#910 MAJOR, I mean SERIOUS Progress today! Hobby Barn Build Day 3

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Outdoors With The Morgans

Ай мурун

Major progress today on the Hobby Barn Build! This crew is awesome, the do great work and move fast! All the trusses are up, a few more posts to set and the shed roof off the one side and the framing will be done! Also started moving some top soil out of the way with the Kubota MX 5400
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Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

Robbie McLAGLEN 20 күн мурун
just saying @2.28 we would b forced to use Scafolding and Harnesses in Australia Mike. lovin your Videos.
Robbie McLAGLEN 20 күн мурун
Nice Work , i thought The Amish didnt believe in using Modern machinery ? just a question, im from Australia i dont know much about them.
Don Morgan
Don Morgan 21 күн мурун
Lookin good. 👍👍👍❤️
MiChelle Jaggard
MiChelle Jaggard 22 күн мурун
I found today's build fascinating, especially placing that last truss under existing lumber.
Cynical Texas Dad
Cynical Texas Dad 25 күн мурун
First time I’ve seen two trusses picked up at once and I’ve done this quite a bit
Farrah Fox
Farrah Fox 25 күн мурун
Theres amish here were i live , they rip everyone off, they ripped my dad off , i dont trust them , hope they work for you
Farrah Fox
Farrah Fox 25 күн мурун
Your buildings not on concrete peirs 😕
Jerome Fink
Jerome Fink 26 күн мурун
Say hello to hunter for me 🙂
Troy 27 күн мурун
are they amish they got all the same hair cuts?
Zang Zang
Zang Zang 27 күн мурун
0 safety rigging, no hard hats, kid on the ground working under a truss being moved overhead. Time to put on the safety officer face and get them dressed for success. At the very least, you should have passed out some hard hats and gloves for the video. Probably not a pair of safety boots out there. Rigging truss without gloves. Bunch of Jethro's - never seen you working like that Mike. Just sayin.
MetaView7 27 күн мурун
I am surprised you do not lay a concrete slab before building the upper structure.
Basil Magers
Basil Magers 27 күн мурун
I like to notice that I got driver of the month for September.
MJPyro 27 күн мурун
You should start every video with you and Hunter going through the drive thru at Burger King. I’m sure Hunter would agree with that.
tombensky 27 күн мурун
Interesting to watch the similarities and differences of this contractor versus KGpostr RR Buildings just a couple of states away.
Joel Weirauch
Joel Weirauch 27 күн мурун
I have the same struggle that you have with paying people to do things that I can do :) But man, seeing those guys knock that out it definitely looks like money well spent.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 27 күн мурун
I think 2 feet of overhang would be twice as good.
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy 28 күн мурун
Mike I was a General Contractor in eastern Ontario a good part of my life. You are right there will always be people who think they know more then you. You know your area and know what works there, I was wondering a the post my self until I remembered that you have them imbeded in shale and i seen the bottom of the post were all pressure treated on the bottom. well done. Love watching the men work even on fast speed you can see they all know that they are doing and everyone is where they need to be for each step. Great progress you all are going to love your new building
Edward Finn
Edward Finn 28 күн мурун
Never saw them use a tape measure on the roof.... Must of marked everything on the ground first....
Chuck P
Chuck P 28 күн мурун
Hi Morgans. Thanks so much. Hi to Hunter & Ty from Iowa. :)
Russell Deem
Russell Deem 28 күн мурун
Hunt Man. I love your Mountain Dew shirt. That is my drink of choice!!!
n3qdz 28 күн мурун
No one builds a finer faster building than the Amish! That building will stand the test of time!
Joel On Grid
Joel On Grid 28 күн мурун
Now that the major outlines of the building are defined it is evident that your setbacks and elevations are very proportionally pleasing. Not easy to do when laying out, especially on a slope.
Greg Bednar
Greg Bednar 28 күн мурун
Are you at liberty to identify who your contractor is. I'm in the market to build something similar but not quite as big.
Tim Blackford
Tim Blackford 29 күн мурун
Great progress with your Barndominion. The wall cladding colour contrast looks good.
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 29 күн мурун
5 guys and a machine can get a lot of work done very quickly, especially when they’ve done it before.
cold spring
cold spring 29 күн мурун
I spent all my yrs working in and around the trades and always enjoyed taking a little time to watch a smooth flow be it a crew or an individual.
Ronald Kessinger
Ronald Kessinger 29 күн мурун
Hard hats????
allen Henry
allen Henry 29 күн мурун
Wow!! Those guy are kicking it in high gear!!!
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell 29 күн мурун
Love watch you work, some time I say to myself why does he not do this. Well I have learned to watch to the end, and many of my wonders whys? Just dissappear
AtvBugs 29 күн мурун
In Germany, you would never build such a building like this.
Richard Berkimer
Richard Berkimer 29 күн мурун
You are absolutely going to LOVE having that shop and will be amazed how fast it fills up. When we purchased our home 5 years ago, it came with a 40x60 (16' ceiling) shop with an attached 20x40 carport (really just an extension of the shop roof) and I was so stoked to finally get the shop of my dreams. It even has a car lift! Over the last 5 years I have installed 20 sets of shelves and have packed every one of them. On top of that, it has also become the storage space for everything my wife doesn't want in the house :). I used to keep my MX and all my attachments inside the shop...well, fast forward 5 years and now the MX sits in the carport and I'm building an area to keep all of the attachments out of the rain. My mom told me once, "the bigger the house you get the more "stuff" you get to fill it". Guess the same goes for the shop as well....
David Brown
David Brown 29 күн мурун
don't see a floor drain? is it in the plans?
John K Gregory
John K Gregory 29 күн мурун
0:46 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
David Brown
David Brown 29 күн мурун
They are not big on safety equipment are they. Good job you don't have safety guy come around he would shut you down.
Joseph Sperrazza
Joseph Sperrazza 29 күн мурун
This 1 day we did the maximum Truss " wood" all the truss were set the hurricane clips were installed , a helper went to adjust the clips At the Gable end and you guessed what happened next , all the Trusses took the Domino effect .
Mark Rossi
Mark Rossi 29 күн мурун
So many trusses, is it for snow load ? But then I’m thinking the pitch is very low for a snowfall area. We space them 20 feet apart minumum on a steel shed in Australia 👍
Doug Bower
Doug Bower 29 күн мурун
Just remember, these men spend an incredible hard day working than they go home and work another 8 hours.
Scott Farrell
Scott Farrell 29 күн мурун
Interested to know more about your builders. Are they family or something. They all look alike. Please explain for us Aussie’s
Robert Ohannessian
Robert Ohannessian 29 күн мурун
Congratulations on the New workshop, I hope it's going to stand up for all the snowfalls on the roof, Man that looks bigger than the house ,
Ronald Ritchie
Ronald Ritchie 29 күн мурун
MIKE u going to put u a pool table in the game room
BC Newfie
BC Newfie 29 күн мурун
gonna be a great space , building is always exciting
john huya
john huya 29 күн мурун
The Amish are very good at what they do. Plus the team work. But anyway looking good Mike
Jameson Cross
Jameson Cross 29 күн мурун
Are you going to put a lift in?
Paul S
Paul S 29 күн мурун
Those guys have a routine.Really intersting watching them struggle with the last gable truss gettig it in under the purlins.They way they continually feed up the purlins and bottom chord bracing ,and those guys up top never really have to stop.Were my eyes deceiving me or were they putting two trusses at a time?
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 29 күн мурун
Yes, two at a time
G.A. Wilson
G.A. Wilson 29 күн мурун
You might wish to save your back and rent a Harley Rake and skid steer. I rented one for my New Holland a while back to prepare three acres for my RC club field.for seed. In one day. LOOK INTO IT. I think you'll be amazed at what it can do. I was. Shalom, gw
Graeme Murton
Graeme Murton 29 күн мурун
Good to see you're getting on with the building good progress on the walls and roof trusses. Good detail about the quality of the treatment in the post and you can see the density of the treatment. I definitely think placing concrete around the post would be a good investment in the future off your building. I'm interested the next episode to see the progress.
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr 29 күн мурун
Come on Mike,of course it hurts your back to use a landscape rake. All you do is either sit in your work truck all day for work and then come home and jump on a tractor and sit in that until bedtime so when you do FINALLY grab a hand tool your back is saying what the heck dude what are doing im not use to this Manuel labor 😅😆😅😆 Ok ok im sorry i just couldn't help myself had to jab you alittle kinda like the speedo comment the other day. Someone has got to keep you on your toes and why not me 😉😁 But i must say they look like a bunch of worker bees in that time-lapse segment. Man they are hard workers and get crap done fast and great work as you said. I may be wrong but ya dont here alot of chatter between them.once in awhile I hear a yell or something. There just very fluid in there movements and read eachother well. Everyone has there job to do and they synchronize so well . . Well that was from the 28th so I figure it's about done by now LOL. None of the piles of supplies looks like it would be enough to build that whole building hut so far there perfect. I really look forward to seeing the next days video of what there doing. Can't wait to see the outside done and you putting in your road around it with gravel. Going to be so nice.your a lucky man to have saved and now having it built. Most every man dreams of having a huge workshop or building like that. Ok its 1:25 am I've got to get some sleep so I can watch you ride around on something tomorrow after riding around in the work truck all day. Man you have the life my friend. But you've paid for it over all those yrs of hard work.now your sucking up the fruits of that labor with a job you can cruise on into retirement in a few yrs. Great video work mellisa.i appreciate you filming all that while kikes riding around on his butt 😉. Ok i will quit mikey you been beat done enough for one week. 😁😆😅
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck 29 күн мурун
Sheri McGill
Sheri McGill 29 күн мурун
Had the Amish build a pole barn here in Indiana. They completed it in 4 days!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 29 күн мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed, noticed when putting the finishing touches on the hill tractor blade was grounding out when tractor drove up bank. Another reason for a hydraulic top link, you would've been able to raise blade another foot or so higher! Building looking great!😊 You did good in locking your prices in a few months ago cause lumber prices have really gone up.....I paid almost $7 for 2x4x8's and radiant barrier sheeting was $26 a sheet tonight at Lowes in Mineola, Texas.
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz 29 күн мурун
It may be too late now but if you haven't done it, consider putting a drain or two in the area where equipment is stored. Especially to allow for melting of snow.
Acreage Living
Acreage Living 29 күн мурун
just a thought to consider about a man door out front by the main road, that is an entrance for thieves. I keep all my man doors closest to the house or facing my house. Not on a wall I wont be able to see from in the house. Just a thought, as I know when your house got built, you had some theft! Take care
Acreage Living
Acreage Living 29 күн мурун
I struggle with paying people for stuff i can do too, majorly!! But you are right, what takes us months, they have done in days. Sometimes its worth it, but its still so hard! Is what gets me, is when I am willing to pay for something i can do, and they dont show up, or do a crappy job! Thats why i end up doing most things myself lol. Should see the roof of my garage I got shingled, sure it was done in a day, but its a crappy job, so many corners cut! Now I have rip a bunch of 1x6"s to instal fascia since they left an inch gap with the drip edge............. nailed on the fascia side of my drip edge too, no nails showing on roof cap sealed, same with vents. I feel if you pay a professional, you should get a professional job, but thats never the case with me!
Wayne Coley
Wayne Coley 29 күн мурун
I’m Jealous. Jealous again.
Thomas Brighton
Thomas Brighton 29 күн мурун
They sure are fast! I’m also really impressed about how little waste material there is !
The lucky beaver
The lucky beaver 29 күн мурун
Anyone else notice he just used the same clip moving dirt over and over again lol
FTWTexas Stephens
FTWTexas Stephens 29 күн мурун
Are you putting in a bathroom?
Samantha Kilpatrick
Samantha Kilpatrick 29 күн мурун
Hi mike and Melissa, I cannot believe how fast they have build your shed in two days, it looks so good already, and it is so nice to see Hunter in a video again and also I’am so happy he is enjoying seeing the new shed going up, I hope you all have a great day.🤗😀🐶🐶🐶
Kate Lutterodt
Kate Lutterodt 29 күн мурун
jon King
jon King 29 күн мурун
Awesome building looking forward to seeing it done tomorrow, Ok maybe Friday.
Craig McKnight
Craig McKnight 29 күн мурун
bruce manley
bruce manley 29 күн мурун
Love to see more of Mr Hunter.....glad he's enjoying seeing the work in progress!
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson 29 күн мурун
Looking good buddy.
Bruce Adkins
Bruce Adkins 29 күн мурун
I’ve not heard you mention it but it looks like you are using Amish to build your building. I used them here in West Virginia first to replace my barn roof. Then I added a 76 x 24 addition to my barn. They did that in 3 weeks with 6 stalls and a 10 ft loft. I then added 1800 sq. ft. addition to our house. The ones that I’ve used are fast, efficient, show up and stay until the job is complete and at a much lower cost.
Abba Construction
Abba Construction 29 күн мурун
Mike and Melissa! Love it! I really enjoy watching skilled guys do their work!
Bruce Alvarez
Bruce Alvarez 29 күн мурун
Interesting that the 42" rake is 8 cents cheaper than the 36" rake. Careful with the tines, they bend quite easily.
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson 29 күн мурун
you certainly will know a big difference this winter mike . Having all your equipment under cover
Mark Kelso
Mark Kelso 29 күн мурун
Can you tell us who you hired to build the barn?
DENNIS MCNAMARA 29 күн мурун
I agree; quality Amish products and workmanship. I also agree a floor heating system in the game room section is a great idea.
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood 29 күн мурун
Hunter, so pleased with your encouragement of the builders. You are a delightful man! I hope you will really enjoy this building when it’s finished.
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn 29 күн мурун
In the deep soil of East Texas, we grade with building sand (sand and clay) roll it hard. Mark out and dig out the benches and pads (big blocks of cement) Run pipe and whatnot. Then we pour on the cement. With steel J hooks down in specific places for top plates and Iron. If we don't do the sand and pack the cement will sink into the ground cracking on the way. It would have to be jacked up and that is costly. Glad to see rocky under soil - fractured already. The East Mountains are continuing to sink, the Central mountain ridge has for the most part sunk leaving some mountains and hills. Western, from Rockies to the coast are still growing upwards. The Mid continent was under sea water for millions of years layering down gravels, cobbles, sand, limestone and fine layers of rock. Knowing Geology explains a lot in the world.
John Panzino
John Panzino 29 күн мурун
Hey Mike how can you go wrong when you got Amish builders
Mike Elwood
Mike Elwood 29 күн мурун
Amazing progress! The structure looks impressive and will hopefully serve all your needs for the foreseeable future. The slope should look good and be stable when you complete that work. Boy, didn’t the trusses go up fast?!
Steve Voudrie
Steve Voudrie 29 күн мурун
In a year you will be out of room and saying I should of made it bigger
Richard Booth
Richard Booth 29 күн мурун
Dispite overhead lifting.. no hard hats or safety glasses by anyone??
Ben Giovanelli
Ben Giovanelli 29 күн мурун
Not sure on the heating plans but I put a 200,000BTU wood boiler outside of my pole barn (48x60) and ran PEX in the concrete, radiator with a fan up in the corner and domestic hot water. Here's the new version of what we used (the 7000 model I guess) heatmasterss.com/our-products/g-series/. Always 72 & ☀️ in the barn in January (mid Michigan). The Amish built mine also and didn't cheat with the nail guns and actually used crank drills to screw on the steel siding and roof. Spray 2" insulation and you'll be golden. Enjoy!
Nick Petrancosta
Nick Petrancosta 29 күн мурун
Your awesome
Richard Angus
Richard Angus 29 күн мурун
Mike ,how deep into the ground do they put the posts?
Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas 29 күн мурун
Lookin real good
Dexstoy 29 күн мурун
Where are the safety harnesses? OSHA requires them above 6 feet.
gerry murray
gerry murray 29 күн мурун
Great stuff
japhethwar 29 күн мурун
You should get a piranha tooth bar for the loaders on the tractors, they transform how effective the loader bucket is, plus they add a substantial amount of bucket capacity. Best thing I ever bought for a tractor loader. Building looks great by the way, your gonna love. I love mine.
Ardell Nagle
Ardell Nagle 29 күн мурун
I noticed that when they drilled the holes for the posts there wasn't any sub. Here in Idaho have deal with sub so I think your way works better for you You are right they are fast. It's going to look great..
Justin Auman
Justin Auman 29 күн мурун
Those guys on the roof are definitely sure footed I’m mainly a ground guy on projects like this don’t like heights haha
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 29 күн мурун
The Morgans party barn is taking shape looks great Mike
West Virginia
West Virginia 29 күн мурун
Turn off the stupid music.
Addam Wright
Addam Wright 29 күн мурун
I know you get a bazzillion suggestions Mike but the Mitsubishi mine split A/C and Heat units I put in our house and my garage are awesome and are extremely efficient. I'm sure you have shopped around but just sharing my experience with ya. As always love the videos and super happy to see you doing something for yourself and the family with this build!
J D 29 күн мурун
Pretty slick how quickly they erected the frame, two rafters at a time.
glenn harper
glenn harper 29 күн мурун
where is day 4 on the hobby barn
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 29 күн мурун
Bigbuck 10
Bigbuck 10 29 күн мурун
Beautiful looking start to the next chapter, how about a wood boiler and radiant floor heating.
Fred Haeger
Fred Haeger 29 күн мурун
i am surprised these guys aren't wearing hard hats....boy but they get some work done and fast!!!!
Jonathan Leinbach
Jonathan Leinbach 29 күн мурун
Saw the Trump Sign in the yard--thumbs up
Michael Henry
Michael Henry 29 күн мурун
Mike all of the folks in my area have installed in the floor heat in there poll barns and they heat it with an outside wood burning stove. They say that it is very efficient because it heats the concrete for days.
Paul Lund
Paul Lund 29 күн мурун
I would definitely go with a in floor/concrete glycol heat pump system, that way if you decide to concrete the driveway you can use it for that as well from the pole barn...
Tony Stoner
Tony Stoner 29 күн мурун
Nice job by the workers but it leads me to vent. I own a commercial roofing company and we spend thousands and thousands of dollars on fall protection for our employees. I sure hope an OSHA inspector doesn't see this video because somebody will be paying some hefty fines since there is nobody abiding by the fall protection standard.
Grumpy Gus
Grumpy Gus 29 күн мурун
Wow Mike, looks really nice. Very exciting
arthur tanchak
arthur tanchak 29 күн мурун
i know when you can get some firewood at wood heat for the new shop will work great
Michael Baumgardner
Michael Baumgardner 29 күн мурун
Good evening. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.
JOHN WARKENTIN 29 күн мурун
Wow they are doing a fantastic job 👍
Kip Heiny
Kip Heiny 29 күн мурун
it is amazing every day you come home from work and cant believe how much they got done. Are you putting radiant heating in the floor? I've lived out your way and a nice warm concrete floor is a blessing on cold days.
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