#909 It could all come CRASHING DOWN! Hobby Barn Build Day 2

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Outdoors With The Morgans

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Today is Day 2 of Hobby Barn Build! They made great progress today and we go over that and also talk about the foundation of the building and how it's a good fit for what we want.
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Joe A
Joe A 7 күн мурун
Good to see your posts last longer. Pressure treated posts here in the UK will last typically 8-10 years in the ground for clay soil (shortens life by trapping moisture). I guess they have a standard process for treatment here.. either that or we need to be getting our posts from the US. The system clearly works or you wouldnt be using it! Keep up the good work.
Robbie McLAGLEN 22 күн мурун
Nice Work , i thought The Amish didnt believe in using Modern machinety ? just a question, im from Australia dont know much about them
Marvell GDM
Marvell GDM 22 күн мурун
The internet is amazing but can be horrible at the same time it’s given people the chance to share there opinions (not all good) because there opinions have never been herd plus these people listen to what others say and use that opinion with out actually understanding the right reasons behind it. Mike I love the way you come across and explain it hopefully the haters and none builders can listen and learn from you keep up the good work if they don’t like it they can leave and watch someone else
John VAN HAGEN 23 күн мурун
The contractors appear to be Amish... That building will be 'rock solid' and last for centuries!!
BillNJ 25 күн мурун
Doesn't the local building code dictate how posts should be set ?
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 24 күн мурун
Yup they approve it
Art Szabo
Art Szabo 26 күн мурун
Mike, I am 69 years old and I live in Ohio. I would NEVER put concrete around even a mailbox post because it will rot or rust off right at the top of the concrete every time. Guaranteed!!
John Allport
John Allport 28 күн мурун
It's great that you carefully explained and defended your footings selection ... it gives people an idea of their broader options and what to research for their own projects ... the glue-lam for the main posts is an interesting choice ... main thing: it's your choice, subject only to local building regulations ... well said!
toby flick
toby flick 28 күн мурун
How did they tamp their posts by hand or what?
Jim Francis
Jim Francis 28 күн мурун
I'm a builder, ....your negative comments are coming from the armchair professionals who have no clue what they're saying, (probably failed at their first birdhouse), or from geographical locations which do not allow similar construction methods.
Russell Deem
Russell Deem 28 күн мурун
Love the videos. Thanks for sharing!
Robert W
Robert W 28 күн мурун
I had to laugh about you talking about everyone telling you should do it this way or that way. Seems like everyone needs to throw their two cents into the mix. We have a circle driveway that is over 700 feet long and another portion (about 100 feet) that leads to our garage. About two years ago, there was a company that was removing the asphalt road in front of our house. The guy came and asked my wife would like for them to use that old asphalt on our lower driveway to our garage. They would level our driveway, lay the asphalt with new tar and compact it. Of course, for a price. My wife checked out about having it poured in concrete, which cost a lot more. My wife told them no. Now we are regretting that decision. Hide sight is 20/20. Afterwards, I found out that because it was a driveway, it is best to have the asphalt driveway than a concrete driveway due to our winters. The concrete would crack and chip away where the asphalt is more durable and easier to repair if needed. Especially since I do use salt, even on my gravel driveway. So you have used a proven method for your neck of the woods and I would say do it. You have a plan on the building and it seems it works for your family. I cannot wait to see the final product and I really enjoy watching the stages of the building.
n3qdz 28 күн мурун
Gee let’s see the Amish have built, who knows how many buildings still standing and many over 100 years ago. I think they know how to build post frame structure. I am surprise that they allowed you to photograph them.
Nolan Allman
Nolan Allman 28 күн мурун
Agreed Mike, that's how all the Amish in central PA build pole barns and buildings and many of them have been standing for 100 years or more.
Tricky Ricky Cars & Sheit
Tricky Ricky Cars & Sheit 28 күн мурун
There's nothing wrong with the way the posts are set in and I don't see telephone electrical poles being put in with concrete because they are treated and last a very long time. They used to even burn half of the telephone pole length. How do I know? I once found an old telephone pull that looked all charred up 5 ft above the ground. Don't listen to the naysayers, just keep fighting the good fight!
LynnsMariposaGardens 28 күн мурун
We are enjoying watching your new building come to life !!!! If you could give us a "ballpark" figure as to a building that size would cost and does that group ever come down to the foothills of NE Ga ( Toccoa)??? Feel free to email us at lynnsloanphotography@gmail.com
bigmalcvids 28 күн мурун
If you put a building up like that where I live Mike, NW England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 where it rains every other day, & the ground is permanently damp it would rot very soon,but you are not building it here !!! ‘Horses for courses’ ....Great channel & good luck to you & your great family. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿&🇺🇸👊
Darrin Berndt
Darrin Berndt 28 күн мурун
that probably causes cancer in California
Tim Walston
Tim Walston 29 күн мурун
That is going to be a nice building! I wouldn't worry about it falling down in the near future, lol. The way you are building it is the way I would build it for myself here in North Carolina. Keep up the great work!
Dallas Finch
Dallas Finch 29 күн мурун
Good job, Mike. Couldn’t agree more, I have used the same procedures on posts and columns as you described, and they have performed over 25-30 years at my property.
M Straitee
M Straitee 29 күн мурун
What is your costs for this building not including any finishes in the inside.
absolute white trash
absolute white trash 29 күн мурун
i gotta tell ya, man, the suspense wasn`t really there considering you had your little kitty cat in the background licking herself!
Dave D
Dave D 29 күн мурун
I can't believe the folks telling you how wrong your choice is! Last I saw, this is your building, you are paying for it, do it the way you want to. Obviously, you've got a proven history of how your columns have held up. SHM
Larry Garner
Larry Garner 29 күн мурун
Great video. Look great, hope construction continues to go well.
ricky safer
ricky safer 29 күн мурун
The building is looking really good Mike. You have some hard workers there.
Bill Steinkamp
Bill Steinkamp 29 күн мурун
Your post method is best I have seen. Don't let the negative comments bother you. You could use blocks all the way to the ceiling and some one would say you should have poured concrete walls. Do what you are happy with and ignore the you should have comments. The only thing you should of done is built it on my property. Just kidding. I love your videos, keep them coming.
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood 29 күн мурун
The vast majority of us, I dare say, are cheering you on as you pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness there in western PA. Stay above the fray, my friend.
Matthew Doran
Matthew Doran 29 күн мурун
You probably won’t see this comment Mike, but it’s easier spending someone else’s hard earned money! You know what you’re doing and that’s obvious. I enjoy your videos and I swear we were hit with the same hammer! Keep making great videos. 😊👍
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson 29 күн мурун
It's your building do it the way you want.
Bill Fenner
Bill Fenner 29 күн мурун
I like your project. I am quite sure that if your project was not up to snuff. The building inspector would not have allowed the project to precede.
IH Farmer
IH Farmer 29 күн мурун
Yup we have two pole buildings like yours for over 30 years now and no rot. Sheds are still standing.
Merle Warnsholz
Merle Warnsholz 29 күн мурун
Mike - Another great video. Thanks for sharing your comments on why you are doing what you are doing in terms of construction. You have a lot of experience in how to go about things there. Blessings to you, Melissa, and the kids. Hi to Hunter, Hannah, and Eva. By the way congrats to Hannah for your accomplishments with school. I hope you find employment that you will enjoy. If you enjoy your work, it's not really work.
Rob Wright
Rob Wright 29 күн мурун
What’s your preferred choice of boot?
ftbrip 29 күн мурун
Treated lumber is good 40 years in water
Jeffery Myers
Jeffery Myers 29 күн мурун
😂 Mike has a sense of humor; who knew?
Dwight Perrin
Dwight Perrin 29 күн мурун
Check just below grade. My posts were put in the ground the same way 20 years ago and look fine at ground level, but they are rotting just below grade, starting about 2 inches down.
Robert A. Brokaw
Robert A. Brokaw Ай мурун
I see that the Amish are assisting with the build. When we lived in Indiana we had an Amish family build a small pole barn and they were great, hard working and very appreciative for the work. the barn is looking good. Stay safe.
Michael Elkins
Michael Elkins Ай мурун
You might not be able to do half of what you do in California, but just remember, 100% of what you do causes cancer in the state of California!!.😆
Tom Eckermann
Tom Eckermann Ай мурун
The Sultan of Sarcasm. Gotta love it! I’m working on a pole barn estimate at work as we speak. Guess what. The poles are going to be laminated treated posts!!!
Jim Dessenberg
Jim Dessenberg Ай мурун
What are you thinking for heat hate to be the guy that says you ought to do this but maybe think of raideant heat in the floor
Allen Duff
Allen Duff Ай мурун
The real reason why this building is going up the way it is and the reason why it will last forever is because of the crew building it. Amish/Mennonite have been in the constructions business for hundreds and hundreds of years. They know a thing or three......
Steven Sievert
Steven Sievert Ай мурун
In NC, the building inspector said I can do the pad and post like you are doing or a concrete peer with 6 inches above ground because they assume you will not use pressure treated posts. Both have to be a minimum of 3 feet deep because I will have 15 foot posts. I can also pour concrete around the post in the ground, but it still has to be on the pad like you have.. All are acceptable methods in the national building code, I think he said 2012 version.
Mark Thomas Hobbies
Mark Thomas Hobbies Ай мурун
It a pole building! Very common construction method for the Midwest and most of the east coast. People building codes are not the same a crossed the country.
dodgeman Ай мурун
Mike thats they way my 30×56 building was built and its definitely the way to go especially on the wallet. I would of preferred a block or totally steel building but like you said gotta draw the line somewhere
rd3tv Ай мурун
Excellent Mike! Not only was this video informative on the pole barn construction options, but you demonstrate civility with class while addressing those comments which had disagreed with you. Somewhere with all this social media available, society forgot it is ok to disagree, but to do so respectfully. I wish more people could remember this. Anyway, barn looks great. I put tamarack posts in the ground twenty years ago in New England, milled by a local sawyer, and I coated the six inches around the ground with used motor oil. They are as solid today as they were when I put them in. Good luck with the rest of the build, looking forward to the updates!
cliffy summers
cliffy summers Ай мурун
im getting ready to build a post and beam barn at my camp, I looked at my buddies and asked how long its been there? more then 50 years he said. we are 33 it was there long before us and still as straight as the day they built it and zero rot on post. a lot also as to do with proper drainage away from building.
David Bishop
David Bishop Ай мурун
Great KGpost channel. I've enjoyed watching the videos and how you accomplish so much on your property. The barn is going to be a work of art. I enjoy watching all building videos. Its neat to see the different building's and the materials people use. I also like how you explain your decisions and why you are doing your way. Keep up the great work.
Dianne Gauss
Dianne Gauss Ай мурун
Troy Cook
Troy Cook Ай мурун
Well just found your channel searching for woodmiser vids and fell in love. I just couldn't stop watching. I have been binge watching all week! Love what you are doing keep it up because you have earned and avid watcher. Thanks again from Louisiana.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans Ай мурун
Thanks Troy
Clifford Durrance
Clifford Durrance Ай мурун
I have to say, I think your right the way you are doing the building. Love your videos, keep up on making them. Don't listen to all the people that comments negative stuff, some just want to help but the most are just envying you. I can't wait to see the building done. Keep it going. Cliff form Social Circle, Ga.
Ray Reimann
Ray Reimann Ай мурун
Mike, you might enjoy posting your videos on rumble.com
David Brown
David Brown Ай мурун
Nothing wrong with pole barn construction, way cheaper than digging foundation and footings. Only issue to me is life expectancy? If this property was up for sale in 20 or thirty years I don't think the barn would add value.
Edward Finn
Edward Finn Ай мурун
Was that a handclap I saw there at 1:50? 👍👍
Tom Perley
Tom Perley Ай мурун
You should ask the crew how many of this style buildings they build in a year and how long they have been at it, you’ll be fine, again, different regions different soil conditions, different code requirements. If you did set those posts in in concrete they would rot fast as the concrete wouldn’t allow for proper drainage around the posts. You’re fine. In regards to building size, you have to set your limit somewhere, the bigger the building, the more stuff will find its way in, and you’ll still need more space.
Rich Pochintesta
Rich Pochintesta Ай мурун
Mike, you do what you want, what works for you. Just remember anybody can do your job better then you , until they have to do the job
Jim Connor
Jim Connor Ай мурун
Have you mentioned the company who is constructing your building?
Tom Worley
Tom Worley Ай мурун
Concerning the post controversy. Norm Abrams of This Old House sets his fence posts in dirt except for the corners which he recommends be set in gravel. He maintains that concrete wicks moisture up against the posts and promotes rotting. I would prefer not concrete doughnuts but cut stone at the bottom of the posts and gravel to set the them. For what it's worth the method used in this hobby barn would be perfectly acceptable to me as I would not try to tell pros their business.
Jim Alexander
Jim Alexander Ай мурун
Thanks for sharing your rational with us. Everyone's opinion would make me crazy- which makes your willingness to explain even more appreciated. You decided what works best for you, in your budget and it will all be great (and its a proven method for this type of building) Enjoy the process, and I am hoping none of those comments take away from the joy of what you guys are doing.
yak branson
yak branson Ай мурун
I just finished a 40x30 the same way. My only suggestion is make sure you put enough electrical outlets in. I did a lot, still wishing I did more now. Shop cant seem to have enough plugs. They alway have something plugged in.
Jerry Pelletier
Jerry Pelletier Ай мурун
We cannot build like that in Connecticut either, in blue states the government controls the people, in red states the people control the government...I like the build so far!!
John Jaeger
John Jaeger Ай мурун
Mike- it’s probably more like 90% of what you do would be prohibited in California. My sister who resides in the Bay Area is having a ground level deck added to her existing home. The builder has now waited 7 weeks for a permit to begin construction- perfect example of government run amuck😂 I’m glad I’m in Kentucky!
Chuck P
Chuck P Ай мурун
Thanks Morgans. Hi to Hunter & Ty from Iowa.
Sledge Hammer
Sledge Hammer Ай мурун
Another great video, Mike! Keep em’ coming. As far as your new building goes, I have a pole barn in Northeast Pa. that was built exactly the same way -no issues at all. And by the way, that building was built over 30 years ago!!! Keep at it, M&M!
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz Ай мурун
Thanks Mike. Curious if you also did a price comparison for a "floater" garage? I think it could be a similar price to your current setup. I'm sure you're familiar with this method....... but, you don't dig any footings, then put 8" layer of 2B limestone down, put one row of concrete block where the walls would be and stick-frame 2x6 walls on them. Concrete price, truss price, and roof would all be the same. You would need more 2x6's and plywood with the floater method..... but you wouldn't needed the 30 ish posts?? I was just curious to learn how these 2 methods would stack up financially?? Thanks!!
Jeff Sandford
Jeff Sandford Ай мурун
Mike you are so right in that there are so many ways to build and equally as many international/regional building codes. I have looked at construction methods that would make you cry but somehow last decades. In fact my parents owned a 500 year old house built with rock and horse hair/clay cement. Guess what, it is still there. In my opinion what you are doing from an engineering perspective is perfectly fine in most cases. Some say even better to not have concrete as is holds moisture next to the surface interface creating more chance of rot. The only time you need concrete is generally in high wind zones. Bracing can also deal with wind force and avoid the need for deep anchorage. Once you have your floor poured you will tie the posts to the pad and again will not get any subsidence or lift. I think if you experience any natural force that will take down this building you may consider relocating to another country:-) "I hear New Zealand is a good option for Americans" He He Looks like a great space. I built a good sized shed myself. My neighbour said, 'the reality now is you will fill it up'. He was so right!! I Need a bigger shed......
ritchie christopher
ritchie christopher Ай мурун
Every one is suddenly a construction expert like the viral pandemic proffessors that appeared 6 months back - looks bloody good !
jason berrington
jason berrington Ай мурун
So am building a bit smaller one here in Oregon basically the same way Not using all the cement in bottom of the holes just a round i will say 10 inch piece. Works great have one on property for close to27 years now sounds and looks like new! keep up the great work it going to be fun seeing u from start to finish ! Plus love the channel! Have a day!
Ronald Ritchie
Ronald Ritchie Ай мурун
Mike I think ur doing a good job doing what ur doing keep up the good work keep the videos coming
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley Ай мурун
Hi mike what I think it’s your building you build it how you want just my opinion have a day
Harry Whalen
Harry Whalen Ай мурун
I have noticed myself that the building has not been inspected. As soon as Hunter's eagle eye has checked it and it has a "HM" stamp of approval all will be fine. Then all of the naysayers will be stifled and construction can continue.
Pepi farms
Pepi farms Ай мурун
Ha Mike funny when I built my pole barn 8 years ago in northern Michigan with the frost freeze line which you guys get in Pennsylvania if you don't put concrete in and let's set up and then build the rest of the frame without coating it with oil or lubricants you're not going to get a solid base set up put me up there on your comments you're putting shell on top your base is all dirt the dirt is loamy it's not going to keep the polls straight I've seen this from several barns that have been built around me so go ahead and call me out they're doing it the cheap way would be great to get a response from you Mike. Oh and by the way you're getting free tractors from Kubota Kubota is a Japanese company so anyone that buys one the money goes back to Japan doesn't stay in America hope all the year subscribers understand that
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr Ай мурун
I watched this video again so I could watch your funny little deck walk to safety. LOL . That was a very clever way to get your point across Mr Morgan.😉 I still can't believe you didn't crack up laughing while shooting that part of the video. I was laughing this time because you were being so serious but I understand why since you were attacked for your choice of letting them Amish dudes bury your lumber in dirt. So funny. Termites down here in NC would love it if guys buried there poles in dirt. The building would get sorter every yr as they chomped away . But honestly they build pole barns down here to and im sure there's ways to go about protecting the poles in the dirt. I watch Shaun James on his KGpost channel up in Canada this past week.hes building an under ground root cellar and he took a torch to all the timbers and boards to char it really well to protect it and outside wrapped the outside walls in some sort of sticky back water proof membrane then shoveled stone around all of that for good drainage. Im sure that's going to last for a very long time. Not sure if charring those polls they put in dirt for your building would have helped or not.they get such deep frozen ground up there in Canada so about have to do that up there. But yours is going to be just fine in eastern PA. Keep your head up buddy, cant let negative people rain on your parade. Its all good in your neighborhood. Peace ✌ Go Trump ☝️🤞
Mark Shechter
Mark Shechter Ай мурун
Those guys remind me of the Amish Crew my Aunt had come up from Ohio to build her barn... They weren't the fastest bunch but boy did they do good work! Same type of post construction too... Her barns been up for over 20 years now.
David Kisner
David Kisner Ай мурун
Happen to notice them men erecting your building have beards and wear straw hats........knowing they have been building barns a lot longer than R&R(I also watch them) and having watched them erect barns all over PA/Ohio, I'd listen to them, and the local building codes. Y'all are smart people, and while you might "Trigger" some people, y'all are doing it right. Look forward to more of this channel and off the leash.
Mike, People think they know everything which they might not have any expertice, experience or knowledge about. In CA a lot of people have money to burn. Some of their building laws are redicious. This is one reason why CA is going bankrupt. Don't worry about what the people say. You are doing a fine job in building what your family and you want and need for what you and Melissa have worked and saved for for years. I am so proud of you all and appreciate what you both do Thank you both for your channels.
dcsr2457 Ай мурун
Hi this is Jeff from South Florida buildings looking great to me than a contract if it's 45 years we did the same thing and Commercial work build a frame then pour the slab good job be safe
Schenck Outdoors
Schenck Outdoors Ай мурун
Spot on with the post decision! Experience is knowledge. Great choice!
Samantha Kilpatrick
Samantha Kilpatrick Ай мурун
Hi mike , the wood looks so nice, and I love how you will be able to fit so many different things, in to your shed ,as in having a game room, office, tractors and cars , I ‘am very happy for you and your family, and I love how you stand up for your self and you are right Mike everyone does do things definitely and not everybody has to do the same thing, ( go mike)😀👌🤗💕
William Lively
William Lively Ай мурун
Your building. Your money. Your choice. 👍
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Ай мурун
Not to mention those glue lam posts get way better treatment because it only has to absorb into a 2x6 instead of a6x6 post
Theodore DuGranrut
Theodore DuGranrut Ай мурун
Thanks Mike Now that the posts are in I can see that's big. About the things you can or can not do in California they are already phasing out petroleum power, you have to have a gun dealers licence to buy ammunition, Central California watching
Roger Cyr
Roger Cyr Ай мурун
I thought the funniest part was at the start with the cat in the background when Mike was creeping down the stairs, it looking like "what's the matter now?"
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz Ай мурун
The facts as I know them having lived in Western NY and SE Alabama: Water and frost lines are the problem over time. I've seen what both will do to wood in the ground. Down here its water and insects. I don't care what kinda wood you use, water will eventually rot wood. You must do your very best to keep water away from the bldg and surrounding area. I've seen wood rot even with concrete, even with tar. What we see above ground looks good and strong. It's what's going on down under that counts. There's really no right or wrong but I have always felt that overkill is best when it comes to earth touching wood.
Neil X
Neil X Ай мурун
"50% of what I do I couldn't do in California." Never a more factual quote. There's some down home wisdom right there. That was great!
Wes McCann
Wes McCann Ай мурун
Loved “about 50% of what I do, I couldn’t do in California”. Ain’t it the TRUTH! Lovely place to visit in most of the state, but I’ll be darned if I’ll ever live there again. That building looks to be coming along beautifully, with some great ideas expressed for the inside. Really looking forward to the progress, the finish out, and some more ideas for my own in a couple of years.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Ай мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! My experience with post rotting is when you pour concrete in the hole around the post to the top. This holds moisture and doesn't allow water to drain away from the post and the post rots right at the top of the concrete. Your shale should drain well, also you will have concrete around 3 sides of your post when you pour the floor...! Love your building, are you going to have a bathroom(s) and a wood stove?😊 I have a wood stove in my garage, and have coffee and watch "OUTDOORSWITHTHEMORGANS" while sitting by the fire!
Newton Washinton
Newton Washinton Ай мурун
Good Job Mike, I enjoy watching your new building go up.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton Ай мурун
You should take Hunter to Burger King! He told us so ! Lol
Parker McWilliams
Parker McWilliams Ай мурун
More like 80%
Mark Waddey
Mark Waddey Ай мурун
as long as the moisture can drain away from the posts, there should be no problems. ample overhang and drainage solves most of these issues.
Greg L
Greg L Ай мурун
Where did you get the laminated and pressure treated posts? I’ve enjoyed your vids, keep up the good work.
Hi Mike! Great start to your building. As far as talking about how to set your poles for your pole barn it is looking good. In 2011 I had a pole barn built and it is a 50'X80' with a 10'X50' lean and the inside is 16' high. When we set our poles they are 8' apart and we poured approximately one foot of concrete in the bottom of the 4.5' holes. The poles are treated 6"X6" and were installed the next day after pouring the concrete in the bottom of the holes. We then backfilled the holes with washed gravel most of the way up then finished the last ten inches or so with dirt. When the building was enclosed and nearly finished we poured the 5-inch concrete floor with some steel and wire mesh and of course, the concrete floor is poured around three sides of the poles. I also had macro-fiber added to the concrete to try and help it stay together when it cracks, and it will someday but should stay together much better. All concrete poured on my place has macro-fiber in the concrete. Here we are 9 years later and it still looks great with very minimal cracking and zero evidence of any rotting of the posts. Of course, we saw cut the concrete but it seldom cracks where you want it to. The only crack we have that you can see if you look hard enough is where it follows the floor drain pipe to go outside the building. I highly recommend the macro-fiber (not the micro-fiber, as the macro is much much stronger) and also be sure to have a floor drain or two, it always comes in handy. We just daylighted it to the outside hillside. I really enjoy watching your videos and what you and Mellisa are doing at your place, keep up the good work!
Julio Cruz
Julio Cruz Ай мурун
Again good job be safe and many blessings
Julio Cruz
Julio Cruz Ай мурун
I don't know much about construction however it looks good to me. But then again what do I know lol. One thing I do know if I where to build it would be just like that. If one day god willing I have the money
Julio Cruz
Julio Cruz Ай мурун
Mike I believe you are doing a good job. God blessing to you and the family..
AkDadStuff Ай мурун
Heyhey Mike I live in North Pole Alaska but I moved here from not far from you in Northeast Ohio. I am very familiar with the area you live , I even know where the Cranberry Mall is or was. But anyway I sure wish we could do pole buildings here but the permafrost in our area won't let that happen. I have had to learn how to build stuff a whole new way here. I think you are right on track. Take care and have fun.
Mark Crisler
Mark Crisler Ай мурун
Think you should think about being a suspense movie producer 😂
Ken Lavender
Ken Lavender Ай мурун
Great comments Mike. These guys do an honest day's toil. How much red tape goes on in your area with local building regs. Down here in NZ we have overcooked the red tape unfortunately. Like you deciding to shift building back a few feet would require huge scope changes and time wasted waiting for consent. Cheers
Bob McDougal
Bob McDougal Ай мурун
Your building do it your way
John Titus
John Titus Ай мурун
Looking good. You obviously don't have hungry Australian termites in your area. lol.
John Kummer
John Kummer Ай мурун
Mike your building is probably built to a building code that was approved for the area you are in and the acceptability is based on common local practices. Tell the others that it is what was acceptable for the area and if they don't like it, oh well. As you said it is your building and with the normal practice of the area then who cares what the others say. I have seen people who build with specs that are way above what is required and that is fine if they want to afford the extra expense then that is up to the buyer and his builder. I am sure the builder would not let their name go on the building if it was not an acceptable practice in that area. IT IS YOUR BUILDING AND NOT THEIRS!
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