the many bison. Pretty hazy at one point so you couldn't see across the valley. Glad you are enjoying your trip. It is big, and wide open out there, but there is a beauty to the geography in your part of the country too. I love western Pennsylvania. For me out west and the rocky mountains is a clear indication of how great an architect our maker truly is. Blessings to you both. Hi to Hunter, Hannah, and Eva.
James Simon
James Simon Ай мурун
Do Bear Tooth Pass. it's awesome!
Chris Marsh
Chris Marsh Ай мурун
Nice to see the Ritters in some warm weather , One of my favorites for snow removal !!!
Larry Slade
Larry Slade Ай мурун
I agree with you! I love the trees. Sounds funny I suppose coming from an exlogger, tree faller from the Pacific Northwest. My favorites are Cedars, Douglas Firs, and Hemlocks. When I was falling timber in the 80’s, we fell Douglas Fir 5-6’ diameters, 150 - 200 foot tall. Old growth. We, the United States, have beautiful trees. Larr
Brian Rawlings
Brian Rawlings Ай мурун
Fun visit with the Ridders. That was cool.
Mark S
Mark S Ай мурун
I love the footage of the big cedars and the music. I drifted off into that forest with you guys.
DrummerZoot Ай мурун
Hi, Morgans. Thanks for taking us on your trip and sharing great things of this country. I really enjoy your channel. Keep enjoying your trip and be safe.
Greg J
Greg J Ай мурун
John Ritter posted a video today on his KGpost channel about your visit. Don’t think I be ever seen Mike smile and laugh so much. 👍
Murdoch 451
Murdoch 451 Ай мурун
What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison, you can't wash your hands in a buffalo. David UK.
Wes McCann
Wes McCann Ай мурун
Beautiful countryside. The bison are always a great sight, and that was a really nice goat you showed towards the end. Those were some really nice cedars and ponderosas, and if you are wanting to see some more very large trees, plan a trip out to Yosemite at some point where the ancient redwoods are thousands of years old and many are more than 20 feet in diameter. It'll blow your mind the first time you see it.
Donutman Ай мурун
I think I saw Bigfoot at 16:45
Rich Fabian
Rich Fabian Ай мурун
Some of those cedar trees you would need the MS880 cause they are so Big but just think if you were able to cut one of those down it sure would make a Nice Cedar Chest for Melissa as a Christmas Present, Just Saying
Ritchie Kubishak
Ritchie Kubishak Ай мурун
you realy missed out by not seeing northern minnesotaan lake superior
Clifford Cupp
Clifford Cupp Ай мурун
Great video, thank you for sharing 😀.
Greg J
Greg J Ай мурун
Trail of the Cedars was a beautiful hike. Looks like there were not too many people in the park nor the Bison Range.
HTPJohn Ай мурун
This is a lot of fun. Visiting with the RItters was really special, such a good time. Be safe on your travels and God Bless.
Ron Evensen
Ron Evensen Ай мурун
The guy from Men's Supply Co. is wrong about the needles, they loose a few needles from the inside out, called natural dieback. But keek there needles all year long. Conifers keep there needles year around, deciduous, leafy trees, loose there leaves in the fall as yours do back in Pen.
Ron Evensen
Ron Evensen Ай мурун
Ponderosas have three needle clusters with long needles, Lodgpole have two needle clusters and are short.
Edgar Milson
Edgar Milson Ай мурун
I think that everyone likes being at home but it is nice to get away for a while. It is wonderful coming home though!
Rafael castro
Rafael castro Ай мурун
Hi mike awesome trip your having i live in PR . And my kids live in Minnesota. I'll be there for Christmas keep enjoy your trip i also watch the Ritter will do there great.
Jeffrey Krogh
Jeffrey Krogh Ай мурун
So Mike, did they make you check your chainsaw at the entrance to all these parks? Fantastic vacation videos. Thanks!
Brad Watters
Brad Watters Ай мурун
Did you go to red lodge and take the bear tooth pass into yellowstone? I did 3 werks ago. It is awesome. Safe travels.
Monte Connally
Monte Connally Ай мурун
Greetings on your next vaction try go to Mount Scott in the North West of Lawton, Oklahoma Mount Scott rises to a height of 2,464' feet and is located in the Wichita Mountains near Fort Sill Military Reservation and lies in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge.
Jim Schlaugat
Jim Schlaugat Ай мурун
It looks like a ponderosa pine. You can tell by the real long needles and the bark has those long reddish strips lengthwise.
Fred Carani
Fred Carani Ай мурун
The western forests in the National Parks and wilderness areas are basically living museums. We are fortunate that previous generations had the foresight to preserve these areas. You could spend a lifetime just exploring the Intermountain and Pacific Northwest states.
PJ Seiber
PJ Seiber Ай мурун
ONLY in America, this is fantastic
Stephen Gmeiner
Stephen Gmeiner Ай мурун
Melissa, you need to help Mike with Cue Cards! “National.... Buffalo.... Bison... Park... Range?” 🤣
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon Ай мурун
I totally get the connection to trees, ...and I’m not a firewood guy. Signs of the soul of the planet to me, ... and the great gift of timbers and lumber!
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon Ай мурун
It is so great to have an outlet that shows good people enjoying life together. Good for the soul!
Josh Mcdaniel
Josh Mcdaniel Ай мурун
Ponderosa pine. Mike just logged my property in Washington there is a cedar old growth that is down on my property over six feet around and many others old growth fir and hemlock.
Josh Mcdaniel
Josh Mcdaniel Ай мурун
We also planted a large variety of trees back on the property. Deodar cedar, Douglas fir, japanese larch, ponderosa pine, western hemlock, western red cedar, it was fun planting 635 trees in rough logged property. Lol.
Robert Russnogle
Robert Russnogle Ай мурун
Lodge pole Pine - long thin and tall. Ponderosa pine - more color, thicker, heavier
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Bruce Benson
Bruce Benson Ай мурун
The next time you are in the Caribbean, United States Virgin Islands, St. THOMAS, feel free to contact me and stop by. Thanks for taking the time to share your vacation with us.
6-D Ranch
6-D Ranch Ай мурун
Hey Mike. I work has a forester in NE Wa. Yep that was a Ponderosa Pine. The Ponderosa has 3 needles per fascicle and the lodgepole has 2 needles per fascicle and the 2 needles contort around each other. The Ponderosa can get real big like that one there, where lodgepole usally are smaller and skinny. Back here the lodgepole usually die out fast and cause a huge wildfire issue. We have several logging operations in the area to help thin out these unhealthy trees. Hope the trip is going well. Take care and all the best. 6-D
Joe Colvard
Joe Colvard Ай мурун
Well...ordered my Wolfe Ridge 35 ton HO splitter with a number of options. Talked with Chris and his wife, who were so very nice. 8 weeks for delivery so I guess I will just be patient. Just thanks for introducing me to this great product and keep up the great work. Enjoy your trip....the new building project will be there when you get back.
John Reynolds
John Reynolds Ай мурун
If they only knew that you had a chainsaw in your truck they might not have let you into the park thinking that all of those big trees might just be too tempting. Will you guys be traveling through Denver Co on this trip?
John Reynolds
John Reynolds Ай мурун
I kind of figured that you would stay north this trip being you flew into Denver last time, but thought I would ask and maybe have an opportunity to meet you and Melissa. Enjoy your vacation. It looks like you're having a good time.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
No Colorado this trip, we were there 2 years ago
Wing Whacker
Wing Whacker Ай мурун
Yes, you were looking at Ponderosa Pine. Another common name is Yellow Pine. The main difference between Lodgepole and Ponderosa is needle length. Ponderosa needles are longer by a few inches. Also, Lodgepole needles have a twist. That is why their scientific name is Pinus contorta. Lodgepole are a short lived tree; an old one being 120 years. Ponderosa live twice as long and they have a tap root. The cedar are called Western Red Cedar. Have fun enjoying land to the east!
Peter Koster
Peter Koster Ай мурун
If its ponderosa pine. The bark will smell like vanilla or butterscotch
Dylan K
Dylan K Ай мурун
The lodge pole pine is really the most obvious its what they use for telephone/power poles so they grow very tall and straight.
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz Ай мурун
You keep heading West.... and you're gonna be running into Buckin' Billy Ray! *#901 You'll Never Guess Who We Met in British Columbia!!*
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Steven Gourley
Steven Gourley Ай мурун
Yes that was a ponderosa pine. Ponderosa is the hardest of the line family. They also have the most colors inside them.you can get white wood,yellow,,gray, charcoal ,pink, and red all in one tree
Sharon O
Sharon O Ай мурун
Yes it is a Ponderosa Pine. Lodge pole pines are short and unhealthy looking. They propagate when burning in a forest fire. Their cones open with the heat. They are straight poles. Loved seeing your walk in the cedars. Went all the way to Avalanche Lake. We were burning and evacuated during your time there. Smoke just left today here because of rain. Sharon from Oregon.
Eddie Force
Eddie Force Ай мурун
Believe it or not those are not antelopes. These are pronghorns. The nearest antelopes to where you were is in Africa.
Alan E
Alan E Ай мурун
I believe you were correct that it was a Ponderosa Pine, I was told long ago that the way to tell is that their bark is very thick with deep cuts. The Lodge Pole Pine were named for that reason, they usually grow very straight and fairly thin so they were used for the poles that supported the Native peoples lodges. Not sue if you will see any but if you see what looks like an Evergreen but the needles are turning like a deciduous tree it is the Western Larch. Always thought it was a neat tree. Thank you for another GREAT video! Enjoy all of your videos.
JB Brown
JB Brown Ай мурун
I can just see Mike with his battery powered saw working to take down one of those cedars.
JB Brown
JB Brown Ай мурун
Love your hair. Not you Mike.
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz Ай мурун
You threw me off in the very beginning. Thought you were now into scrap metal. The National Bison Range sure is vast. Too bad your sight was covered by the smoke and weather. You NOT weird Mike. I have the same issue as you. It's our work ethic and the feeling that everyday should be a day where something is accomplished. We're always thinking ahead to the next project. It's too bad that so many kids today don't/or won't have gained that from their parents. Be safe out there!
Gunga Dinn
Gunga Dinn Ай мурун
Well, with the fires, Yellow Stone is closed until further notice.
Russ Truman
Russ Truman Ай мурун
I hunted elk in Gardner, Mt. back in the 80,s. They refered to the hunt as a tennis shoe hunt! Why you ask? Because when you shoot an elk you better be wearing tennis shoes and run as fast as you can to tag it before someone else gets to it. Lol There are so many hunters hoping to get an elk coming out of Yellow Stone. I did get an elk! But it was on a private guided hunt.
Stan Adams
Stan Adams Ай мурун
Yes, Ponderosa Pine.
Bob Luciano
Bob Luciano Ай мурун
You need to head West to see big trees, what you are calling big aren't uncommon in yard trees around here.
Wayne Perry
Wayne Perry Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing your videos . It is amazing out there . Hopefully vacation out west in the next few years with my family
IStephen Iadeluca
IStephen Iadeluca Ай мурун
Bison = Archie's lunch ☺☺
IStephen Iadeluca
IStephen Iadeluca Ай мурун
Melissa, Mike's hairdo looks good too☺☺
Bruce Alvarez
Bruce Alvarez Ай мурун
You wouldn't want to live there Mike. Fir, pine and cedar don't burn like maple, cherry and oak ;)
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 it's hard to believe you can't smell the smoke, you sure can see it! Enjoyed the video, take care and be safe.
J D Ай мурун
We finally received some beneficial rains in western Oregon to slow the fires down, feels good to go outside and take a breath of fresh air. The state can get out there now and check on they're spotted owls.
V Curtis
V Curtis Ай мурун
Beautiful country. I have a customer in Whitefish, MT
ddsharpening Ай мурун
Hey Mike that was nice of Jon to give you a tractor fix while on vacation! Great videos!! We live in a beautiful country!
Men’s Supply Co.
Men’s Supply Co. Ай мурун
As you were showing that clip I yelled “Ponderosa Pine!!” Then you asked and my wife laughed. Yes those are pondos. You can tell from the long needles and they lose the needles in the fall. You actually can’t cut them when you gather firewood in the National forests. Even the downed ones you have to let lay. The conifers like red fir (Doug fir), lodgepole and white pine all have shorter needles. I once lived on a property that had the oldest ponderosa pine in latah county Idaho at over 400 years old!! The forest service came out and did a core from it to find out its age. 1059 Teare Rd in Moscow Idaho. I’ll see if I can’t find a picture to send you. The Pondos usually drop they majority of their cones every other year. You’ll probably also see a lot of tamarack or western larch in this neck of the woods. Of the soft woods it’s the best one for firewood and it’s very pretty as it changes colors in the fall like your hardwoods. You’ll see them they’re tall and narrow. I’m fascinated by your knowledge of hardwoods when I go East just as you are by ours when you’re out here.
Newton Washinton
Newton Washinton Ай мурун
Thank You Mike & Melissa for sharing your vacation, I really enjoy seeing the Bison. Huge Majestic Animal that can also be dangerous.
Dick Hansen
Dick Hansen Ай мурун
Flannel. She’s following in yer footsteps. Gunna take over. Just wait, she’ll be clapping her hands pretty soon. 😂
Dwight Arnold
Dwight Arnold Ай мурун
R .? U? PLANNING on Doing Any Camping Along The Way? Would love to see Melissa Meet A Friendly BEAR ,! NAMED ARCHIE,,!
Jake Ай мурун
Where does Melissa get her bandanas? She looks great in plaid flannel shirts and a bandana. I’m kind of a banana freak myself, have one with me always.
Bob Purs
Bob Purs Ай мурун
Awesome scenery. Great that your stopping and see some people. Thanks for taking us with you guys. Drive safe and have fun.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Ай мурун
If you want to see big Cedars, go out to Washington, where some of the Cedars there, are a good 12 to 15 feet across the stump, & the first branch is over 80 feet from the ground. Funny, when you are in the truck waiting for Melissa. There's a backhoe working behind the fence behind you, maybe you could give some lessons !!! LOL !!!
andrew k. ennis Andy
andrew k. ennis Andy Ай мурун
The best part of a Vacation is getting back home sometimes !
Byron F. Bingham
Byron F. Bingham Ай мурун
Ponderosa Pine has long needles . simular to Scotch pine as far as thr needles go.
Harv Walton
Harv Walton Ай мурун
No fair, I would have loved to meet you as you went through Wisconsin/Minnesota! Travel safe and enjoy your time away!
Chuck P
Chuck P Ай мурун
Thanks Morgans Long distance love & hugs Hi to Hunter & Ty
Richard Donovan
Richard Donovan Ай мурун
How are you and Melissa away for looks like you and Melissa are having fun and it was my birthday on Thursday and I turn 34 years old
troy roe
troy roe Ай мурун
Hello you guys should go out to white salmon, meet the wrangler star family
troy roe
troy roe Ай мурун
Washington that is!!!
Gabe Rood
Gabe Rood Ай мурун
Google Lens is a nice tool for identifying plants with your iPhone or Android phones. Search a picture with Google Lens On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google app . In the search bar, tap Google Lens . You can either: Take a photo: Use your camera to point at an object and then tap Search . ... Tap a white dot, if available, or use your finger or stylus to circle part of the image.
Billy PINER Ай мурун
Yours, John Ritter and Tim Marks were the first three channels I started watching - I'm hooked. But I gotta tell you, Tim has the edge... that GREEN is just my color. lol
james blumensheid
james blumensheid Ай мурун
Sorry Bozeman Montana
james blumensheid
james blumensheid Ай мурун
While you are out in Montana. Stop at Chico hot springs. Just south of Bos be aman, Montana. Great place. My sister once lived in Montana.
Laurie Harding
Laurie Harding Ай мурун
“That’s what it says on the sign” Bahahahaha. 🤣
Laurie Harding
Laurie Harding Ай мурун
@ 18:30. It Reminded me of myself and the better half to a “T”. Lol 😂
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims Ай мурун
I have always said that i would like to go out west someday. These videos are just making me want to that much more. It’s kinda of like reading reviews or watching videos on something before you buy it. Your videos are making me feel like a trip out west would be worth the money. Thanks for sharing. Stay well, stay safe and yall HAVE A DAY
Raymond Robinson
Raymond Robinson Ай мурун
I live in Edward's plateau habitat section of East Texas. We have had several species of animal's migrate here that wasn't here 30 years ago. Otters, beavers
Raymond Robinson
Raymond Robinson Ай мурун
And non-native species like fireants and feral hogs.
DoubleA3 Ай мурун
I'm waving to you from Madison. Neat that you stopped here for a visit.
Larry from Lincoln County, WA
Larry from Lincoln County, WA Ай мурун
mike, check out kgpost.info/will/video/qmfD2KWTn3VnlJ4 for tree ID. Great trip so far!!
james northern
james northern Ай мурун
If you want to see trees big mega trees BIG REDS Redwoods northern California southern oregon hwy 101 oregon coast
Travis Cover
Travis Cover Ай мурун
I like your new video it look nice are you guys have fun
butch bunde
butch bunde Ай мурун
Wish I knew you were in MN, I would have treated y'all to lunch
Marc Caldeira
Marc Caldeira Ай мурун
A great tree identification book to keep handy in the truck is The National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Trees of North America.
Charles Robert
Charles Robert Ай мурун
You two are so cute!! What a great trip! Hope you had some great down time! You deserve it!
anita horn
anita horn Ай мурун
Never noticed before but mike has two different colored eyes!how neat
Tim Gifford
Tim Gifford Ай мурун
They look like Ponderosa Pines. They are all throughout the West. Many down by Flagstaff, AZ. Are Hannah, Eva and Hunter doing video of what goes on at home when the parents are away?
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson Ай мурун
Such a joy to watch your shows
Greg Glynn
Greg Glynn Ай мурун
Your friend Buckin' Billy Ray Smith cuts a lot of cedars down in his area. Some of them look like they're at least 3 or 4 across and really tall to.
Lynda McArdle
Lynda McArdle Ай мурун
That "Trail of Cedars" is beautiful but, it also reminds me of my 'cedar top' acoustic guitars and ukuleles !
David Helfrich
David Helfrich Ай мурун
Imagine loading one of those cedars on your mill back home in PA. 🦀
Dale Lewis
Dale Lewis Ай мурун
You could watch your dog run away for 3days out west...🤔
GK Ranch
GK Ranch Ай мурун
That's a Ponderosa pine. Lodgepole are smaller in diameter and grow closer together. There are white pine, but they are found at higher elevations than you are. The best tree for lumber and firewood is the Douglas Fir. It has reddish wood and is quite dense compared to the rest.
Jason Bossaer
Jason Bossaer Ай мурун
Western Red Cedars are very nice. Part of the Cypress family of trees and also what in part makes up the Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae. Keep on keepin on you guys. Jason from Indiana.
Barry Winters
Barry Winters Ай мурун
Yes, that is a Ponderosa Pine
Goldner Woodland Farm
Goldner Woodland Farm Ай мурун
I have been the the National Bison Range a number of times. It is a bit of hit or miss if you see much wildlife. I agree that if you take the time to look closely you can see a lot. I have seen bears, bison, and deer. I also enjoyed Glacier National Park. If you have the time there is a lot to see away from the road with even a day hike. Enjoy your trip.
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