#918 I'm not sure how I lived without this? Moritz Dump Trailer

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Outdoors With The Morgans

23 күн мурун

Today I got my money's worth out of the Moritz Dump Trailer! Took a load to the land fill, Got a load of stone, and hauled a load of top soil to the Brick House. Used the Kubota MX 5400 to load Top Soil
#outdoorgans #hobbybarn #dumptrailer
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Kubota MX 5400 with Cab
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Polaris 900 Crew Side x Side
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Leonard Shultz
Leonard Shultz 12 күн мурун
Watching all the work you do makes me tired! Of course I am 24/25 years older than you. To bad you don't live in Oregon as I have a grandson who is 16 and a 11th grader who whould be perfect for Eva. LOL
Gary Bright
Gary Bright 18 күн мурун
Mike, Check out these LED Lights from Amazon. The name of them is Amico 3500LM Security Lights Outdoor. Part # FSL503TB. They have 3 heads per light fixture and each head moves independently. I replaced 4 outdoor Halogen lights with these and what a upgrade. At midnight my yard looks like it's noon. They are $33.89 each and have a 5% coupon. Have a Great Day, GOD Bless
MooMan86 19 күн мурун
Did you find the Landfill Rat out at the landfill ?
Chris Reibold
Chris Reibold 19 күн мурун
Hi Mike. Cranberry Supply must love you! Lol! Is your dump trailer power down?
Joe H
Joe H 19 күн мурун
Those are BUCKEYES Joe H. Toledo, Ohio
Heath Worsley
Heath Worsley 19 күн мурун
I got to spend a good part of the day helping my dad move sand with his dump trailer and it was very enjoyable! I can see what you mean Mike about how handy they are. And with respect Melissa your long hair is beautiful but you looked super cute with it pulled up
Heath Worsley
Heath Worsley 19 күн мурун
Perfect choice of music the ballet of the trucks. And some fine editing
Tom Bergman
Tom Bergman 19 күн мурун
How do you keep the stone on the driveway in the winter when you have to clean the snow especially that rock with no fines in it. Seems like it would never compact
Tom Bergman
Tom Bergman 19 күн мурун
Sorry I'm an idiot I didn't hear you say you put smaller stone with fines in it. Still a pain plowing the snow
We Are The Wesner's
We Are The Wesner's 20 күн мурун
Pretty awesome trailer for sure!
Brisdad53 20 күн мурун
It I had your political sign in front of my house, my "open minded elitist" Southern California neighbors would trash them in a second, smear wheat germ and tofu all over the outdoor furniture, and spam me with email ads from Starbucks, Crocs Shoes, and Whole Earth markets! The evil bastards!
dave mclelland
dave mclelland 20 күн мурун
Mike now that you have a few miles on the trailer a spare tire is a good investment.....:-))
beefan 20 күн мурун
PS - Mr. Mike, I forgot to tell you. On my MX5400, I have a HST Transmission. I just assumed you have the same. Thank you again.
Curt Rodenmayer
Curt Rodenmayer 20 күн мурун
Why not put the radiant, rough plumbing in first, pour a monolithic slab and build on top of that. Building practices is way different than West coast! Not arguing just asking. Great videos
beefan 20 күн мурун
Do you have any problems changing gears on your MX5400? Is there a certain sequence to changing gears smoothly that I may have overlooked. I have the same new Tractor. 2020 Model except, no cab. Live in S.E. North Carolina. Thanks.
Jayson Zimmerman
Jayson Zimmerman 21 күн мурун
In PA if Trailer GVWR is above 10K the truck must have a combination registration/ sticker
Merle Stanfill
Merle Stanfill 21 күн мурун
Bryan Ritts
Bryan Ritts 21 күн мурун
Mike I bought a 18'car hauler from Bennet Trailer sales because of you. Someday I'll be getting a dump trailer. Do you ever use the typical style tailgate on your dump trailer for tailgating stone?
SnapperKC 21 күн мурун
Great day outside of Kansas City too! Good day to work in our yard and fire up the smoker. Have a day Morgan’s, our world is a better place with your family!
Ardell Nagle
Ardell Nagle 21 күн мурун
A great trailer. There is always something out there to make your life a little easier. It also saves your truck bed.
StumpjumperVideos 21 күн мурун
beautiful building !
StumpjumperVideos 21 күн мурун
hey mr hunter ! good to see ya morgans had to check in ! hey mike if you know anyone who needs nice spruce logs for framing lumber let me know !
daveknowshow 21 күн мурун
I been wanting a dump trailer for years but cant afford a new one and used they are typically wore out and they want nearly as much as a new one cost. I been renting one when I need it for a hundred bucks a day. its a 5x10 and seems to haul all I want to pull with my old van. enjoyed the video . building looks great! hope yall have a great weekend!
Carol Schreffler
Carol Schreffler 21 күн мурун
Greetings from Ohio friends. Saw a couple old videos when you bought the Brickhouse. I can’t find any videos where you renovated. Can you tell me what video number it would be to see that. Thank you
Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC
Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC 21 күн мурун
I have learned so much from you about working with my tractors.
A jones
A jones 21 күн мурун
Brand new steel going into land fill.... perfect.
Andrew Hoggett
Andrew Hoggett 21 күн мурун
not sure but only seen wood boiler on youtube , just thinking got plenty of wood to use might be a option
nick dyke
nick dyke 21 күн мурун
To the Morgan family Just love yore videos they are so inspirational. Tell me one thing. Why when you grass seed do you put straw on top afterwards? All the best Nick from Somerset, England.
Theodore DuGranrut
Theodore DuGranrut 21 күн мурун
I'm very interested in the radiant heat , have been considering it .thanks Mike Central California watching
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz 21 күн мурун
Now..... who in the *heck* put this gorgeous building here?? I can't get to my topsoil pile! [Just having some fun with ya, Mike] You keep runnin' them Biden ads and I un-subscribing! [Just having some more fun with ya, pal!!] Have a day! :-))
Byron F. Bingham
Byron F. Bingham 21 күн мурун
I have a Walton Dump trailer 16 foot, I use it to haul steel scrap the scrap yard. The Hoist is 14,000 Lb lift. I pull it with an 2003 Chev duramax . It is designed simular to the trailer you have.
Cary Stone
Cary Stone 21 күн мурун
Very nice shop! What made you go with a wood frame vs steel? In Texas where I’m from you never see wood framing shop.
Roger bamatutz
Roger bamatutz 21 күн мурун
Lots done today. Is that Landfill private or government owned. Looks like a nice operation. I give you a +++* for the Flag on the fence along with the others.
Roger Cyr
Roger Cyr 21 күн мурун
too bad you didn't know somebody who makes birdhouses, that sheet metal scrap is great for birdhouse roofs, and some of those pieces looked large enough for dog house roofs too.
eric ellinger
eric ellinger 21 күн мурун
harbor freight sells 5000 watt led 4 ft lights. if you use their coupon its 20 dollars a light. they are incredibly bright. i have 8 for an 1000 sq ft 14 ft tall ceiling garage i just got built and it lights it up almost too bright.
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn 21 күн мурун
We had a 'way' place like that - we backed up and dumped it over a high step down. The big machines worked in the lower area. Then we moved here where the dump was down into a dumpster over the edge - they were loaded out and sorted or dumped by the city dump. They had 2 at all times and an active worker. Now we have a Dumpster ourselves and a private company picks it up. County is open for us as well. Nice trailer - Nice indeed. I like the method you pull down the dirt and then scoop it up. Nice on rock and dirt. I always plunged before - going to try this way as it makes it fluffy as well when dirt.
Joe Grisafi
Joe Grisafi 21 күн мурун
I can’t believe that it cost you money to go to your landfill! Im here in Tennessee just outside Nashville, i take a load to our landfill frequently and it doesn’t cost me a dime.
ali baba
ali baba 21 күн мурун
How much you payed for it? Look good
m9 ovich
m9 ovich 21 күн мурун
One thing to consider Mike, Put in all the conduits you'd you think you'd need. and a chase for the future water lines from an outdoor wood stove. I have 5 conduits and an 8" chase for the lines from my wood stove. all come up through the slab into my utility room NOTHING is on the outside of the house or shop. 2" for 100 amp service to shop. 3/4" for low voltage to the shop. 2 1/2" conduits to the wood stove. 1/2" to the septic tank for the tank alarm. Mike M.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 21 күн мурун
Right at about 5:40 in the video when you show the BarnMahal it is amazing how well it blends in and it already looks like it's always been there! Great job!
Comp 670 Wolfe
Comp 670 Wolfe 21 күн мурун
Mike, you missed the PERFECT chance to troll the You Tube experts.... You should have thrown a tie down strap over the load of dirt in the dump trailer. Their heads would have exploded trying to tell you why that wont work and is not safe.. A dump trailer is one of my next purchases, really needed one lately.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 21 күн мурун
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Question, down at the resource center where you planted the grass and put straw on it why did you NOT blend the edge into to the grass right where the road turns into the resource center? Or maybe it's an optical illusion where the grass is just tall and I'm seeing a shadow. I agree with you on the hydraulic trailer, I have a PJ trailer, love it. I mix diesel and used oil, put it into a hand sprayer and give the undercarriage and the bottom of the bed a good coating.....5 years and no rust.
George Hackney
George Hackney 21 күн мурун
do you own the brick house?
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 21 күн мурун
Ronald Camp
Ronald Camp 21 күн мурун
Surely you went to Burger King?
Greg J
Greg J 21 күн мурун
80 degrees in central Minnesota today. Unbelievably warm and dry. No rain in weeks. I planted some grass seed recently and it took 9 days before any started to come up.
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers 21 күн мурун
Mike . . . I so want a dump trailer as well . . . maybe one day! Interesting trash dump site . . .
Michael Mijatovich
Michael Mijatovich 21 күн мурун
Did you guys not video the roof ? Or is that coming
Mike Horsley
Mike Horsley 21 күн мурун
all that siding could have been a matching dog house
Darren Lemieux
Darren Lemieux 21 күн мурун
You could just string up all of your party lights. You probably have enough to make it like daytime in there.
leo l
leo l 21 күн мурун
Mike like the video .
Passionfruit Estate
Passionfruit Estate 22 күн мурун
That is one busy dump yard/transfer station. Looking at that refuse hill and all the larger truck action I assume there is one or more good size cities nearby.
Mike L
Mike L 22 күн мурун
Melissa understands that life is a bunch of small steps to get to that next chapter.
RetiredCanadian 22 күн мурун
Mike Would it be possible to reduce the volume level of your background music by at least one half. It is louder than you and serves no real value to your video.
Tom Fillmore
Tom Fillmore 22 күн мурун
Good video Mike as always that is a very nice trailer comes in handy thanks for sharing and I hope the Morgan family has a great Thanksgiving
Russell Hazzard
Russell Hazzard 22 күн мурун
Put radiant floor heat for the over hang...no snow shoveling.....just a thought.
Doyle Yoder
Doyle Yoder 22 күн мурун
We nick named our land fill “Diaper Mountain” cause when you go there it smell like dirty diapers. 💩
Tina Chambers
Tina Chambers 22 күн мурун
Great job Mike you got alot done looks real nice have a great day love from TEXAS
Ted Smith69
Ted Smith69 22 күн мурун
Have u done anything in the mx 5400 that actually requires 54hp? U had the 3901 before and if looks like that was enough for what u do.
Outdoors With The Morgans
Outdoors With The Morgans 22 күн мурун
Lift and carry heavy logs
Paul S
Paul S 22 күн мурун
one of my favourite sounds is tyres on gravel
OLD DAWG DREAMING 22 күн мурун
Good evening Mike and Melissa, good weather around there for sure ! You’re definitely getting good and lots of use out of the Moritz Dump Trailer right now and we’re so glad you have it. Sure makes a bunch of things easier around there and does save you a lot over time. Good to see Hunter enjoying the outings with you all. 👋Hunter! Sure enjoying all the work around there, thanks for sharing with us. 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Justin Auman
Justin Auman 22 күн мурун
If you had the trailer registered at 10001 lbs or more you would need a cdl license to tow it legally
Robert A. Brokaw
Robert A. Brokaw 22 күн мурун
Curious! Why do you call it the brick house. I thought it belonged to Levi and his family or is that temporary? Just asking. Barn is looking great.
hillbillydualsport 22 күн мурун
You need to put the garage doors in after the the floor is poured.
John 22 күн мурун
I couldn't agree more on the weather Mike. What a Great Video, Every thing Flowed (Info., music, Etc..). Are you Considering a Center Floor Drain in the Middle of the "Morgan Barn" for washing up Trucks are Equipment in Cooler Weather, Are Run Off (snow/ice melt) in Cold Weather. You Shure don't let the Grass grow under you (LOL), Pace your self. Have a Day! 👍
Travis Cover
Travis Cover 22 күн мурун
I like your new video today you did a really good jop today
Theo Isaac
Theo Isaac 22 күн мурун
Michael Reinhart
Michael Reinhart 22 күн мурун
If you're really putting in a swimming pool next year, my mom had one and she needed to get water every year. To top off the pool. We pumped out some water every year so the pool wouldn't freeze over the sides of the pool. You should look into a rainwater capture system at the hobby barn or the more expensive option would be a retractable pool house. With the pool house, you wouldn't need to drain any water out of the pool. With solar panels on the hobby barn roof you could heat the pool in the winter and use the pool all year round. All i know, pools are a lot of work. The pool house idea would save a lot of work.
Debra Powell
Debra Powell 22 күн мурун
Hello from beautiful Ocala, Florida; Debbie here. Hi Hunter!! Good to see you keeping Mike on course with his chores. Sounds like there will be plenty keeping you and Melissa busy this winter. Can't wait to see what all you do with the inside of the Hobby Barn. #HaveADay
Gerald Brock
Gerald Brock 22 күн мурун
You already have all of your string lights that you put out for your fourth of July party. You can string some of those in your rafters for light
KindCreature1 22 күн мурун
When I hear 'clean dirt' it makes me think of an old friend named 'Leendert' or lean dirt aka clean topsoil. He was born in Holland. I'm from Arizona myself. Why am I way up in the northwest? Because it's not 118 degrees in the shade!! Mike in Oregon
Michael Reinhart
Michael Reinhart 22 күн мурун
Are you going to run the insulation sideways or are you putting in furring strips vertically?
John Pyle
John Pyle 22 күн мурун
That trailer is GREAT! With time never being on your side just imagine next time you buy a truck you buy the F 350 version of what you have now with the new push rod engine and 4:30.1 limited slip axles. You could get 3 or 4 buckets of rock instead of one even if just to have on hand. Think of the time you would literally create.
Ed Kerkhoff
Ed Kerkhoff 22 күн мурун
I got hunt me up some chestnuts.they are a delicately to me love to eat em raw
Stu Reid
Stu Reid 22 күн мурун
Chestnuts bring back lots of memories, they were considered weapons of war for small English schoolboys. They were known locally as "conkers"....Stu
Ken Lavender
Ken Lavender 22 күн мурун
A very slick operation at rubbish tip
Carson Weaver
Carson Weaver 22 күн мурун
A thought came to mind while watching...it would be good to have a water line down to the sawmill area.
Greg DeFouw
Greg DeFouw 22 күн мурун
Like the flag Brother Mike.
Robert Fakler
Robert Fakler 22 күн мурун
If we show up at the transfer station with a load that's not tied down, our socialist government charges a $10 penalty. It could be a heavy anvil, but the rule says it needs to be tied down, even if it's just with some twine.
david kettell
david kettell 21 күн мурун
move dummy get away from those commies
Doyle Yoder
Doyle Yoder 22 күн мурун
Our land fill requires it to be tarped or in an enclosed trailer. Yea, stupid.
John Bradley
John Bradley 22 күн мурун
Hey Mike! I know exactly what you mean regarding this great weather. I could literally work all day without a break because it feels so good! Good thing you're getting that heating all squared away, as these temperatures are dropping! About time for a nice big fire in the fire pit and some of those foil dinners! Love you guys! ❤️❤️❤️
Matthew Sims
Matthew Sims 22 күн мурун
That dump trailer has been a very handy piece of equipment around camp morgan. I look for them from time to time on marketplace just in case a real good deal comes along.
david kettell
david kettell 22 күн мурун
As for your trailer, i live in close to salem ohio and like you everyone around here has the same trailer.It can do anything,haul tractors bobcats trenchers etc. i wish i had one.
david kettell
david kettell 22 күн мурун
all you hsd to do was put it at the end of your driveway mike.Beiieve me ,one mans trash is another mans treasure,there are many less fortunate than ourselves who eat off of other peoples scrap metal.i save all mine until i have a good pile and then take it to the side of the road. i have rarely had anything stay overnight.
robert snyder
robert snyder 22 күн мурун
Split a slab of red oak live edge sand,router something in it,poly it and put it on the trailer just to dress it up
FaceMan 22 күн мурун
Nice seeing Hunter!
michael allen
michael allen 22 күн мурун
Looks great every video
Jonathan Righetti
Jonathan Righetti 22 күн мурун
Great seeing you Hunter
Lawrence Devaney
Lawrence Devaney 22 күн мурун
That's not a chestnut,that's a cooker!
David Lang
David Lang 22 күн мурун
Mike, Did you check the slips for the weight between Vogel and Cranberry Supply to see if there was much difference in the empty weight?
troy roe
troy roe 22 күн мурун
Oh my goodness I’m m not believing that you got shed of such good pieces of extra ten ,can’t hide that mans money.
blunder1945 22 күн мурун
Surprised you intend heating the garage section of the barn where you will keep your plant. Will be expensive to run - it would in the UK anyway- dont think you have mentioned insulation of walls and roof, you need to calculate heat loss
Dan Bowley
Dan Bowley 22 күн мурун
You don't recycle there
William Gregor
William Gregor 22 күн мурун
Mike as you and the hunt man took off for the Landfill, I was thinking the same thing. IE he uses that thing all the time. Then you said the same thing. Glad: Right tool for the job.
walter mattson
walter mattson 22 күн мурун
Didn’t Melissa actually plant the grass seed? Good video.
Nathan Souders
Nathan Souders 22 күн мурун
How about the trump pence sign
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 22 күн мурун
the King of Busy Work
Justin Sikes
Justin Sikes 22 күн мурун
Hey Morgans, found my way back to your channel after about 9 months, What made you switch from RK to Kubota? Thanks
John Sadler
John Sadler 22 күн мурун
Hello from our new-to-us house outside Greensboro NC! We’re done covering the floors to protect them from move-in traffic, everything we brought ourselves is tucked away, and we’re painting the one bedroom the wife couldn’t live with. Trucks should arrive sometime next week. Some movers will unload the first truck the next day. It’s completely full and has the heavy stuff. The second truck I loaded myself and it is only about half full with lighter stuff, including patio furniture and 5 bicycles. It should swap out after the first truck is unloaded. But all that will happen after a pretty quiet weekend, comparatively speaking. I’m looking forward to getting back to a relaxed schedule, notably watching OWTM on the screened porch every morning!
Log House Farm
Log House Farm 22 күн мурун
The tractor with a trailer is a great combo! I hope to have that myself someday!
Mel Goos
Mel Goos 22 күн мурун
Dave Schmidt
Dave Schmidt 22 күн мурун
You may want to install a grandkid retention fence around the patio to create a safe play area for the little ones to play.
Harold Phipps
Harold Phipps 22 күн мурун
Wow, I have watched you get two loads of stone now, and you got a polite loader operator both times. Around here you have to tarp your load when going to the dump. They fine you if you don't.
dylan groff
dylan groff 22 күн мурун
Thats how it is in eastern, pa
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