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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Final Day, Deadwood, Badlands, Black Hills, and Mount Rushmore! We had a wonderful time on our trip across the US. We drove over 5,000 Miles in the F-150
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Kyle Van Tassel
Kyle Van Tassel 17 күн мурун
You need to do this every so often to get your compass recalibrated as well as your perspective . We on the East Coast spend our whole lives running for that dollar and mostly stay within an area that will fit ina tiny corner of lets say,,,,,the grand canyon ?? We need to go west to keep it in our brains how small things are here on the Coast.... Great trip guys.
Jeff Hawk
Jeff Hawk 25 күн мурун
You're right, no words necessary. Isn't the west stunning? The geography is so different. America the Beautiful! Looks like you and MM had a great trip!
Don Woodcock
Don Woodcock 29 күн мурун
Nice...We Did Devils Tower, Deadwood, Badlands, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, yellow stone, Bear tooth pass then headed to Alberta, Yukon territories and then Alaska absolutely beautiful country. Thanks for sharing :) brought back some great memories
Robbie McLAGLEN Ай мурун
Thanks Mike and Melissa, Awesome trip Beautiful Pictureaque sites in the States regards from Down under. :)
Dik Dahlquist
Dik Dahlquist Ай мурун
You drove past Bear Country. You were just a mile from my house.
Robert W
Robert W Ай мурун
I know when I go hunting, especially elk hunting, there are times I put everything away and just sit there in God’s beauty. This video is a reminder that every now and then, sit back and appreciate what you have before you.
Jim Shoe
Jim Shoe Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing 😊 That is a wildly beautiful part of the country.👍👍
Merle Warnsholz
Merle Warnsholz Ай мурун
Mike & Melissa - A great set of videos, and great memories for the two of you. Glad you had a chance to get away for a bit. Blessings to you both, and to your family. Hi to Hunter, Hannah, and Eva.
RB_Builds_ Ай мурун
such a beautiful place, great video guys
Greg Ciesielski
Greg Ciesielski Ай мурун
Beautiful, that is the only word for our country!
David Barria Dios
David Barria Dios Ай мурун
Debbie Schmidt
Debbie Schmidt Ай мурун
Thanks for taking us along. Such beauty in this world and we can “see” it through your eyes! Thanks again!
Tom Eckermann
Tom Eckermann Ай мурун
Beautiful. I especially liked the music on this video. I was fortunate to have made the ride to Stugis with some buddies years ago. There’s nothing like the Badlands, Mount Rushmore and Laura Ingalls Wilder Highway on a bike.
Arms Family Homestead
Arms Family Homestead Ай мурун
That was so cool!
Ish Ure
Ish Ure Ай мурун
G'day Mike n Mel , thanks for showing us part of your wonderful country . The best part for me as I have cattle is the bison scratching his back on the man made concrete sign that's just perfect 👍🇦🇺
Samantha Kilpatrick
Samantha Kilpatrick Ай мурун
Hi mike And Melissa, The scenery is so beautiful to look at, thank you so much for filming more of your beautiful Country.😄💕🤗
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips Ай мурун
I have been there several times on my Harley Davidson during the Sturgis SD Motorcycle Rallys. A great place to visit. Have a good time on your vacation. From NW Arkansas
Sue Bolasevich
Sue Bolasevich Ай мурун
How beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pictures of our great nation. I have never been and is on my bucket list
Pat Martin
Pat Martin Ай мурун
Wow Mike and Melissa Excellent Movie Music Excellent Editing and wonderful America country side I will be replaying this more than once for sure and Sharing it with Friends and Family Thank you so very very Much.
Flywheel Ай мурун
You guys always have the most peaceful, yet inspiring music added to your videos. I'd sure like to know what they are so I could add to my collection.
Rob Kondor
Rob Kondor Ай мурун
incredibly AWESOME!!!
Susan Fry
Susan Fry Ай мурун
USA !!
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor Ай мурун
Alright Mike I just saw your future at 3:16 You gotta chainsaw carve an American Eagle with an American flag for your yard
Eric Dunbar
Eric Dunbar Ай мурун
That was a nice piece of music Mike
Wander Lost Family
Wander Lost Family Ай мурун
Those beautiful Black Hills!!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Really enjoyed! The bison rubbing his side on the entry sign was one in a million, and the sunset 🌅 over the Badlands was awesome!😊 THANKS
Jesse James
Jesse James Ай мурун
Thumbs up just for showing our founding fathers! Beautiful video. Beautiful area.
Jacques Papillon
Jacques Papillon Ай мурун
Thanks for these nice vids and trip.
Brian Lister birds
Brian Lister birds Ай мурун
Mount Rushmore room for trump lol , great trip wonderful views nice edit Mike .
Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis Ай мурун
Great video, thanks for sharing
Larry Anderson
Larry Anderson Ай мурун
AMERICA!!! What a great country! AH.MAY.ZING! Thanks for carrying us along with you to enjoy your exploration of the majesty that God provided for us all. Safe travels!
Hardy Brothers Outdoors
Hardy Brothers Outdoors Ай мурун
Amazing views thanks for sharing... have never been in those parts and this sure helps convince me I need to get out there... Could you have been any luckier than to see a buffalo scratching itself on the park sign... priceless! - Josh
Philip Sturtivant
Philip Sturtivant Ай мурун
Englishman here. What I take from that goes like this. (1) America has immeasurable and stunningly beautiful wild country (2) America has no understanding that turning an historic site (I'm thinking Deadwood at this point) into a plasticised/drive-thru/Disneyland style pastiche totally demolishes the 'historic' heart of the site (O well . . . :-( ) (3) America has an awful lotta blacktop highways! I hope you guys spent more time in the wilds than in the Deadwoods that day - looked like it was a terrific day out, either way 👍👍
Joe Aboulhosn
Joe Aboulhosn Ай мурун
Well it has taken me more than 4 months to view all of your videos...from the beginning. I am caught up now and can finally see them as they are uploaded. So what a great video, especially of the buffalo scratching himself on the Badlands sign! Tell the family I send my regards and tell Hunter to keep smiling.
Darby Allen
Darby Allen Ай мурун
Amazing video. Been thru that area a thousand times in a big truck and never seen that much, so thanks Morgans.
Timothy Atchinson
Timothy Atchinson Ай мурун
How'd you enjoy all that walking?
George Bara
George Bara Ай мурун
Great video, thank youbfor sharings this with us your follower, being from Canada i have not taken the time the visite these location but now i feel that i have vome somewhat closer to seeing them Enjoy your trip, be carefull and god bless
J Crows
J Crows Ай мурун
Is that some of the land the government stole from the Native Americans??
patriot four
patriot four Ай мурун
God bless America!
Ed Coyle
Ed Coyle Ай мурун
What a great trip. We had similar visits in Sept '19. Devils Tower, Rushmore, that same gas station sandwich shop in Deadwood too. If you ever go back and drive down toward Nebraska, stop at Southern Hills Diner im Hot Springs, SD. Everything is 100% homemade. They even make their own ketchup. It's not even like a diner setting, it's like eating at grandma's house.
Barry Wedge
Barry Wedge Ай мурун
Almost a neighbor,,, I have about 50 acres in Evans City. It just happens that i am stopping in Deadwood next week as I travel to WY for a week of fly fishing with my cousins. Thanks for the preview
thooks Ай мурун
Awesome video, as usual. Gorgeous area of the world. On my "to-do" list!
Ardell Nagle
Ardell Nagle Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing video of your trip.
Keith Wempe
Keith Wempe Ай мурун
Was just out there last month on motorcycles. Gorgeous area!
Wendy Daum
Wendy Daum Ай мурун
Good to be home!
Guy Robinson
Guy Robinson Ай мурун
Are my eyes playing tricks on me or was that a strange reflection at 4.18 I thought it was a reflection at first then it dives down into the canyon at the end. Wierd
Gary Eaton
Gary Eaton Ай мурун
Outstanding, well done.
Thomas Shafron
Thomas Shafron Ай мурун
New music, Talbot Brothers/ Travler .
Wes McCann
Wes McCann Ай мурун
Majestic country we have. Thanks for showing off some it! Mike, you may have missed your calling as a videographer. Glad Melissa wasn’t able to get the drop on you hiding behind the tree.
Timothy Chase
Timothy Chase Ай мурун
We have such a beautiful country!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!! How many miles did you put on?
Jenny Alcantra
Jenny Alcantra Ай мурун
I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Byron F. Bingham
Byron F. Bingham Ай мурун
Mount Rushmore Very Inspiring
Gary Kaehler
Gary Kaehler Ай мурун
Looks like you skipped the Crazyhorse monument and museum. If you go back near there it is excellent.
Steve Kennedy
Steve Kennedy Ай мурун
You Shot some Terrific Videos Mike & Melissa. But the Scenery Shown in this Vlog was probably the best of your Whole trip. Safe travels Home Folks.
Country Strong Homestead
Country Strong Homestead Ай мурун
Are you coming to Coeur d alene idaho? If so I’ll be building a road, wanna help? Lol.
Carl Wentzell
Carl Wentzell Ай мурун
Absolutely stunning. Amazing vistas. This is definitely on my bucket list.
daveknowshow Ай мурун
thanks for taking time to take us a long.
David Mann
David Mann Ай мурун
Who picks your background music? It always seems to be spot on!! You weren't to far from the best fossil beds in the world.
Michael Mijatovich
Michael Mijatovich Ай мурун
This is what makes Our Country Great. Thanks Mike and Melissa see. You soon
Paul E Dulin
Paul E Dulin Ай мурун
Thank you again, Paul From Texas
george hilbish
george hilbish Ай мурун
Addison Gardner
Addison Gardner Ай мурун
Joe Grisafi
Joe Grisafi Ай мурун
I shouldn’t but i am......If one liberal junkie defaces Mt. Rushmore I will lose my lunch. Love you guys!
1944chevytruck Ай мурун
Is that Melissa on Mt rushmoore? thanks 4 video. be kind.
Mike Robbins
Mike Robbins Ай мурун
Yep, we visited all those places too...
JP Hickory
JP Hickory Ай мурун
Thank God the “peaceful protestors” can’t reach Mt Rushmore. They’d love to tear it down.
Chris Liggett the tree fella
Chris Liggett the tree fella Ай мурун
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 thanks for taking us along💜💜💜💜💜💜
John Smith
John Smith Ай мурун
I see you met Bill the Badlands welcoming buffalo
Ron Pease
Ron Pease Ай мурун
Just loved this video. I lived in Rapid City of 27 years and recognize every place . The Black Hills of South Dakota is a beautiful place to live, work, play, and visit. 👍👍👍❤❤❤🌲🌲😊.
John Haug
John Haug Ай мурун
Another great video. I liked the bison scratching his side on the sign.
Skip Ай мурун
Awesome camera work, very professional. Bringing out the best of America.
adubbelde1 Ай мурун
I learned to waterski in that lake over 55 years ago. That's mighty cold water. Did you have some Ice cream at Mt Rushmore? It's Thomas Jefferson's recipe and pretty darn good. Picked up a friend Fromm PA in Denver today. We'll be taking her to the Badlands. Probably going to take her on a Helicopter tour Monday.
Tony Marrazzo
Tony Marrazzo Ай мурун
Thank you!
Greg J
Greg J Ай мурун
How much did you pay the bison to pose by the sign? Great video, beautiful scenery. No need to narrate- safe travels home. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
K Uvodich
K Uvodich Ай мурун
Great video despite the blown stop sign at 0:50, lol.
Peter Williams
Peter Williams Ай мурун
Wow is all I can say. Got to get out there to see their faces. Sent your video to my kids as Fall break next month heading out to Mt. Rushmore in their RV.
Carol Schreffler
Carol Schreffler Ай мурун
Greetings from Ohio. Beautiful. Thank you.
Doyle Yoder
Doyle Yoder Ай мурун
Mt. Rushmore is breath taking when seen in person. Can't wait till they put the 5th president's bust up there, then it will be complete. 🤣
James Gilstrap
James Gilstrap Ай мурун
Absolutely beautiful
Alan Swift
Alan Swift Ай мурун
Absolutely beautiful video, and you are right no words were needed. Very very pretty.
Dan R
Dan R Ай мурун
Thanks Mike & Melissa! You guys need to get out more so we can enjoy your videos
HTPJohn Ай мурун
Don Brutcher
Don Brutcher Ай мурун
Been there, and no, photos do not do it justice. The sunset from all that smoke is so different than the normal sunsets which have blue skies to the horizon with a big yellow sun. It can be stars out above you and blue sky sunset on the horizon.
White Farms
White Farms Ай мурун
You are so lucky. When I was there in 1985 we were not allowed to get that close to Mnt Rushmore. I believe 5 miles was the closest they would let anyone get, we had to look at the mountain via a pay telescope.
Bruce Alvarez
Bruce Alvarez Ай мурун
Nice that they provided a sturdy scratching post for the bison. Good musical selections, as usual.
Ronald Strayer
Ronald Strayer Ай мурун
That was a great video.
Allen Creek Outdoors
Allen Creek Outdoors Ай мурун
Just awesome!
T. Jeff Veal
T. Jeff Veal Ай мурун
That was a great video
Williamson Ridge Outdoors
Williamson Ridge Outdoors Ай мурун
Wow we’ve been wanting to go out west just never can seem to line up vacations right for two weeks off.
Charlie Liese
Charlie Liese Ай мурун
The buffalo scratching on the park sign is worth 5 thumbs up! Awesome video!
Scott Gage
Scott Gage Ай мурун
AWSOME! Thanks for sharing.
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
That's one of your best vacation clip EVER!!! specially the monuments and that Buffalo on the sign. Perfect timing!!
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall Ай мурун
What great shots and video you guys. Thanks for sharing. Hope you both are well and be safe. God bless!
milo9422 Ай мурун
Definitely enjoyed all the sharing of your vacation !!!
Tabor City
Tabor City Ай мурун
We got to keep Mike employed in the gas & oil industry, so he can keep taking us along on these trips... so that means FOUR MORE YEARS!!!
Richard Baker
Richard Baker Ай мурун
Kodiak Wild
Kodiak Wild Ай мурун
0:30 oh, *I* see 👀 🤣
David Vansickle
David Vansickle Ай мурун
Thank you very much for your videos of your trip. Absolutely breath taking, I’m 60 and will never be able to travel like this (poor health) to see such beauty this country is. Makes you realize how massive earth is and our country. God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bob Varner
Bob Varner Ай мурун
WalMart has their "Greeter" welcoming you in and the Badlands has theirs!!🤣
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