#912 One Day Closer! DAY 5 HOBBY BARN BUILD

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Outdoors With The Morgans

28 күн мурун

Today is DAY 5 of the Hobby Barn Build, Little Smaller Crew Today but they still got a lot of work done! In this video we do a walk around looking at the progress and also deliver a load of firewood with the Kubota MX 5400 to neighbor Cliff.
#outdoorgans #hobbybarn #dreamgarage
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Equipment that we use on the Property:
Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
Kubota BX 23S with Loader, Mid Mount Mower and Backhoe
Woodmizer LX 150 Sawmill
Wallenstein FX 85 Skidding Winch
Wallenstein BX 52R Chipper
Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
Wolfe Ridge Compact Commercial Log Splitter

R Dean Benson
R Dean Benson 23 күн мурун
unusual construction methods; love lacing in the treated lumber (rather see it mounted to sales on concrete though, just pref), as most of these Co's cap the roof off prior to tackling walls and interior. great looking building!
Sofa King Good
Sofa King Good 25 күн мурун
Very motivating
Jim Mowers
Jim Mowers 26 күн мурун
Good morning from Yukon. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you charge for a basket of firewood? Have a great day.
MrBemma1 26 күн мурун
Just curious, can they still pour concrete after the building is enclosed like that?
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 26 күн мурун
Kate Lutterodt
Kate Lutterodt 26 күн мурун
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 26 күн мурун
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson 26 күн мурун
Great colors you guys picked out! Everyone's dream shed! Thanks for sharing your videos with us! I definitely appreciate it!
Patty Beran
Patty Beran 26 күн мурун
Is the patio roof the same plane as the shop roof? 🤔
Chuck P
Chuck P 26 күн мурун
Hi Morgans. Thank you. Hi to Hunter & Ty from Iowa.
mike draper
mike draper 27 күн мурун
Love the hobby barn . The workers are very talented, it would be nice to watch them in real time . For each phase of the job ,post setting ,Truss placement spacing ,windows ,doors ,siding ,roofing , trim ,wrap etc. Good advertising for the barn raisers . Shorter days longer nights . Sounds like a country western song have a day Eh !
Coopsfixeruppershop 27 күн мурун
At 5:45 in I thought that rid was gonna pike my eye out. Glad you changed angle....that's all I could focus on! This building is coming along GREAT! But why not dry the roof in first? I ask because I don't know, not that I'm a know it all.....
Jeff Hartmann
Jeff Hartmann 27 күн мурун
You have a really nice place developing.
CaL 27 күн мурун
Check with RR building on that stone work.
Daniel Djr
Daniel Djr 27 күн мурун
Yes those big firewood bins are perfect for delivering to your neighbors especially because you can just use the tractor. Didnt even have to load it on a trailor. And yes i love the colors you chose for your garage de barnium LOL I'm having fun naming it something different every day 😅 I know what mellisa needs to talk to you about with the pool. Honey you get to rent the excavator again to dig the whole for it. She knows you loved having it there for a month. Wont take that long to dig the hole for the pool but still the fun and enjoyment you get out if running it is an incentive mellisa needs to explore. Just trying to keep the peace thats all 😁😉😆 I really don't think you want to experience the rath of mellisa by telling her honey I thiolnk we better wait until 2022 . I won't be able to watch because of the daily beat down you will get after that disappointment 😆😅 Whew im glad your going ahead with having the pool and hot tub installed .😉😁 . Play it safe mike .the patio is just not going to be enough. Your going to have to take the plunge Mike. Happy wife happy life. 😁🤣😅
Ronald Ritchie
Ronald Ritchie 27 күн мурун
Looks better and better every day MIKE and I like the color's of the metal to
Lee Cameron
Lee Cameron 27 күн мурун
Suggestion- Get some pallet racking. Put your off season implements ( mower, brush hog etc) on pallets to stack on the racks and free up floor space.
david kettell
david kettell 27 күн мурун
i can tell you are getting excited to be in your new building.good luck mike,the expense id judt gettimg started!
WAVETUBE84 27 күн мурун
Hey Mike, what do you guys do at work... compare garage sizes? "...Oh yeah, this is what I got..." and Mike retorts, "That ain't no garage...THIS is a garage!" Mike's coworkers chomp down a handful of Paxil. One coworker mutters, "frkn aircraft hanger."
FARRELL FOY 27 күн мурун
Mike u live your colors. Very fitting for your surroundings area.
Josh B
Josh B 27 күн мурун
Neighbor cliff, nice truck! I love my Tundra.
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz 27 күн мурун
That's going to be a beautiful bldg.
SavannahREI 27 күн мурун
How much did this barn cost?
Scott K
Scott K 27 күн мурун
You should buy the crew a bunch of pizza on there last day.
Norman Crown
Norman Crown 27 күн мурун
Way to go MIKE!!!
Jeffrey Black
Jeffrey Black 27 күн мурун
Been following for awhile now. Y'all deserve all the recognition, support, love and great future y'all have together. Best to ya from NC. P.S. Sure don't sound like Yankees to me.
Chuck Singer
Chuck Singer 27 күн мурун
Beautiful building Mike ! The Amish do good work too
Patrick Palmer
Patrick Palmer 27 күн мурун
Can’t believe you ran over their extension cord 😲
Jim Kempton
Jim Kempton 27 күн мурун
As careful as you were with the grading, how in the world did that northwest corner end up needing more fill? I watched every video and you were always checking that you were on grade. You were meticulous, yet ya need to hit that corner again. Perplexing.
Bruce Alvarez
Bruce Alvarez 27 күн мурун
I watched Tractor Mike's latest video last night, he has the same bicolor siding on his barn.
Jeremiah S
Jeremiah S 27 күн мурун
Looking great Mike. Colors look to go with the house well. I am very envious of your hobby barn. That would be a perfect size barn on my property here also
Brian Dufty
Brian Dufty 27 күн мурун
Hi Hunter..
Tricky Ricky Cars & Sheit
Tricky Ricky Cars & Sheit 27 күн мурун
Can't wait to see this finished up.
Chris Watts
Chris Watts 27 күн мурун
Mike, you know I just noticed something. I noticed that your building crew has done something that I wish ALL crews would do. It is by far the favorite in my book. I know they are fast. I know they are doing a professional job. But when I saw you driving around and noticed the garbage bag hanging off their trailer, I was extremely impressed. This crew is extremely considerate and neat around the job site. I used to be a building inspector and these guys are top notch. Great job.
KindCreature1 27 күн мурун
Like a good neighbor, MIke Morgan is there (with the firewood).
Mark Sizemore
Mark Sizemore 27 күн мурун
My son got a Kubota MX6000 with the quick connect system with a bush hog and front bucket along with the forks. They brought it out to his little 12 acre farm today. He's going to love it.
Samuel Bentley
Samuel Bentley 27 күн мурун
A word of advice double insulate out side and inside. And put all led lighting in your building it will save you money in the long run
Ardell Nagle
Ardell Nagle 27 күн мурун
Really coming along looks great.
David Kisner
David Kisner 27 күн мурун
one of the first things I noticed is how clean the work site has been kept from day one. Look forward to seeing more each day.
Derek DeMelo
Derek DeMelo 27 күн мурун
Looks awesome!
Harvey Strauss
Harvey Strauss 27 күн мурун
That is one hella crew!!!
alan walker
alan walker 27 күн мурун
I notice the building is wrapped you do not see it here in Maine I toyed to see if they did the roof also as it was not done on mine.
leo l
leo l 27 күн мурун
Love the new Building .
Ohio Wood Burner Ltd
Ohio Wood Burner Ltd 27 күн мурун
The building looks awesome Mike. I'm sure some of my stuff will fit in there nicely with room to spare for you! Joe
Perry G
Perry G 27 күн мурун
You couldn’t have done any better on that siding it is sharp !
todd debockler
todd debockler 27 күн мурун
Mike what's the ceiling height and are u going to heat the floor
todd debockler
todd debockler 27 күн мурун
Did I c a horse with a buggy behind leaving your place
bigmalcvids 27 күн мурун
Steven Porcaro
Steven Porcaro 27 күн мурун
Congrats guys the building looks fantastic. I had a hard time imagining the building at that location and it looks like it was always there. Beautiful
Ron Safreed
Ron Safreed 27 күн мурун
Just Wow,,is that shaping up..Mike,that going to like dreamland for you and the family.hope they get the roof on before you no that fall rain that knocks the leaves off.hangs around sometimes for days.this is hard to believe they got this much work done,,oh i see your steeling the roof,great..and the sides,,nice,,i love a steel roof..but they get hot,,love that firewood tote,,,did that have a water tank in it..i can them cheap around here..never thought of that..its getting cold at night here in northern Wv,,high 40s..it wont be long..last year it was warmer till the end of oct..i think its going to be a long cold winter. you all stay safe,,im watching this,,its better then whats on tv..steer them well Mike
Brisdad53 27 күн мурун
We're getting down to a brisk 77 degree nights here in Palm Springs, but at least the days have cooled to a comfortable 110. Almost time to get the fireplace ready, which here means make sure I find the key to turn on the gas. But the best news... the pool's finally dropped below 90 degrees.
Mary O'Hara
Mary O'Hara 27 күн мурун
Hello Mike, if you don't mind me asking, what is a "man door"?
Tina Chambers
Tina Chambers 27 күн мурун
Looking good yall have a great day love from TEXAS
Ralph Bearup
Ralph Bearup 27 күн мурун
Maybe will see how they are installing the roof.
David Johnson
David Johnson 27 күн мурун
Looking good
Jason Bossaer
Jason Bossaer 27 күн мурун
I delivered a load of firewood to a guy in town once. He lived in an old neighborhood where the houses were very close and it was tight getting backed up to his garage. I used my truck and 16 foot livestock trailer. That was the first, ......and last time I did that. Live and learn I guess. Building looks awesome you guys! Blessings, Jason from Indiana.
Ralph Bearup
Ralph Bearup 27 күн мурун
I wish Mike had some video on how they were putting up the sidings.
Travis Cover
Travis Cover 27 күн мурун
Wow your new shops is look really nice i like your new video today you did a good jop
John Bradley
John Bradley 27 күн мурун
Mike, this is beyond impressive! Can't say I've ever seen anything go up that fast! 👏👏👏
Charles Sixkiller
Charles Sixkiller 27 күн мурун
Looking good
Larry Riffett
Larry Riffett 27 күн мурун
Looking good Morgan's!!!
SXXKKLLMM McLean 27 күн мурун
Great building Mike live a of your videos what are you going to heat the building with?
Warped 27 күн мурун
Brave man there, transporting that French door flat like that! ...made me nervous just watching that.
Dural Weeden
Dural Weeden 27 күн мурун
The color choice is nice. Mine is the same on the bottom but more of a cream color on top. They are great buildings. Enjoy.
michael allen
michael allen 27 күн мурун
How many acres ? And love your lay out.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 27 күн мурун
That time-lapse of the building .....you can almost see (=imagine) the leaves changing colours in the course of the day. Thanks Morgans.
SnapperKC 27 күн мурун
The siding has a nice clean look, It’s nice to see Mr Hunter curious about what Dad is up to and what’s on the trailer.
Mike L
Mike L 27 күн мурун
Mike, make sure they install the stitch screws per manufacturer recommendations. Heavy winds rip panels off and you’ll be own your own. Don’t ask me how I know!
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims 27 күн мурун
The building is looking great. I hope the weather holds out for yall so they can get finished up. Stay well, stay safe and yall HAVE A DAY
Street Rocket Joe
Street Rocket Joe 27 күн мурун
I bet I know why you haven’t poured a concrete pad. You’re gonna make an indoor swimming pool and surprise Melissa, are you Mike?
Allen Crossland
Allen Crossland 27 күн мурун
Hey Mike, archery season starts Saturday. Are you going to be able to take time out of your busy schedule to go out?
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz 27 күн мурун
Pretty good *JAG* of firewood in that IBC tote!
Tom Jack
Tom Jack 27 күн мурун
Looking nice,,
Lynda Campbell
Lynda Campbell 27 күн мурун
Excellent video!
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne 27 күн мурун
Mike, was neighbor Cliff's firewood a barter situation for use of the pool? Building looking great. Have a productive day.
Mick Rose
Mick Rose 27 күн мурун
Where are you Missy? Hunter keeping watch on the progress?
Michael Milbrandt
Michael Milbrandt 27 күн мурун
You going to insulate that shelter before it gets frozen in the frosty cold north country in PA. ?
David Harrell
David Harrell 27 күн мурун
It truly amazes me the difference in climate across this great land , you said "no humidity and cool" , well there's no humidity here either and 98 degrees before noon
bobblenuts 27 күн мурун
Internal adjustable blinds on the doors are great, I have had one for about 9 years & no issues with it. Building is looking fantastic! 🍺🥨🍺 Have a MAGA Day!
Larry Garner
Larry Garner 27 күн мурун
Building looks great. Great choice of colors.
Charlie Woods
Charlie Woods 27 күн мурун
looks like a warehouse
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 27 күн мурун
Are you going to heat the hobby barn?
John R. Rakfeldt
John R. Rakfeldt 27 күн мурун
i would move out there in a heart beat. JUST LOVE IT.
mike bougher
mike bougher 27 күн мурун
Who built your building? I looked around a little but didn't see anything.
mike lewis
mike lewis 27 күн мурун
I was wondering why they did not put up any sheathing before the wrap and metal siding... Will you put Styrofoam sheets on the inside???
King Biscuit2112
King Biscuit2112 28 күн мурун
Still don’t get where the “Hobby” part of the building comes from.
adsc2006 27 күн мурун
Stay tuned!
Kent Van Kooten
Kent Van Kooten 28 күн мурун
Color is great, building is looking awesome. I am in south central Iowa and there are thousands of buildings built around here with poles in the ground. Many have been around for many years and no problems.
Jeffrey Lane
Jeffrey Lane 28 күн мурун
Looking good!!
D. Kanon
D. Kanon 28 күн мурун
Siding colors look great. The construction foreman could give a course in project management ... well coordinated.
PNW Nvtz
PNW Nvtz 28 күн мурун
The siding colors are spot on.
Daryl Bruning
Daryl Bruning 28 күн мурун
It would be cool if you had drone footage. Looking good!
Dave Scott
Dave Scott 28 күн мурун
Wow, I am new to your channel & I am really impressed with your new building.
my tricks
my tricks 28 күн мурун
Mike have you giving thought to a small awning over the back door.
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson 28 күн мурун
really like your choice of colors looks great
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 28 күн мурун
I love what you folks are doing. So much fun. Your energy and time management is very respectable. But...Driving while taping your video is not very safe. www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/distracted-driving gives some pretty good driving. The National Safety Council (NSC.org) has a massive amount of empirical evidence why this type of activity is unsafe. Love watching you folks and just don't want to see your wreck as part of a video.
JR BRUMLEY 28 күн мурун
Mike, one of the biggest reasons that they are doing so well is that you had your site and layout site so well prepared for them and your planning has worked to its fullest. You all are doing a fantastic job!
Brandon Richmond
Brandon Richmond 28 күн мурун
Are you going to go with spray foam or fiberglass?
Consuela Yiv
Consuela Yiv 28 күн мурун
Interesting construction. No slab, no sheathing.
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall
Troll Killa Nobody Really Michael hall 28 күн мурун
Good afternoon Morgan's. The build is looking great. 👍 everyone. Wondering if Hannah has mentioned about moving into the MORGAN-MINIUM yet? I sure would. Lol. Be safe and have a day.
John Apostoli
John Apostoli 28 күн мурун
Big difference in production....
Log House Farm
Log House Farm 28 күн мурун
I am looking for a door like for my shop build - they are a lot more expensive than I had imagined!
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