#907 Quick Easy Project, Tractors and Trails through the Forest

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Outdoors With The Morgans

Ай мурун

Today was spent getting ready for a small get together for Hannahs Birthday/Graduation. Set up a range, cleaned up, some box blade work with the Kubota BX 23s and more.
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todd debockler
todd debockler 28 күн мурун
Hi Melissa hope u don't plan on scarring mike this Halloween
todd debockler
todd debockler 27 күн мурун
Mike be careful happy Halloween
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 27 күн мурун
She will
Kelly Hill Yoga
Kelly Hill Yoga 28 күн мурун
I love your music you pick, how do you find your songs?
daveknowshow 28 күн мурун
I think that Archie actually looks like a person who would be named " Archie " when sitting in the seat of the side by side.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 28 күн мурун
Chris McConnell
Chris McConnell Ай мурун
PETA was probably crying to them............................................daysinger
Chris McConnell
Chris McConnell Ай мурун
Happy Birthday, and Congrats on your Graduation, Hannah....................................daysinger
Chris McConnell
Chris McConnell Ай мурун
My Son, cuts boards with his mill, for axe throwing targets.....................................daysingers
Robert W
Robert W Ай мурун
WTH? The rodeo video was good. Do not understand why KGpost would flag it, it did appear that it was abusive to animals. Keep up the great work. Love you videos
Ted Smith69
Ted Smith69 Ай мурун
Holycrap that bx hydro whine is insane! Were your rk like that?
Samantha Kilpatrick
Samantha Kilpatrick Ай мурун
Hi mike and Melissa , I can’t believe how cute and gorgeous your dog’s 🐕 🐕 🐕 are especially Archie, going for a ride, I have two little dogs name Julia and Ben , Julia is a jack Russell ,and Ben is Maltese, toy poodle, and Chiwawa but looks more like the Maltese side, I love 💕 my dogs 🐶 🐶 so much .😀🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕💕💕❤️
Ed Aker
Ed Aker Ай мурун
I keep seeing a green drum in the woods. What's it for? 🤔
DIY at Mulberry Hall
DIY at Mulberry Hall Ай мурун
25 people for a birthday party??! Sheesh sounds like the good ole days, so jealous. But not gonna risk it after a good friend passed away after attending a party himself . Nice launcher, a little less effort than our pull string version. 😊
Charlie Hewgley
Charlie Hewgley Ай мурун
With those trails ever think about getting a 4x4 ,Mellisa and the girls would love it.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Ай мурун
We don't have pole built barns in South Africa, what I don't understand why build posts into ground exposed to rot? Why not on concrete base poles not exposed to rot. Most of the pole built is see on youtube posts on concrete bases, what's your thought? Interesting to know.
Ray Woosley
Ray Woosley Ай мурун
Please put the trap shooting on here too! Don’t give in to those people.
Skip Ай мурун
Still green there, over in Somerset Co my maples are all yellow & dropping.
Wayne Schnare
Wayne Schnare Ай мурун
How do people think we got here ?? All that came before the "Super Market" HUNTED for their food . !!! Chicken & hamburger do not just appear in the store . An Animal died to make that meat !!!! KGpost needs to wake the H@#l up !!!
Theodore DuGranrut
Theodore DuGranrut Ай мурун
Hey that rodeo was all right, have any of you used " tannerite exploding targets" ? Happy birthday and congrats young lady Central California watching
Ralph Sullender
Ralph Sullender Ай мурун
Rodeo is part of history we must hot lose history.
Bill Brockmann
Bill Brockmann Ай мурун
If it's not 100% in lock step with their point of view it must be silenced. They just keep nibbling away at all of what has made this country great. I also try to remain apolitical, but sometimes I need to vent my spleen. [expletive deleted]! [insert rant here]
HTPJohn Ай мурун
I hear the roudy Blue Jay in the background when you're up around the house. We are happy to ride the trails with you any time Mike. We so enjoy spending time with you folks. God Bless.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton Ай мурун
Don’t know about the “monitize” part but it. Was published! How can they with hold money if they publish the video? All these outfits censor in one way or another! Shame
TOM SALES Ай мурун
looks like you are using some of Hunter's wood in the fire pit
Richard Swann
Richard Swann Ай мурун
I'm envious ! If I had the $$$, I'd have all those "toys" too ! Enjoy them !!!
wayne busse
wayne busse Ай мурун
Hey guys, thought I'd chime in here about my new Stihl MSA 220 C. After watching you cut with it, I decided to get one. We are a Stihl family. My son has the 880 with a 48" bar , I have the 461 with a 32" bar and an Ms 310 that I have had for 20 years. My other son has a couple smaller ones. I needed a smaller saw so I went with the 220 C. I just wish I had one 20 years ago. What's not to love? quiet, light, precise, safer I have bush honey suckle taking over my woods and I have always used the 310 and it's a workout ducking and crawling though them. I love the electric on off for that type of cutting, lay the saw on the ground, raise it a half an inch and pull the trigger, even the four inch ones are a breeze with it. I dropped a few 16" dead ash and it cut as fast as any gas saw near that size. I got the 300 batery and charger and it ran non stop for over an hour cutting honey suckle. I would go so far as to say it was fun using it. We have 85 acres, Norwood Hd 36 sawmill , heat with wood so I stay busy plus we do a few tree removal jobs each year. I climbed and de-limbed four big trees last year so the 220 C will come in handy the next time I have to climb one. Can't wait. Thanks the video on the saw, I was on the fence on what to buy, you helped me make the right choice.
Corey Riley
Corey Riley Ай мурун
Maple Grove is near me in Minnesota !
Tom Eckermann
Tom Eckermann Ай мурун
I love the rodeo video. Americana! I also appreciate the ride-along with you and Archie. There’s nothing like a ride/walk in the woods.
Jack Skidmore
Jack Skidmore Ай мурун
I heard you say you moved some firewood around with the bx23s. I was curious, was that the totes full of wood? Can the BX carry a full tote of wood?
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Ай мурун
Watched 901 can't see You Tubes problem, that's the way of American cattle business its fact not fiction then how can it be abuse. Amen
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Ай мурун
Your background music well suited as usual.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Ай мурун
Mike you must always be busy cleaning or making target stands general fixing up. Nice to be busy and happy. Amen
allen Henry
allen Henry Ай мурун
They are getting as bad as the facebook police!! Anyhow, great clip hope the party is a great success. And Happy Birthday to Eva and Congrats to Hanna....
SOAPMAN#4 Ай мурун
Love the shooting stand. Just went to the range this weekend and a gun show. Not much ammo around these days. Glad I know where to get some when I need it. Enjoy.
Terry Castor
Terry Castor Ай мурун
The Chaos Rodeo was awesome. Just cowboys doing what they do. Hopefully a truly open minded or maybe even Conservative platform will emerge where truly free tasteful programming can be enjoyed.
Ed Horst
Ed Horst Ай мурун
I love to bring my wife out with you guys sometime
Mary Blaylock
Mary Blaylock Ай мурун
I enjoyed the rodeo video very much. Those weren't heated branding irons and that's the way cows are managed on the range. Unless cows are in a feedlot which I think is not a good idea. I am concerned when people don't turn the tube off if they don't care for something but insist it is removed. These are the same people who won't let anyone express a view that differs in any way from their own. What happened to we agree that on this subject we disagree? It reminds me of the time that a group of people insisted animals had to be dressed because they were indecent particularly cows with their udders. This is getting ridiculous.
Mark Lengal
Mark Lengal Ай мурун
How is are buddy with the Cow? I forgot his name but he seemed to be a fun part of the channel at the end.
Kennith G Perry
Kennith G Perry Ай мурун
What happened to the door to cabin?
Jesse Cox
Jesse Cox Ай мурун
What about the other sawmill set up?
Frank. Salomani
Frank. Salomani Ай мурун
Critics are living in Fantasyland. STOP playing politics with your POLITICALY CORRECT judgements that the real world does not live by.
Dandybound Dandybound
Dandybound Dandybound Ай мурун
Only takes a few idiots to report you channel and you lose your channel, happened to me once lost channel due to Taxi Drivers not likeing my videos of driving. Facebook can also give you flags if you get some city slicker that doesn't like the country lifestyle and reports your post. Even simple things like fishing get flagged people need to just not watch any media if they don't like or deal with real life. @ Outdoors With The Morgans; is better to start a Patreon for Hunting/Fishing/Animals etc and not post on the main type media Channels it hurts your normal viewers but keeps your Community Rating..
tee Jay
tee Jay Ай мурун
Nothing like a few heavy trucks to help pack down and drive away.
Robert Terrana
Robert Terrana Ай мурун
By the way poor little hunting shack. Still no door. Forgotten,all along. Poor little hunting shack.
Charles Sixkiller
Charles Sixkiller Ай мурун
Forks always make good sawhorses used for years at.lumberyard. Man Archie has really grown time flies. Seen rodeo video was awesome. You should post clay shooting on KGpost anyway we will watch love the fact they wanna shoot at party here in Lincoln Co Mo we do it at all get togethers neighbors family and friends all my neighbors shoot my grandsons are now shooting as well.I was raised up hunting and sport shooting since I was five started rabbit hunting my dad raised and sold registered beagles for years. We only have 51/2 acres last of my father in laws 80 but have about 11/2 acres of woods oaks hickory and walnut mostlyBurn wood for heat . Also always doing outdoor projects like Mike really enjoy your family’s videosKeep them coming
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
KGpost is probably just another liberal network that sensor anything a republican does . I'm still not allowed on Twitter because they didn't like that I told some democrats where they could go and what the could do. LOL Twitter band me and want my phone number before they will alow me back on.once I realised what they were all about i said screw them i dont want to be on a liberal anything If im going to be sensored and band from free speech. America is becoming communist because the worthless left hates they have no control right now and thats all there about controlling people and stealing our money through taxes and regulations. The only progression there interested in is progressively taken our hard earned money. There just a bunch of dictators.
Greg Ciesielski
Greg Ciesielski Ай мурун
Happy Birthday Hannah!!
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne Ай мурун
The maple grove looks like a great camping spot for the kids, grandkids and their friends. Have a productive day.
Judith Clever
Judith Clever Ай мурун
Hey you tube nice to watch a videos before I rate it, and if i didn't like the rodeo i would do a thumbs down
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz Ай мурун
I'd kinda like to see what the pond looks like after all the work you did.
Brain Clerk
Brain Clerk Ай мурун
Your not allowed to use the word chaos ! its a government word that's only applicable to government protocols ! problem , reaction , solution , (Order out of chaos)
Michael Haas
Michael Haas Ай мурун
I made a snarky comment about gum chewing. Apologies for that. I guess my comments are forever hidden from everyone...
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
mike draper
mike draper Ай мурун
Kaos rodeo was tame there were no animal cruelty at all .you would think they were chuck wagon racing . Up here in Ontario Canada you would be fined $10 thousand for your little party ,each guest would be also fined $880 each . We are in second wave and taking things very seriously . Stay safe Keep a distance for people outside your bubble. New building is going up great ,I am sure it will last a hundred years at least . Have a day Eh !
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hartmann Ай мурун
Hi Archie…I just want to reach through my computer and give you a hug.
Can you share the dimensions for the target stand please? As always another great video! Y'all keep up the good work. Josh from Southwest Virginia.
delineator Ай мурун
Great video 👍 how many acres is the property ?
Gene Graham
Gene Graham Ай мурун
Time to break out the Beretta!
J D Ай мурун
At first I thought Mike was gonna jump right on in with assembling the building. Rodeos have been happening for hundreds of years, crazy for them to be judging cowboys. They wouldn't make it in the real world.
Bruce Alvarez
Bruce Alvarez Ай мурун
Happy Birthday and graduation Hannah!! The rodeo was good! Do you suppose KGpost wouldn't want the skeet shooting on because it could be cruelty to trees?
Greg J
Greg J Ай мурун
I’ll bet maple grove is beautiful when the leaves change in a few weeks.
Bob N
Bob N Ай мурун
The rodeo was not animal cruelty and the video should not have been demonetized. I enjoyed #901 a lot. Approximately 5 years ago I was fortunate to be able to go to Cody, WY. and was able to attend a rodeo while there. It was a lot of fun. For this video, thank you for putting in the name of the song "Peace be Still" and the name of the artists "The Hunts". It is a wonderful song.
Michael Mijatovich
Michael Mijatovich Ай мурун
Mike i just love the music 🎶 you put to your videos it truly enhanced them ,makes you feel apart them again thanks for your videos. Stay safe
Casey Spradlin
Casey Spradlin Ай мурун
You just keep putting out the kind of videos like you have always done. Y'all do a great job with them. Keep up the great work.
Roger Roy
Roger Roy Ай мурун
Archie was like dad you forgot my stick for the ride
Henry Rodgers
Henry Rodgers Ай мурун
I'm so jealous that you are able to target shoot and shoot trap on your property . I'd be out there every day shooting targets , I like the metal targets better ( AR500 steel ) because they make a nice sound when you hit them . This way you can tell right away if you hit them . I have a set of rim fire targets I got from the US and a set for the larger calibers which I bring up North every year . Sometimes I think I have more fun shooting targets than fishing . LOL . Last year I brought up 8 boxes of clay targets . Had a blast shooting them . I also keep the empty shot gun casings because I load my own . When you shoot thousands of shells every year it gets kind of expensive to buy brand new ones . Casings last about 10 reloads . I love reloading shells . Every one pull of the handle and you get a shell . Prices for lead , gun powder and primers as well as wads have gone up but I have plenty in stock to last a long time. Good to see that 22lr ammo is available and at good price now a days . I like shooting the CCI 22 quite shells for lever action rifles . Not as noisy but they don't work great in semi auto rifles or hand guns . Looks like a great party coming up . Happy birthday Hannah .
Ben Hamilton
Ben Hamilton Ай мурун
Thanks for the videos
Real Airplane
Real Airplane Ай мурун
Where is the NICE HAT mel....
Brian Meechan
Brian Meechan Ай мурун
Mike, I’m not sure if you add them or KGpost automatically add them, but, the ads are getting out of control. There was 10 (maybe more, I lost count) ads in this video.
Chris 3M
Chris 3M Ай мурун
Mike or Melissa, I have spent 2 hours looking for the clip showing Hannah & Archie closeup. Could you help me out? I've also check out Morgan off the lease. I thought #901 was outstanding as anyone east of the Mississippi never has the change to see a rodeo. How many people in the world even know what a rodeo is?????? Another mistake made by KGpost, just like my g-mail not getting KGpost videos.
Jason McKenzie
Jason McKenzie Ай мурун
Can you show us the ‘Brick House’?
Mike Gentile
Mike Gentile Ай мурун
I have a BX and I am looking for a dump trailer for around the property. Given you have a BX and had the RK 1.5 ton dump trailer. Do you think the BX could handle it? I’m more concerned with it being able to stop it. Thanks.
Joseph Forgione
Joseph Forgione Ай мурун
I check you tube every day so I don’t miss any of your videos. I cannot say enough good things about your channel. So authentic and genuine. It’s like being part of a family.
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner Ай мурун
Nothing like taken a day off from work and blasting a little gun powered.
Frank Hartmeyer
Frank Hartmeyer Ай мурун
I loved that rodeo video.
Jeff May
Jeff May Ай мурун
You need to build you a wagon to pull behind the BX to take people on haunted trail rides. Perfect set up for it.
Good evening to the Morgan’s !! Great job Mike and Melissa, enjoyed watching you all preparing for Hanna’s graduation party. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍👍 Congratulations Hanna !! It’s looking like fall all around there. Hope you are able to show the video of the clay pigeon and target shooting. I enjoyed watching the CHAOS RODEO and didn’t see any animals getting hurt. Keep up the good work and videos please, thank you so much for sharing with us.
Mary O'Hara
Mary O'Hara Ай мурун
Melissa, I love your style/flare when you launched those round orange saucers into the woods. :) KGpost is crazy, they took my first channel down 5 years ago, now I keep a low profile since I recently came back with this one and only those I sub to can see me or my posts, and they are now very few.
Jake Ай мурун
Nothing worse than a PC tree hugger, always trying to influence others with their way of thinking. The biggest problem this country has is people interfering with other people.
Old Man Fred
Old Man Fred Ай мурун
Tom Fillmore
Tom Fillmore Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing hope the party goes great sounds like a good time
Paul Rice
Paul Rice Ай мурун
Happy Birthday Hanna
BG 45
BG 45 Ай мурун
I watch 2 shooting videos on KGpost. All targets. My son-in-law had never shot a gun. My daughter showed interest in shooting targets at an early age. The 3 of us took a 22 pistol and rifle to the range. They quickly tired of shooting standard rifle targets since they could shoot dime sized groups from the bench.. They turned the targets over and started making smiley faces. They really were not interested in the pistol.
Bobby Blackwell
Bobby Blackwell Ай мурун
Went back and watched 901 again and didnt see anything wrong with it. Its a rodeo showing everyday work unless there concerned about how things are really done . I guess the morons running youtube never been on a ranch or to a rodeo must of only seen them on tv and hallmark movies where everything goes perfect . But i must say i watch a few youtubers and different genres and they all seem to be complaining about youtube flagging there videos as this or that.
Chuck McKenzie
Chuck McKenzie Ай мурун
It am looking for the video when you left Great Falls Mt that included the issue Mellisa had in Browning.
BobbyD Ай мурун
Thanks again Mike, for the ride along on your trails. It Really brings serenity to my life having to be stuck in the Chicago area.
Augy Ай мурун
That’s PATHETIC that we can’t view a video of our culture! KGpost is becoming nothing more than Democrat fascists.
herb ward
herb ward Ай мурун
Archie looking fabulous. Goldens were a big part of the family when growing up. Smaller dogs are the rule now .
John Bradley
John Bradley Ай мурун
Happy birthday and graduation, Hannah! We are all so proud of you! Hope you have a wonderful celebration and hopefully you can share some pictures of it with us! ❤️
Ernie Vogel
Ernie Vogel Ай мурун
I suggest you find an alternative video platform to KGpost. There are a lot of them emerging, given the wanton discrimination tactics of KGpost. It's sad, but the reality is what it is.
Living The Dream
Living The Dream Ай мурун
Terry H.
Terry H. Ай мурун
Congrats, Hannah! Mike, your trail ride back to the house reminded me of one of those Disney World Circlevision movies where you were going to crash into a mountain or go over a cliff.
Forever Browns Fan
Forever Browns Fan Ай мурун
Nice. I shot clays today with a manual hand cocking thrower. That thrower looks great!
John Sadler
John Sadler Ай мурун
The rodeo video was great! Thumbs down to YT for their nanny-ness. I saw someone else comment you should have taken the BX and cutter on your trail check. If a Morgan drives, there’d probably be no problem, but if a guest goes trail riding without a Morgan, they might miss a turn! Good video today too.
George Sherman
George Sherman Ай мурун
If the "CRITICS" get there way ……. there won't be any more rodeos. Shame, isn't it?
david kettell
david kettell Ай мурун
Terry Forbes
Terry Forbes Ай мурун
Yup.... I didn’t see 901.... My Sheldon Cooper noticed the missing number processions... KGpost has shown their true colors.. Messing with political opinions via censorship.... WWG1WGA. Terry&ThePirates
Scott Perman
Scott Perman Ай мурун
Why do they play that video that's cuz that was a good video that was kind of stupid
Mike Criswell
Mike Criswell Ай мурун
Hello Morgans. I'm a big fan of your videos. My property isn't nearly the size of yours but i'm a proud owner of a Kubota BX2380. You should invite Neil from Messicks to see your property and projects.
Carole Lightfoot
Carole Lightfoot Ай мурун
Hey Mike & Melissa Carole here I can't believe what you told us about video 901 They are crazy! You Tube that is there was nothing fowl abusive there was no guns going off. It's what the old USA was all about that is how we came to be here . I thank you for showing it to us and for taking YOUR time to video it . This was your holiday! yet you spent the time videoing your country and what it has to offer and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And while I am telling you I will add that it was very well done. Thanks Mike & Melissa very much and I was disappointed we won't be seeing the skeet shooting etc.. we always enjoy what you present to us I don't think we will see it on Face Book as they say no guns fire arms etc... but have a great time tonight and best wishes to Hannah. Thanks Carole Lightfoot
Travis Cover
Travis Cover Ай мурун
I like your new video today you did a really good jop today
Robert Barker
Robert Barker Ай мурун
Archie's getting big how old is he now?
thomas snead
thomas snead Ай мурун
Nice place. Great dog
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Ай мурун
you didnt invite me
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